Face Recognition – Creepy Or Cool?

We’ve all experienced Facebook’s face recognition while uploading a photo and being asked if we want to tag either ourselves or other people in the image.  But Facebook is not the only website or app that utilises this feature.  Let’s take a closer look at this impressive feature and some others.

Here are some of the ways that image recognition is changing the way we use and interact with improved technology and what sounds like rather hi-tech algorithms.

Easy tagging

Facebook utilises an algorithm to calculate people’s features such as the distance between the eyes, nose and ears. This gives them the ability to tag you based on your profile picture or other pictures of you that other people have already tagged you in. 

The automatic suggestion feature gives everyone the ability to easily tag their friends and it is rather convenient I must admit.  Like everything in life though, some people get hot under the collar, finding it invasive and creepy but we quickly get used to it and life moves forward. This feature is also available on Apples iPhoto and Google’s Picasa.

Facebook tagging


Face recognition has also brought a new dimension to gaming and it’s brilliant.  It’s given Xbox a new lease of life and opened gaming up to new audiences across the globe.  Viewdle uses face verification to determine whether you are a human or a vampire in one of their games, which has opened up some awesome possibilities for the future.

Face recognition in gaming

Find out the price

Not only can we recognise a face but doing a price comparison on goods has never been easier. We can now also simply take a picture of the item in question, and apps like Google Shopper will inform us of various prices for the same item.
Keeping notes

Do you have trouble remembering things? You need Deja Vu. All you have to do is take a picture using your mobile phone and this app will organise the images into “To Do” reminders, with an attached note to remind you to do it at a specific time period or day.

Augmented reality

Augumented reality doesn’t just appear in the movies.  It’s become quite real. By overlaying virtual information on top of real life either using your mobile phone or special goggles.  It’s been one of the most talked about technological feats in recent times. Augumented reality adds not only graphics but sounds and even smell.

Augmented reality

Find your image

Google has given us the ability to now search for our images and see who and where they are being used. All you have to do is upload an image or URL and it will show you where that image is being used on the web. This bodes well for professional photographers who want to ensure that there are no copy write infringements.

Too scared to upload image ;)


Imagine using facial recognition to log into your various accounts or into your online account at PlayHugeLottos.com. Now I've got your attention! Simply holding your mobile phone towards someone and being able to see all their various links such as their social media accounts etc. On one hand it could be handy but on the other extremely creepy. 

Whatever we initially feel about it – technology always improves and it simply ends up becoming second nature.  Stay tuned to the next article about face verification, where you can find how face recognition becomes face verification on online gaming site. If you don't want to know - turn away now!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (21/08/2014)

Any winning lottery numbers recognition techniques : )

Posted by Beni (21/08/2014)


Posted by Beni (21/08/2014)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (22/08/2014)


Posted by Krishnan (22/08/2014)

Face recognition is a great advanced technique in IT.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (31/08/2014)

Society is moving into an era where everything is 'tagged' in some way.., be it chip,chop or paint!

Posted by Vladislav (20/10/2014)

This is freaking me out

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