If You Won The Lottery

Loyal lottery players here at PlayHugeLottos love the lottery. Whether you play your favourite lottery, play the lottery with the best cost-benefit ratio or seek out the biggest jackpots, we all love the idea of our lucky numbers coming in and winning that elusive jackpot that will change our lives forever.

Let’s take a look at the impact of winning a lottery jackpot will have on your life:


Many people say money can’t buy you happiness.  But not having enough of it does hinder your life and can bring a lot of heartache.  Winning the lottery allows people to fulfil their dreams they would otherwise never have had. It allows us to afford the material goods that just always seems out of our reach.  In an blink of an eye we would be able to pay off our loans and mortgages – not only for ourselves but for our loved ones too. 

We can all work hard, get lucky in the businesses and achieve greatness but winning a lottery jackpot, would catapult you straight into the dream life and bring you immense happiness. A recent survey showed that the majority of lottery winners are happier after the win than they were before and only a mere 2% of lottery winners defined themselves as less happy after their win.  It all goes to show, what you do with your lottery winnings is what matters the most.

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Family Life

Families in general are much happier after the lottery win. Close relatives are happy for the winner and the myth that money causes strife between couples can officially be put to rest. A very impressive 95% of marriages survive and thrive after a huge lottery win.  The percentage for co-habiting partners is an unsurprising 100%.

According to a survey, 83% of new lottery winners share some of their new found wealth amongst family members, mostly to provide financial security and stability. 

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Family life


Good news is that when it comes to winning the lotto – friendships are more important than money, as a very impressive 90% of winners are still good friends with their BFF. That said, men are more like to help their friends than that of females, who are a lot pickier as to which less fortunate best friend they will spoil or treat.
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Shopping after winning the lotto

Lottery Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes after winning the lottery is inevitable. 38% move house after a big win. 75% will move out of their apartment and upgrade to a family orientated home.
When it comes to whether or not they will in actual fact donate some of their new found fortune to charity – a good-hearted 40% actually do put the money where their mouth is.
Amazingly, 48% stay in their current jobs, and 45% start their own business and finally 68% of lottery winners still play the lottery on a weekly basis, believing Lady Luck will smile down on them again.
With all these awesome stats and amazing lotteries on your side – play the lottery online now and you too can join the mega rich!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (28/07/2014)

If I won the big jackpots, I'll invest and grow the monies plus making regular donations to charities.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (29/07/2014)

"Winning a lottery jackpot, would catapult you straight into the dream life"- True word!!!!

Posted by Ionut (29/07/2014)

It's true. With more money, we can help our friends, we would not be so stressed out about our daily responsabilities. Thanks for posting this article because lotto winners have a bad image but you remind us that is does not have to be that way.

Posted by Edmore (29/07/2014)

i would pay tithes,start a business,share with relatives & friends,pay off debts,donate to charity,help my government and continue to have God as my Master.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (29/07/2014)

**Instant Billionaire**

Posted by John (29/07/2014)

I have vowed, should I be blessed to win the lottery, to give 10% of any winnings away to charity, one cannot receive, and not give, there is no balance or substance in so doing.

Posted by Marcin (29/07/2014)

If I won the big jackpots, I'll buy my own island

Posted by Piotr (29/07/2014)

i want to win big jackpot

Posted by Dorota (29/07/2014)

It's true with more money we can help

Posted by Marcin (31/07/2014)

If i won i'll buy luxury car

Posted by Dorota (31/07/2014)

If i won the lottery I "ll buy a new house

Posted by Rajesh.r (1/08/2014)

Big hit wow great

Posted by Rajesh.r (1/08/2014)

If i won the lottery i"ll buy a new car & a new house

Posted by UaDz1 (3/08/2014)

There can be nothing like the peace and contentment that would come with knowing that for the next few generations and then some, my family would be comfortable.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (7/08/2014)

I'll also go on a hedonistic trip around the world** Like Matt Myles**

Posted by IWw0Ut- (11/08/2014)

It's true that money cant buy you happiness, but it sure can RENT it!!!

Posted by GqUyM (22/08/2014)

Sharing is caring, so the 10% donation to charities or the church will be amongst the first things I will do :)

Posted by Panagiotis (18/09/2014)

I don't hope for a big jackpot,just enough to secure my family

Posted by IWw0Ut- (29/09/2014)


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