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As is about extreme wealth and how we give everyone the opportunity to get rich, we decided to research some interesting history about gold, where it comes from, how people got their hands on it, the way it was used and how it made the early millionaires of the world.

Who was the first to discover gold? Maybe it was a kid who was out playing many thousands of years ago and spotted a shiny object lying on the ground near the edge of a stream? Nobody knows for sure, so that’s my best guess as children seem to be more observant than adults at times.

Gold bars

Can you imagine the faces of the parents when their child walks in with this amazing bright yellow metal nugget in their hand? The world certainly hasn’t looked back since as it’s been treasured for millennia right up to the present day.

gold nugget

Gold was first found in nugget form in streams all over the planet and was probably the first metal human beings encountered, well before the iron or bronze ages. It very quickly became part of all cultures due to its lustre, beauty, the ease it is to work with and resistance to tarnishing or corroding.

Gold can be found all over the world, throughout the Americas, Africa and the Australian outback. It was adopted by many different cultures from the Egyptians at the north-east of the African continent to the Mayans in Mexico and Central America. It was revered by all and fashioned into many different forms as it’s so easy to shape and manipulate. When found or dug up, gold is virtually pure and workable, unlike most other metals that contain many unwanted minerals that have to be purified before they can be used.

Early uses for gold were probably just ornamental but fast became a status symbol for wealth and power and flaunted by royalty or religious leaders in earlier civilisations. It has also been associated with immortality and the gods. Kings and Queens from various countries sent missions out to various parts of the world to seek out gold for their royal coffers and financed wars between each other as well as claiming new found lands as their own. Each would raid the other’s ships full of gold stolen from the new world civilisations that were defeated by the invaders.

We find this same mindset about gold throughout ancient and modern civilisations throughout the globe. In ancient times, gold was used to make cups, plates, idols, masks, jewellery and of course, coins and doubloons that could be used as early money. Everyone wanted gold so they could be rich and powerful!

12 pound gold nugget

This gold nugget was found in Australia and weighed an astonishing 12 pounds!

It has always been highly valued by people even before it became money and extraordinary efforts were made to get hold of it. Gold prospecting goes back thousands of years. The first gold coins were ‘minted’ around 700 BC and are still made to this very day as investments because of gold’s relative stability in the money markets as well as backing up some of today’s currencies.

People seeking wealth from gold travelled to various countries once the word got that it had been unearthed in copious quantities in a certain country such as the Californian gold rush, the Alaskan gold rush, the Australian gold rush and many others too long to list. They endured outrageous hardship from the freezing climates of Alaska and the Yukon, to heart-melting heat of the deserts in Australia and California.

Many perished or were conned out of their claims and returned home broke. Others were more successful and lived incredibly wealthy and luxurious lives. In some countries, slaves and criminals were made to mine the gold for unscrupulous owners. This happened before gold was adopted as money and just considered desirable to have.

Gold’s value became accepted all over the world and eventually became a commodity, a trading medium and an accepted unit of value when measured out by weight. These days, it still appeals to many people as an investment although the market price goes up and down like a thermometer but is quite stable over a long term.

The ancient Greeks, (always on the ball with such things), were early exploiters of gold using it as money and they mined it all around the Middle East and Mediterranean around 550 BC. Aristotle and Plato spoke of gold in their writings and theorised about its origins.

It was always associated with water as it was nearly always found near water and some thought it could be a really dense mixture of sunlight and water. The Inca civilisation talked about gold being ‘the tears of the sun’.

In Greek mythology, one weird way of mining gold was where they hosed the desert sand with a water hose splashing it all over sheep wool. The idea was that the gold flecks in the sand would stick to the wool and the sand would not. Eventually the fleece became stuck full of gold dust giving birth to the legend of the ‘Golden Fleece’.

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Posted by NAgaZ8l (15/08/2014)

Love gold jewellery though ey** It goes with everything**

Posted by Ying Kwong (15/08/2014)

I like gold rush in lotteries : )

Posted by Beni (16/08/2014)


Posted by Beni (16/08/2014)

Inspiration the win is good

Posted by Julian (16/08/2014)

But now days if we find gold its not good but if i get some jackpot someday i will make things for family in gold

Posted by Balasubramaniam (16/08/2014)


Posted by Ionut (16/08/2014)

after I win the lotto, I wil buy gold because I don't want to keep all my wealth in "paper money"

Posted by Sukanta (16/08/2014)

if i win lotto jackpot i ordered for a gold plated limosuine........

Posted by IWw0Ut- (16/08/2014)

GOLD is certainly the measure of wealth in the world.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/08/2014)

In any language or culture gold means wealth. When i do win then i am going to buy gold as an investment.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (18/08/2014)

The first thing on my new Lottery Billionaire list is a GOLD ROLEX** Classy huh**

Posted by Dorota (18/08/2014)

i like gold

Posted by Debashish D (19/08/2014)

Nice article. An inspiration to chase the yellow mettle.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (29/08/2014)

You can certainly find GOLD at PHL.... So i guess we have got to keep 'digging'!!!

Posted by Vladislav (20/10/2014)

I love gold!!!

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