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The most hated day of the week, Monday.  After all the excitement we went through knowing it was Friday and then finally rushing off meeting our friends after work, knowing the dreaded alarm would not go off at 5am the next morning, then relaxing the entire weekend, to finding ourselves back at the coalface with work spewing out in every direction. Urgh... It’s Monday.

Monday is the first working day of the week, and whether or not you need to get up and go to work or not, these astonishing facts about the dreaded day will give something else to think about other than work.

Monday comes from the word ‘moon’. So what started out as Moon Day turned into Monday. This is not only unique to the English language, as in Spanish, for example, Monday is ‘El Lunes’, meaning “the moon”.

Monday Funday

Cyber Monday

Many of us know about Black Friday – the day stores go from red to black on their profit and loss statements. Online stores have Cyber Monday, and much the same as Black Friday, you can pull in some serious profit on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday,

Almost 50% of employees are late to work

Some research was done and it was established that almost 50% of employees are late for work on Monday’s.  That’s quite a staggering amount – but understandable. Are you one of them? 


Productivity 30% below among workers

With 50% employees late for work, it’s no wonder that there is a 30% lower average in productivity on Monday’s too. Apparently most employees can only fully focus for approximately 3 hours which leads us to the conclusion that Monday’s are definitely not the best of days to finalise that important proposal. Not to worry though as Tuesday will hopefully come round fast and the week can officially begin. 

We just have to look at this Tuesday’s mega €120,000,000 SuperEnaMax jackpot to know the week is in full swing! Once begun there’s not stopping either as Wednesday’s magnificent USA Powerball has rolled over again over weekend giving lotto players a wake- up call with a mind-blowing $122,000,000 jackpot that could ensure that you never have to have experience the Monday blues ever again.

Get cracking! You know you deserve to win it!

Monday Blues

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Posted by Krishnan (7/07/2014)

In all languages, Monday denotes Moon only eg., Som Vaar in Hindi means Monday, In Tamil "Thingal" for Monday means, Moon.

Posted by Ying Kwong (8/07/2014)

Monday is boring as there's no lottery draw that's my favourite.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (8/07/2014)

It’s Monday !!.Last Sunday's excitement will be disappeared .

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/07/2014)

The "boom town rats" made everyone in their era sing about mondays! that's the closest anyone came to liking mondays!

Posted by Rajesh.r (6/09/2014)

Monday a big day

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