What Goes Around Comes Around

This Friday the 5th of September is International Charity Day. With all these fabulous lottery jackpots on offer – we sometimes forget that there are people in the world who’s only wish is to have a roof over their head and a plate of food. Every year, charities all over the world try and help those in desperate need, whether it’s fighting disease, protecting children or simply giving that glimmer of hope back to thousands of people.

In 2012 the United Nations decided to honour the work that these charities do by nominating an annual International Day of Charity as an official day of recognition and celebration.

Why the 5th of September? This particular day was chosen because it’s the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, who as we know devoted her entire life to help others. Every year on this day, charities from all over the world unite and their work is publicised and celebrated. People are encouraged to donate not only their money but their time, to assist their charity of choice and in this way, raise awareness about various charities around the world.

International charity day

Life For Mothers

Every day, a woman dies of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Surveys show that this is more than 500,000 women annually and just about every single one of them lives and dies in developing countries.

Life for Mothers, a fantastic charity organisation is devoted to implementing effective health projects to reduce this high maternal and neonatal mortality in developing countries. Their aim is to decrease the number of women and children that die during pregnancy and childbirth.

Their strategy:

Strengthening of health care systems
Women’s empowerment and education
Fostering involvement from males and the wider community

PlayHugeLottos.com is supporting this very worthy cause and you can too.

What you can do right now

Yes, I’m speaking directly to you. You too can do your share, and it will only take 1 minute! Do you have any unclaimed winnings available? Why not claim them and donate a small portion thereof to charity with just a few clicks of the mouse? It’s not complicated. Just four easy steps and you would have done your share.

In our continuing efforts to give back to the community, we can think of no better way to contribute to the international community than to make a donation to LIFE for MOTHERS.

If you wish to donate a portion of your winnings to charity via PlayHugeLottos.com, the process is as follows:

1.    Login to the site (if you have not already done so already)
2.    Click on ACCOUNT BALANCE
3.    If you have winnings available, click CLAIM WINNINGS
4.    Click on DONATE FUNDS

Remember that what goes around comes around, and your good fortune can ensure the well-being of others less fortunate.


Let us know if you have ever given to charity or helped someone in need. It makes no difference how big or small, or whether it was a stranger in need. We will randomly select a winner who will receive a FREE SuperEna Max voucher. Now just imagine, donating, commenting, winning a free voucher and then hitting the SuperEna Max jackpot! 

With the SuperEna Max SuperStar week coming on the 9th, 11th and 13th of September 2014, you could win not only the SuperEna Max jackpot but an extra €100 million! 

Imagine what amazing things you could do with that kind of money! The possibilities will be endless.

Pay it forward and good things will happen!

Red play now button

Remember your comments will also earn you LottoPoints which you could use to purchase more entries!


Congratulations to:   Patrick - who wins a FREE SuperEna Max voucher.  Well done Patrick for your awesome donation to the family in need.  Let's hope Lady Luck smiles down on you this week  :) 



Posted by Edmore (5/09/2014)

wish i had winnings to donate,will definately do that when i get the jackpot

Posted by محمد (5/09/2014)

I.m with you👬👬👬👬😄

Posted by Balasubramaniam (5/09/2014)

I am happy by Donating to deaf,dumb & blind children's school in 3 months once!!!

Posted by Beni (5/09/2014)

Very good

Posted by Sreenivas (5/09/2014)

Hitting the SuperEna Max jackpot! Awesome thought!!!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (5/09/2014)

Well... I got about a hundred R10 bills and handed out to homeless people on the streets with my little sister**

Posted by Ying Kwong (5/09/2014)

I make monthly donations to over 10 charitable org, but each with a small amount only. Hopefully, after winning a large jackpot, I will increase my monthly donations colossally : )

Posted by Ionut (5/09/2014)

Yes, I gave money to charity. There were some people who worked for a charity that raised money for children with severe health problems. I gave them a little help.

Posted by Samson (6/09/2014)

It was during my college time some of of us put together whatever money we had and then went to visit an elderly homage and presented them with small gifts

Posted by Beni (6/09/2014)


Posted by IWw0Ut- (6/09/2014)

whether you win loads of money or if you are an ordinary work, you ought to give some form of charity. it is a humane, noble and religious thing to do. from any viewpoint, it must be done!

Posted by Gnanaprakash (7/09/2014)

Respected all since from my birth to till date i always continously giving strong support to the womens whether it may be my mother r wife r my own childrens r may be strange women i hav been continously supporting them and if i win a small part of amount also i will try to utilise to the benefit of the womens only that is my commitment forever

Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/09/2014)

Just before the arrival of winter(southern hemisphere), i decided to give some of my old winter woolies, that i grew out off, to our security personnel. He was so appreciative to my gesture he began to almost worship and said it could not have come at a better time. He shared the warm clothing with family members. It was very satisfying for me to have helped the gentleman.

Posted by -3_JIV (8/09/2014)

My business got a charity club which we do good deed every year. This year we are doing for cataract eye surgeries for old ladies including my 87 years old mom who celebrated her birthday on the 04th instant.but we need big fund since operation for 6 members costs a lot and you know that expensive.so i played each and every game in the lotto here.if hit i want PHL to transfer the portion of the money on the same day so that operations can be done early as possible.because they all are on the waiting list.

Posted by Sukanta (9/09/2014)

It was on my friends weeding party night. me and one of my friends were there on my friends car.after the party we were about to drive back to my home suddenly one friend came in we were started talking with him opening the door of car. one small boy came and hide on the back sit of car unknowningly.after that we were leaving we heard the crying sound of a boy.we were astonished asked him for his address he dint tell us his address.as soon as we relised we drove back to party and handed over the child to his parents and they thanked us.so plz help as many people as you can in ur life...stop child traficing its painful for that family...

Posted by Oh (9/09/2014)

There is two type of said in our world. One is gods said receives was easiest than gaves. That's why We donating. Two is demons said receives is easiest than gaves. That's why gaves is not easiest & should'nt continuing gaves.

Posted by Patrick (10/09/2014)

One evening as I was was walking back home from work on my way I met a woman with five kids barely sleeping on the streets with no food and place to sleep. I stopped by to ask them what the problem was and they told me their house was burnt down during post election violence and they have stayed without food for a couple of days without any help. I was so moved and asked the woman if she can do some business, I gave her some cash to rent a place for a month and some money to sell vegetables to enable her raise some money to care for the children. I was touched and felt so good that I have touched a humans heart.

Posted by Vladimir (10/09/2014)

I'm homeless charity ensure food what was left of the event and it was quite a lot of food.

Posted by Patrick (11/09/2014)

Thanks so much for the free Super Enamax voucher I pray that it wins today's jackpot for me and its my prayer that we will continue to give hope to others with whatever little that we have. Cheers

Posted by SANKAR (12/09/2014)


Posted by Ritwick (27/09/2015)

good job, patrick

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