Mighty Mascots For Mega Jackpots

What is it that attracts you to a specific lottery? Although it’s more a subconscious thing, it’s still interesting to think about.

At PlayHugeLottos.com, it’s all about choice, with a fabulous selection of the biggest and best lotteries from all over the world to choose from, depending on the country, odds, prize fund or jackpot payout you prefer, the question remains, would a cute mascot really swing your decision?

For those who do want to win, there’s literally millions to be won at PlayHugeLottos.com right now. The biggest lottery jackpots on offer this week include EuroMillions, which is currently at a whopping 67 million Euros for tonight’s draw plus we have the SuperEnaMax which is headlining at a staggering €139 million. So whether you’re into cuddly characters or not, they are numbers definitely worth buying lottery tickets online for.
Some big lottery games in the USA have lucky mascots. You'll recognize Big Bird as the Atlantic Lotto guest mascot, and the Mega Millions and Powerball guys in other photos.

Lottery mascots

MegaMillions Mascot

One of the most well-known lottery mascots, is the Mega Millions mascot who loves showing up in stores all across America and giving out free lottery tickets to customers. This happy-chappy which looks like a lotto ball with a big grin on his face is one of the better mascots around.
Quinto Quintet

When customers arrived at the Quick Check in Swatara Twp. for bread, milk or Pennsylvania Lottery tickets they found five people dressed as giant fingers dancing at the front door.  Known as the Quinto Quintet, all dressed in pinkish costumes, with big eyes and smiles on their big, round fingertips.
They are the mascots for the Lottery's newest game, Quinto, in which players pick five numbers for a drawing that features a grand prize of $50,000.

Customers displayed the same reactions. First, hesitation. Then, acceptance. If you wanted a free Quinto ticket, and a chance at winning the prize, you had to pose for a picture with the five lucky fingers. 

For those of us who prefer to play the lottery online, having 5 lucky lotto fingers to tap in your lucky lottery numbers is important and these five little fingers are rather cute in some bizarre why.

Doggie Lotto Campaign

The Gold Nuggets Lotto Dog

One of the strangest lotto mascot we came across was a doggie campaign where dog owners in China's New Taipei City, received  lottery tickets in exchange for their doggy's poop. It was part of a clean-up campaign that could win them gold ingots worth over $2,000. I guess some people need a little extra incentive to keep their towns cleaner. Reminds me of an old saying, “One man's mascot is another man's mystery”

If PlayHugeLottos.com ever had to have a mascot what would your suggestions be?   The best comment, either serious or hilerious, will win a FREE EuroMillions voucher!  Comments close on Friday the 18th July 2014 and Facebook comments will also be taken into consideration.  Have fun!


Congratulations to: Samson

"The Mascot I propose is a Joker holding a Four Leaf Clover and the name will be PHLUTO"

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Posted by Samson (15/07/2014)

The Mascot I propose is a Joker holding a Four Leaf Clover and the name will be PHLUTO.

Posted by Ying Kwong (15/07/2014)

I think the best mascot for PHL will be a globe full of lottery numbers because PHL links us with the world's largest lottery games together so that we become inhabitants in a global lottery village which can be reached by different people at different places via the PHL's sophisticated gaming platform.

Posted by Debashish D (15/07/2014)

My suggestion to PHL team would be have "Uncle Scrooge McDuck" on board as PHL mascot. My reason being very simple, "Uncle Scrooge McDuck" is one of the wealthiest cartoon characters we ever had, with a very humble, loving and appealing personality. It would convey the message that if we play with PHL, the day is not far when we can become another "Uncle Scrooge McDuck"

Posted by Balasubramaniam (15/07/2014)

Become a millionire from "PLAYHUGELOTTOS"- wordings in DOG cartoons will be reached everywhere!!!

Posted by Bq29l9L (15/07/2014)

The mascot should be a ticket. But animate it to look like a person. (That guy from the monopoly box comes to mind) Give the ticket a top hat, an umbrella instead of a walking stick, a monocle, a moustache and a waistcoat with a pocket watch and a bow tie. He should also have a pet dog that follows him around (the dog should look like snowy from tin tin).

Posted by Krishnan (16/07/2014)

A gold coloured bowl filled with currencies GBP, Euros and Dollars will be the most ideal Mascot for Play Huge Lottos.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (16/07/2014)

The most suited name for the mascot in my opinion will be .com(DOT COM). the mascot will be in the guise of a wine-glass monitor with two arms,one holding lottery tickets and the other different curriency(dollars,pounds and euros)

Posted by Ionut (17/07/2014)

A man dressed in a costume that looks like a stack of 100 dolar bills..

Posted by Abhijit (17/07/2014)

I would be happy if 'PHOENIX' mascot is chosen for PHL. In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn.It rises from its own ashes. Therefore winners of PHL shall resemble its character. And off course PHL is a long-lived show on the net.

Posted by Oh (17/07/2014)

Cloud head with earth body.Which mean the equivalent of the lottos between Heaven & Earth

Posted by Vladimir (17/07/2014)

Spherical body as a sign of MegaMillions playhugelottos.com and yellow, the head of the dollar also yellow and dollars.

Posted by Rajesh.r (18/07/2014)


Posted by BASIM (18/07/2014)

Either Yellow or red color your mask clothes the Jackpot winner is the top happy .

Posted by Samson (18/07/2014)


Posted by Samson (18/07/2014)


Posted by Beni (21/08/2014)


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