Euro 2012 Excitement Coming Soon

16 of the best national football teams across Europe will be converging this month to determine the best of the best at Euro 2012. Join in the excitement with this June and win fantastic prizes along the way.

Excitement is reaching fever pitch across the European continent as football teams prepare themselves for glory or defeat at the 14th UEFA European Football Championship. 16 countries will meet in Poland and the Ukraine to decide which of them will be getting a free ride to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and of course, who will be crowned kings of European football.

Football fans can follow the excitement from June 8th when Greece and Poland meet in Warsaw in the opening game. What is set to follow in the next few weeks will surely go down as some of the most exciting football in history!

Euro 2012

Winners Take Home The Glory

There have been many upsets over the past thirteen tournaments but no matter whether the underdogs or the favourites takes home the trophy, all winners go down in history.

The list of winners for the past thirteen tournaments looks as follows:

2008 - Spain
2004 - Greece
2000 - France
1996 - Germany
1992 - Denmark
1988 - Netherlands
1984 - France
1980 - Germany
1976 - Czechoslovakia
1972 - Germany
1968 - Italy
1964 - Spain
1960 - USSR

Who will be taking home the tournament title this year? Which country will go down in history as Euro 2012 champions?

Will Greece pull off another upset win? Will Denmark perform another unexpected coup to take home the trophy? Or will the title go to defending champions and current world cup champs Spain? That’s a lot of questions, how about giving us an answer?

Who do you think will win Euro 2012? In case you don’t know the participating countries take a look below:

Czech Republic


Republic of Ireland


Leave a comment and give us your prediction? All comments made before the 8th June that correctly names the winning team will earn a FREE SuperEnaLotto voucher (added to your account on July 2nd).


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Anna Khlebnikova - who has written 371 articles

Posted by Vladimir (5/06/2012)

I think that to win unless Spain worsened over the past year that there is a chance to win. :)))Vrátiť úpravy späť

Posted by Danica (5/06/2012)

Spain to win the UEFA Europa. :)))

Posted by Vladimir (5/06/2012)

Spain to win the UEFA Europa. :)))

Posted by Michael (5/06/2012)

My prediction is that Germany will win! :)

Posted by Brian (5/06/2012)


Posted by Gergely (5/06/2012)

Netherlands FTW!

Posted by Willy (5/06/2012)

I hear everyone say Spain or the Netherlands will be the champion but I say the French will be the champion by beating Portugal in the final of the euro. this is not a prediction but a reality that will happen in the final of the euro.

Posted by Chuyen (6/06/2012)

i like

Posted by Samson (6/06/2012)


Posted by Guntis (6/06/2012)

Germany will win Euro 2012 !!!

Posted by Anil (6/06/2012)

This time Germany will win. Sure shot...

Posted by Juan (6/06/2012)

Germany's time has come!

Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (6/06/2012)

Germany will win sure.........hightime germans pull up their socks and play to win only.They have to play with the spirit of winning and not with the spirit of sports and determined winners are the only winners

Posted by Sreenivas (6/06/2012)

Germany will win in Euro 2012.

Posted by Usha (6/06/2012)

Spain to win Euro 2012

Posted by Manasa (6/06/2012)

France will win this time,& this is high time, & they will win

Posted by Krishnan (6/06/2012)

My feeling is it will be Germany who will lift the Cup

Posted by Subrat (6/06/2012)

Spain to win Euro 2012 Subrat Mohanty India

Posted by Andreas Josef (6/06/2012)

"underdogs" France will win the EURO 2012

Posted by Halmosi (6/06/2012)

Spain to win Euro 2012

Posted by Prunella (6/06/2012)

This time only Netherlands will win the final

Posted by Nickle Jude (6/06/2012)

This time Netherlands will win

Posted by Julian (6/06/2012)

This time France will win

Posted by Rita (6/06/2012)

This time England will win

Posted by Josephine (6/06/2012)

ONLY England will win

Posted by Oh (6/06/2012)

Spain WIN with preparing attack & defense.

Posted by Surendranath (6/06/2012)

It is Italy

Posted by Anton (6/06/2012)

winner 2012 - Italy

Posted by 8CJkFgbm (6/06/2012)

spain is gona lift the cup wish they bring it to masisi

Posted by Agur (7/06/2012)


Posted by Rakesh (7/06/2012)

Germany will win Euro 2012

Posted by Udit (7/06/2012)

This time France will win Euro 2012

Posted by Rekha (7/06/2012)

Greece will win this Euro 2012

Posted by YCEwn (7/06/2012)

I think it's Germany once again in 2012

Posted by Volodymyr (7/06/2012)


Posted by Nadia (7/06/2012)


Posted by Carl (7/06/2012)

GERMANY all the way !!!

Posted by Ernest (7/06/2012)

Spain are the favorites but we are in for a surprise Russia is my bet Ernest SG

Posted by Padmanabha (7/06/2012)

Euro 2012 cup to be won by Germany this time for sure

Posted by Aginlo (7/06/2012)

This time Germany will win

Posted by Mrudul (7/06/2012)

This time Germany will win

Posted by Paige (7/06/2012)

This time Germany will win

Posted by Ralph Francis (7/06/2012)

This time Germany will win in 2012

Posted by Moses (7/06/2012)

My prediction ..Spain will win euro 2012!

Posted by Monica (7/06/2012)


Posted by Ilya (7/06/2012)

I think that the Netherlands could be the winner and not only this time

Posted by Balasubramaniam (8/06/2012)


Posted by (8/06/2012)

Thanks to everyone who gave us their prediction. Comments are now closed. If the team you selected wins you will receive a free SuperEnaLotto voucher added to your account on July 2nd.

Posted by -3_JIV (8/06/2012)


Posted by Anthony (8/06/2012)

This time Germany will win in 2012

Posted by Darryl (8/06/2012)

This time Germany will win in 2012

Posted by Vilas B. (8/06/2012)

This time Germany will win in 2012

Posted by Iona (8/06/2012)

This time Germany will win in 2012

Posted by Patricia (8/06/2012)

This time Germany will win in 2012

Posted by Raju (8/06/2012)

This time Germany will win in 2012

Posted by Galadys (8/06/2012)

This time Italy will win in 2012

Posted by Balázs (10/06/2012)

Germany Win Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine :)

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