Mega Millions Winners Keep It Simple takes a trip down memory lane with a look at a Mega Millions winning couple from February 2008. Robert and Tonya Harris from Georgia, USA, won $270 million on the Friday Mega Millions lottery but made further headlines by appearing somewhat underwhelmed when they were interviewed about their win on the 'Today Show'.

As we all know, the Mega Millions lottery has been in the news recently when it made history by offering the biggest lottery jackpot in history. Well, with this high regard for history we have decided to take a look back at another giant win on the Mega Millions: a $270 million jackpot won by a humble couple from a small farming town in Georgia, USA.

During the interview the couple looked very subdued and almost sad. Needless to say not quite the reaction people were expecting. This just goes to show that everyone expresses happiness in their own way. Being in front of millions of people on national TV was probably such a shock that their reactions may not have been typical.

Mega Millions Winners Interviewed

The TV host asked Robert if he would please hold up his winning Mega Millions ticket, worth $270 million. In the words of the host, “It doesn’t look like much but it is worth a lot!”

Robert enthusiastically shows us his winning ticket…

Robert Harris - Mega Millions Winner

Robert and Tonya claim not to be regular lottery players so why did they play this time?

Said Tonya, “Robert played the Mega Millions ticket! He picked the numbers while he was at work. A storm hit and the lights went out so he came home and asked me if I’d buy the ticket. So I went on up to the store and played the ticket for him”.

Sometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect it. What made Robert play the lottery on that day? What made him choose those numbers?

Coping With Becoming A Mega Millions Millionaire

Robert and Tonya Harris discovered that they had hit the winning jackpot numbers when their youngest daughter called them on Saturday morning with the good news.

During the interview the couple looked a little ‘shell shocked’ prompting the show’s host to ask them if it had sunk in that they are now millionaires.

Said Tonya, “You never think something like this will happen to you, it’s just going to take a while. This is something you dream about.”

Robert has been working very hard for 21 years as an iron worker and this win couldn’t have come at a better time for them because financially the couple had been going through some tough times.

Said Robert, “It’s been a rough couple of years but we managed to make it.”

The happy, lottery winning couple…

Tonya and Robert Harris

Letting The Boss Know About Your Millions

For many I am sure this is the moment they dream about: letting your boss know that you are now a multi-millionaire lottery winner. Some may make this announcement in a polite manner to their bosses, while others may be slightly more ‘adventurous’ when quitting.

This is what Robert had to say about quitting his job, “I just let him know that I hit the Mega Millions and I would not be back at work. No more hard hats, no more tools.”

When asked about what plans they had for their lottery win the couple said the following:

• A new car for Tonya (a Mercedes)
• A new car for Robert (4-wheel drive truck)
• Buying some land and building a house

That is a pretty short and sweet list for these quiet Mega Millions winners from Georgia. In the four years since their lottery win we trust that they may have added a few more items to that list. Why not create your own list by winning the mighty Mega Millions or other very popular American lottery, the Powerball – currently sitting at $146 million.

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Posted by Juan (29/05/2012)

Wow! I've seen more excitement from a goldfish! Something fishy is going on there!

Posted by Vladimir (30/05/2012)

That I should win more than $ 700 million in MegaMillions. :)))

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