How to………… Lose a Million Dollars? (Part.2)

Part.1 of our article on how to lose a million dollars covered some really costly blunders such as PayPal giving away $92 Quadrillion (which we strongly doubt the company posesses), a sleeping banker transferring millions and a lady throwing away her winning lottery ticket.  To ensure these oversights don't happen to you, make sure to sign up with the safest, most reliable online lottery vendor,  The site secures all your personal information and gives each playing piece of mind when competing online for the astronomical jackpot prizes.  Let's continue with Part.2 of How to LOSE a Million Dollars: 


how to lose a million

Popular game show, Jeapordy! contestant, Thomas Hurley III,  learnt just how important correct spelling can be when he misspelt “emancipation” in answering one of the shows important questions.  The spelling error was later ruled a wrong answer and cost the young player $3000.  The contestant was heart-broken and felt that he had been cheated out of his winnings; he vowed to never watch the show again.  He also got support from the public and fans who said it was a quiz show, not a spelling bee.  Host Alex Trebek came to the rescue announcing that rules are rules and that spelling errors result in penalization no matter how minor or the age of the player.


how to lose a million

Ronald Page was granted a financial windfall courtesy of Bank of America when the 55 year old went to withdraw funds and found an excess of $1,543,104.00 in his account.  He immediately went on a gambling spending spree.  It would seem that the old adage, ‘cheaters never prosper’ strictly applied here as Page managed to lose ALL his funds during his February 2009 and August 2009 gambling caper – and was later arrested to serve 15 days in prison as well as pay back the entire $1.5 million in installments. 


how to lose a million

Kind-hearted Dori Rhodes loved donating to community yard sales that was until May 18th, 2013 when she got rid of a denim jacket she thought she no-longer needed.  The jacket was stored in the back of her closet and Dori had forgotten that she used the jacket as a make-shift safe.  Stored within the jacket pockets were a pair of $18,000 diamond earings and a $1500 ring given to her by her husband.  The jacket was purchased by a stranger for just $20 much to Rhodes’ despair.  She has put out a plea for the items to be return but to date has not gotten any reply.


how to lose a million

In what is reported to be a common error for online banking, a woman lost $2200 in an online financial transfer.  The woman from South Wales attempted moving £100,000 from one Nationwide Bank account to another, but typed in the wrong digit of her 8-digit account.  When the money failed to show in the other account, she contacted the bank who did manage to recover at least £98,600 of the total amount but left £1,400 of it irretrievable as it would force the other customer into an overdraft.  This is found to be a common mistake from online bankers with Banks claiming that millions are lost every year due to account transfer mishaps.

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Posted by BASIM (21/07/2014)

If you are looking for how to lose a million dollars, OK just you go to gamble places or marry so famous beautiful woman lives to buy and you will never forget your lose ..

Posted by Julian (22/07/2014)

Its very sad to hear that people lost their money but it never happened hear

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/07/2014)

i guess you cant be too careful when you dealing with finances! so the old idiom 'better safe than sorry' is apt in these situations.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (22/07/2014)

Be careful when doing online fund transfering!!

Posted by Ionut (23/07/2014)

Too bad that the guy lost all his money gambling. He wasted such a wonderful gift

Posted by Krishnan (25/07/2014)

I think to make it further safe, Hugelottos should ask for bank account details of players for crediting their big winnings so that even if a huge- lottos player misses to see the email his bank would be credited with the winnings.

Posted by UaDz1 (3/08/2014)

Be very carefull of online 'work from home' schemes...they caught me with very tiny smallprint!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (6/08/2014)

Why would anyone wanna LOSE a million dollars though? I thought this was all about winning millions of dollars or pounds or euros or whatever**

Posted by Beni (21/08/2014)


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