It’s Party Time With The EuroMillions Superdraw

It’s party time at with this Friday’s second EuroMillions Superdraw of 2014 and you are invited!  After winning 100 million Euros this Friday – your life will never be the same again.

This Friday sees the second EuroMillions Superdraw for 2014 taking place, making sure that lottery enthusiasts are in for a special treat with a guaranteed jackpot of €100,000,000. 

Euromillions Superdraw

EuroMillions Superdraws

For years the EuroMillions lottery has been exciting lottery fans with mega Superdraws and it never gets old. With such a huge EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot at stake, people from all over the world come out of hiding and take a chance by purchasing their lucky lotto tickets online. Thankfully lottery websites like ourselves are here to ensure that you too get to partake in the biggest and most exciting lottery Superdraw of them all. So make sure you buy your lucky EuroMillions ticket as soon as possible to avoid the rush on Friday.

The EuroMillions Superdraw follows the same rules as regular draws but with one gigantic difference – the jackpot size! 100 million Euros could change anyone’s life! Whether you are already financially stable, struggling in life or the average Joe, 100 million Euros will change your life forever.

Should no one win the jackpot on Friday the 3rd October 2014, the jackpot amount will roll over and be offered on the following draw.  If no one matches the EuroMillions winning numbers then the jackpot could continue to roll over until the jackpot cap is reached, which is €190 million and is the maximum jackpot prize that can be won in a EuroMillions draw.

The draw will take place as usual in Paris, France with lottery results being published online under the Results and Winnings tab after the draw. For EuroMillions lottery fans that take a chance and buy their lucky EuroMillions entries, you will receive your automated results email informing you directly of the EuroMillions winning numbers and any matches you may have. Hopefully it will be the jackpot – so brace yourself for the biggest shock of your life! It will happen to someone, so make sure that it’s you.

Play Now

If you are new to the lottery world, then first of all welcome. Welcome to the website that gives you chance to fulfil your dreams in a blink of eye and make sure that you too can partake in the world’s biggest jackpots available.  To purchase your EuroMillions entries, select the 5 main numbers and 2 star numbers from the EuroMillions playblock.  Remember you can also select the quickpick option to randomly generate numbers for you. After that, it’s simply a question of paying for your tickets and receiving your entry confirmation.
Party Like A EuroMillions Superdraw Winner

In the world of the rich and famous, hosting a party takes on new meaning, especially when you have just won the EuroMillions Superdraw. So whether you celebrate in your new luxurious home, fly yourself and your guests to an exotic location and party for days, with 100 million Euro’s you will be able to chose exactly what makes you happy.
But first, you need to get your EuroMillions Superdraw entries in. Play now and become the ultimate socialite with a luxurious 100 million Euros in YOUR bank account!

Celebrate winnng the EuroMillions Superdraw

Tell us how you would celebrate winning this Friday's EuroMillions Superdraw and the best answer will win a FREE EuroMillions voucher!

The winner will be announced on Friday morning 9am GMT.

Remember to get your entries in as soon as possible as we are once again predicting a huge volume of players online.



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Amanda Green - who has written 205 articles

Posted by ZqTd (1/10/2014)

I would rent out a island for my family and close friends to go to and arrange that we are pampered non stop :-)

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (1/10/2014)

I would take all my mates to different cities in the world and party in each city.

Posted by Samson (1/10/2014)

After winning this friday's Euromillions superdraw it will be a super celebration on a yacht for a whole night with exotic food and wines. The previous winners will be invited and all staff from PHL and a midnight fireworks. The PHL mascot 'PHULTO' will be receiving the guests with music and a bundle of free lotto tickets.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (1/10/2014)

Family trip to Cape Town!! I want my family to re-connect. PlayHugeLottos also gives families a second chance**

Posted by Ying Kwong (1/10/2014)

Will buy a yacht and name it "Euromillions"!

Posted by Beni (1/10/2014)

Woowww very good

Posted by Beni (1/10/2014)


Posted by Ionut (1/10/2014)

even though if I win I will get just 80 millions because 20 millions will be retained as taxes, it's still a very good amount.

Posted by Clint (1/10/2014)

The 5th of October will be my 33rd birthday and to win the EuroMillions Superdraw will be the cherry on top for my biggest birthday party ever. My venue will be in a beach resort in Barbados with all of my friends and family.

Posted by QXE (2/10/2014)

Book a private concert for family and friends featuring, Beyonce, Pharrel & Duff Funk.

Posted by Dorota (2/10/2014)


Posted by -3_JIV (2/10/2014)

By the 4th morning if i know i am the jackpot winner then quietly i become GENIE and who ever ask any amount of wishes (3 wishes are for old age GENIE) matter what which will be granted within the seconds.

Posted by Ionut (2/10/2014)

after I will get the money, I will buy my dog some Gold Teeth, I will buy a 22k Gold-Thread Pet Mattress – $3,000, a Versace Barocco Pet Bowl – $754, a Super Dog House with Plasma TV and Spa – $410,825, some Roberto Cavalli Designer Pet Clothes – $110 – $1,200 and a Swarovski Dog Throne, and yes I will a cool mansion and a Ferrari for myself

Posted by Maciej (2/10/2014)

I'll quit my job and finally get enough sleep ! After that we will see :)

Posted by Edmore (2/10/2014)

1.Pay Tithe - thanking God 2.get rid of all your debt wealth - real estate/mining/farming 4.Invest in stocks 5.Start a Charity organisation

Posted by Kabo (2/10/2014)

First and foremost I am going to spoil my family silly. We will go on a world tour first class.

Posted by Sukanta (2/10/2014)

i want to throw a party to all my friends,family,neighbours and colleagues by cutting cakes,excitings gifts of lottery tickets for every guest.after getting winnings a world tour for my family members.......

Posted by Sukanta (2/10/2014)

i want to throw a party to all my friends,family,neighbours and colleagues by cutting cakes,excitings gifts of lottery tickets for every guest.after getting winnings a world tour for my family members.......

Posted by Patrick (2/10/2014)

I will buy an island and settle there..

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/10/2014)

With 100 million euros in my hand, i will easily book into the penthouse suite of the 5 star hotel in our city and invite my 7 best long time friends for a wonderful week of partying. Then i will hand them each a brand spanking new car of the model they each like!!! Then i will buy them each a house/apartment of their choice. Will give each some(LOTS) cash for their own use. Then we will plan a holiday abroad together. In the interim i will take care financially of my immediate and extended family, to get them on strong footing. Will certainly give lots of help to the local charities and social organizations. Most of all, i will help our religious community to the BEST i possibly can!!!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (2/10/2014)

OOOOOHHHHHH!! I would totally do a whole hot air balloon family ride, and let go of a whole lot of balloons** Cool rite?? Lol I know**

Posted by Josephine (2/10/2014)

If I win Friday’s Euromillions superdraw I will give a part of it as a donation in thanks giving in a church, I will help my children to come up, in like help them in their problems.

Posted by Vladislav (2/10/2014)

Winning €100 million. Is there a big enough celebration for that? How can I celebrate like a multimillionaire until I cash the check? But after that...well I think a month or so in Vegas would be appropriate or maybe Macau, Miami? On second thought why not celebrate however and wherever I damn please! After all with €100 million I can celebrate until the day I die...right? So basically it wouldn't be a celebration as a one time event, because my lifestyle will be one of never ending celebration.

Posted by Prunella (2/10/2014)

I will help the poor as a thanksgiving to god. I will help my husband to get out of all his problems. I will keep some for my children’s education. I will also enjoy with my family and give them something which they missed out due to financial problems.

Posted by Julian (2/10/2014)

If I win I will buy a house for my children as they always feel bad that everyone has and we do not have one. I will keep some of it for my children’s future. I will try to give my mother what she didn’t get in all these years. She works as a teacher even though she is old. I hope and pray that god will help us some day.

Posted by Debashish D (2/10/2014)

Now that we have a satellite orbiting planet Mars (Mangalyaan), i would love to party with my family /friends / play huge lotto family and with all my well wishers over their. After all it's a euro millions super draw win, it needs to be equally gigantic....cheers...!!!

Posted by Krishnan (3/10/2014)

Super draw needs super luck to win !

Posted by Patrycja (3/10/2014)

Of course in my sweet home with my family and friends! It will be a last day in this place :)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/10/2014)

Wait a bit..... The EURO Millions Superdraw just got BIGGER!!!! And i cant wait to get my hands on it!

Posted by LnKGsL6 (8/10/2014)

All life dreams will come true.

Posted by Vladislav (2/11/2014)


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