Keep Your Cool With Hot And Cold Lottery Numbers

Although it’s a well known fact that all lotteries are random number games there is still a very large group of people who swear that the lottery balls have a mind of their own.

These lottery players believe that there are logical forces that determine when certain lottery numbers will be picked based on the numbers performance in previous lottery draws.

Taking The Temperature Of Your Lottery Balls

Looking at various lottery statistics we often hear the terms “hot” or “cold” numbers. What do these actually mean?  Well, hot balls are lottery numbers that have appeared most often in previous draws. Cold numbers are therefore those numbers that have appeared much less frequently than others.

This is where it all gets interesting. Lottery players often focus on the hot numbers as they assume that these numbers are naturally luckier as they have appeared the most over previous draws.

Cold numbers are also often targeted as these are considered to be numbers that are ‘overdue’ and thus likely to make an appearance in an upcoming draw.

In both instances lottery players are seeing previous lottery draw results as being in some way indicative of future lottery results. That would be fabulous – and would certainly making picking winning numbers much easier – but unfortunately the reality is not as simple as that.

Picking balls based on “hot numbers” and “cold numbers” may be based on nothing but an illusion.

head or tails

Heads or tails

Take a coin, any coin and flip it into the air. The odds it lands heads-up or tails-up are 1 in 2. That’s 50%.  Now if you took the same coin and flipped it 5 times and it lands heads-up every time, what would be the chances that it will be heads-up on the sixth flip? That’s right, 1 in 2, 50% every time! Two sides equal two possible outcomes.

This same principle applies to the lottery. If one ball gets picked more frequently, it in no way means that it’s ‘luckier’ than any of the other balls. Mathematically every ball has the exact same chance of being picked.

The past has absolutely no causative effect on the probability of certain numbers being picked in the future. Numbers are not hot or cold. They are just numbers!

Good News For Lottery Players

This is very good news for all lottery players because it means we all stand the exact same chance of becoming the next lottery jackpot winner!

play the lottery

For all those lottery players out there who like extreme temperatures you can automatically select the most drawn or overdue numbers for any draw you play by simply selecting one of these options in the Quick Play Options.

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