Exotic Location to View the MOST Amazing Sunsets (Part.1)

So you’ve just won an amazing lottery grand prize with one of the giant lottery games on PlayHugeLottos.com and are looking for the most beautiful holiday destination.  Why not consider a romantic trip for you and a loved one to view some of the most amazing sunsets around the world – you’ll certainly be able to afford it.  Here are some of the most beautiful and exotic locations to view the grandest sunsets.

Riomaggiore, Italy

most beautiful sunsets

Cinque Terre is located at the upper edge of Italy’s ‘boot’, which features five fishing villages that tourists can wander through and explore.  One of these is the quaint village of Riomaggiore most famed for its incredible sunsets.  As the sun sets, its reflection off the waters paints the town with flashes of beautiful flames and colors.  Viewers may sit on the terrace of a cocktail bar or sit down at the docks and piers and take in the pristine view and skyline.

Santorini, Greece

most beautiful sunsets

Greece might not be the most exotic of locations, but still remains one of the most historic world sites.  As a location for sunsets it is absolutely breathtaking, especially the most southern island of Santorini located in the Aegean Sea.  The juxtaposition of the stark white buildings and villages built into the cliffs, and the vivid blue of the water, provides the most warm and stunning backdrop. The cliffs of Santorini offer the perfect vantage point to take in the amazing site.

Alberta, Canada

most beautiful sunsets

Alberta is another, ‘not-so-exotic’ location.  But what makes the ‘Rockies’ so enticing is the extraordinary sun-setting view in Banff National Park.  Located at an elevated 4,600 feet it’s a resort known for its fabulous skiing.  Visitors can take up any of the activities on offer, such as hiking, riding, fishing and biking; or take a motor boat out on Lake Minnewanka to view what is said to be the most absorbing sunset in the world.

Islands of the Maldives

most beautiful sunsets

Located along the trading route of the Indian Ocean, the Islands of the Maldives are an ideal meeting point for people travelling and vacationing from all around the world.  The island offers great cultural diversity in the form of the many visitors or even ex-pats who now call the Islands their home.  A tourist highlight would be the pristine waters that offer great diving in the vast reefs.  Another great highlight would be the stunning coastal sunset which descends over the beach and can be celebrated with a picnic or candlelight dinner, lit up by a backdrop of pinks, purples and blues.


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Comment below by telling us which of these mesmerizing sunsets you'd like to view, and get rewarded with some FREE lottery points!

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Posted by NAgaZ8l (30/07/2014)

Cape Town should definitely be on the list. In fact, when I win the SuperEna Max Jackpot I'm moving there**

Posted by Krishnan (30/07/2014)

Maldives is a real beauty. Viewing the Sunset from the midst of water will be terribly exciting !

Posted by Ying Kwong (30/07/2014)

Yeah, hit the jackpots and then do some luxurious travelling.

Posted by Ionut (30/07/2014)

I would like to visit Santorini because I've heard to much about it.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (31/07/2014)

I like "Santorini, Greece !!!!

Posted by Piotr (31/07/2014)

I would like to visit Maladives because it is exciting place

Posted by Rajesh.r (1/08/2014)

I like all

Posted by -3_JIV (1/08/2014)

Maldives is more quite, relax, beautiful and peaceful environment so i would like to settle there for better.

Posted by Piotr (1/08/2014)

I would like to visist Santorini

Posted by Marcin (2/08/2014)

I would like to visist Santorini in Grece

Posted by Piotr (2/08/2014)

I like Riomaggiore Italy

Posted by Dorota (2/08/2014)

I very like Santorini in Greece

Posted by Dorota (3/08/2014)

I like Santorini, Greece

Posted by UaDz1 (3/08/2014)

Cinque Terre and Santorini are on my Bucket List! Getting closer, methinks!

Posted by Dorota (4/08/2014)

80,000,000 dollars USA Powerball on Wednesday

Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/08/2014)

Sometimes the best views are from your own backyard. We just need an eye for it!

Posted by Piotr (5/08/2014)

I would like to visist Islands of the Maldives

Posted by Dorota (5/08/2014)

I would like to visist Santorini

Posted by Panagiotis (18/09/2014)

I'velive in Santorini for more than a year,nice placeto visit

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