Strangest Hotels You NEED To Stay In (Part.1)

So you’ve just recently won a huge windfall by playing the lottery with online lotto vendor,  You have a lump sum of extra cash and are looking for something outrageous and different to do on your worldwide travels.  Let us help you spend your loot by recommending some of the weirdest, wildest hotels from around the world.

Hotel Lindenwirt, Germany

strangest hotels

Wine lovers and enthusiasts the world should know the Rhine Valley of Rudesheim in Germany as being one of the most popular one-tasting destinations around the world.  If fine wine is one of your interests, visit the Hotel Lindenwirt resort where after your wine tasting adventures you have the opportunity of falling asleep in a giant wine barrel.  This unique hotel makes use of gigantic barrels that were once used to hold approximately 6 thousand liters of wine.  They have been renovated and equipped with beds and bathrooms so as to accommodate wine-lovers from all over the world.

Mira Mira, Australia

strangest hotels

Mira Mira is home to three of the most uniqe and unconventional abodes created.  They were built by the owners and feature an underground cave dwelling which can only be entered by going through a door shaped like the mouth of a troll.  Another habitat is a zen-like retreat which features a Japanese garden, and the third takes the form of a surreal woodside cabin the looks to be inspired by Gaudi.  All of these homes are surrounded by wild and uncultivated country which aids to the allure and appeal of Mira Mira being an enchanting getaway destination.

Dog Bark Inn, USA

strangest hotels

Cottonwood, Idaho is home to a really strange dwelling created by chainsaw artist owners.  A gigantic wood-built beagle stands ten meters high and five meters wide, and is named Sweet Willy.  The odd structure holds a double room in the stomach and a loft-style room in the muzzle.

Costa Verde, Costa Rica

strangest hotels

A Boeing 727 was obtained from the San Jose airport in 1965 to be transferred to Manuel Antonio National Park.  The planes interior received refurbishing and redesign featuring 15 meter high teak paneling into the rainforest canopy.  A wooden deck protrudes from the right wing and forms the structures viewing deck, equipped with tables and chairs and an amazing panoramic view.

Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany

strangest hotels

The artistic and somewhat surreal Propeller Island City Lodge is located in Berlin.  The eccentric and somewhat creepy, yet creatively styled dwelling is made up of 27 distinct rooms that each evoke a different theme.  Guests are given the choice of a room completely enclosed by mirrors, a tomb-inspired room where you can sleep in a coffin, a room where the furniture is shaped like buildings, and even a room fashioned after a prison cell. 

Mirrorcube, Sweden

strangest hotels

Mirrorcube is completely camouflaged into its surroundings.  The tree hotel in Sweden takes the form of a cube suspended and is encompassed by reflective glass, there is also a surrounding of infrared film to prevent birds from colliding with the structure.  This peaceful refuge offers guests the opportunity to rest in tranquil, natural surroundings, and seems to be a metaphor for becoming one with nature.


That concludes Part.1 of our list of fantasy hotels around the world.  Keep an eye open for Part.2 where we feature a hotel made entirely of salt, yes salt, as well as an undersea aquarium style getaway.  In the meantime, head over to to stand a chance at winning a unique jackpot prize which could see you visiting one or more of these enchanting dwellings.  PlayHugeLottos allows its member’s entry into the world’s top lotteries such as Europe’s Euromillions, the US’ Mega Millions and Powerball, or England’s UK Lotto.  Registration is quick and easy, so join in the lotto action with and play now!

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Posted by Ionut (11/07/2014)

I never saw a dog shaped house before. Never knew such thing exist.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (12/07/2014)

Very nice to read about the fantasy hotels around the world !!!!

Posted by Ying Kwong (12/07/2014)

Will buy a modest hotel using 1st prize lotto $ : )

Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/07/2014)

very unusual and intimidating as holiday accommodation. i would rather settle for one of the 5 star hotels in the bigger cities where every luxury is at hand!

Posted by Krishnan (14/07/2014)

Strange things exist. Imagination running riots. Very interesting to read and note.

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