How to………… Lose a Million Dollars? (Part.1)

At PlayHugeLottos we usually cover news and stories on how you can win millions and become wealthier by participating in the world’s most popular lottery games hosted by the world’s most prolific online lottery vendor,  For today’s piece of news we cover the polar aspect of how to win a million – how to LOSE a million dollars, to serve perhaps as a warning to potential lottery winners of how a silly mistake could be profoundly costly; literally.  Here are some of the world’s most dense and foolish ways to lose an exorbitant fortune.


lose millions

A German banker made news headlines when he accidentally transferred $293 million instead of $62.40.  His reason for the error being that he momentarily fell asleep before completing the transaction and typing the number “2”, resulting in the 222,222,222.22 Euros transfer (US$293 million).  His folly not only cost him his job but also his 48 year old supervisor who worked at the bank since 1986.  The supervisor was faulted for not having personally overseen the transaction, but was later admonished and retained her position.


losing millions

Sharon Jones of Arkansas, USA was awarded the million dollar jackpot prize after finding a discarded winning lottery ticket in the trash.  The unfortunate player Sharon Duncan had played the correct number sequence to win the grand jackpot, but the ticket had for some reason not shown up as a win on the scanners and she proceeded to tear the ticket in two and dispose of it in the trash.  As the ticket was unsigned at the back, Sharon Jones could claim the winnings.  The unlucky ticket would strike again as the owner of the store in which Sharon found the ticket claimed that the prize should be awarded to him as it was found on his premises.  Following an investigation, the Lottery Commission had allowed Sharon to be the sole beneficiary of the winnings, but to date the money is custody and tied up pending a court order as Sharon Duncan also followed suit, claiming that the winnings was rightfully hers.  The two Sharon’s whose fate was intertwined with this unlucky ticket chose to settle out of court.


losting millions

Chris Reynolds awoke to a generous surprise one March morning when he found his monthly PayPal account full of billions of dollars, $92 Quadrillion to be precise.  Chris couldn’t believe his luck, but knew it had to be an error from PayPal.  The mistake was corrected and Chris received a generous financial compensation from the company to be donated to a charity of his choice. 


losing millions

As reported by NBC in 2010 the U.S. Federal Reserve ran into problems and had to shut down production of the new high-tech $100 bill which was to introduce specific features to guard against counterfeiting.  This resulted in the recall and quarantine of more than one billion of the bills in huge vaults in Fort Worth, Texas and Washington, DC.  The total value of the unusable bills amounted to approximately $110 billion which makes up at least ten percent of the entire supply of US currency across the planet.  The error caused a 2 year delay in the release of the new bills and cost tax payers a lot more money in the end.  Oops, very pricey printing jam indeed.


Check back for Part.2 of our money losing 'heroes'.  We are confident that our players are much more responsible and not guilty of any silly mistakes of this measure.  No one is perfect and people make mistakes, so in the event that players do make errors have enough support staff and online help to rectify any mistakes on the player’s part.  With unique security protocols in place, players can play in complete peace of mind knowing that their information and details are safe.  There is also no risk of losing your lottery ticket, or having someone else claim your jackpot prize money as all transactions are online and therefore safely recorded.  Take advantage of all these member benefits by playing smart and playing online with


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Posted by Ionut (18/07/2014)

Say what? 92 quadrillion dollars!!!

Posted by Ying Kwong (19/07/2014)

Fat finger will not happen at PHL!

Posted by Julian (19/07/2014)

But i don't know when i will get my money

Posted by Balasubramaniam (19/07/2014)

Silly mistakes !! Big losses !!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (19/07/2014)

its so sad that the USA had to flunk those dollars. i would have found good use for them!

Posted by BASIM (20/07/2014)

If you want to learn how to lose a million dollars, OK it is so easy way that just you go to gamble places or marry so famous beautiful woman, you will learn how it be well and never forget it ...

Posted by UaDz1 (3/08/2014)

Honesty is definitely the best policy! Well done Chris Reynolds!

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