The Top 10 Companies that Dominate the Tech World (Part.2)

To conclude the second part of our review of the top tech companies world-wide, we look at the five companies that not only set the trend but have been the benchmark and standard for quality products and innovative technological leaders:

5.  Facebook

biggest tech companies

The social media conglomerate was founded in 2004, and as evident by its $1.5 billion annual revenue, it has quickly become the world’s largest social networking site.  The success of Zuckerberg and his team have been to carve out the cornerstone of modern culture, by helping keep people from all over the world in remain in contact and be closer and more involved in each other’s lives like never before.

4.  Yahoo

biggest tech companies

Founders Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo in 1994 with the company quickly growing to compete with tech giants like Google and often even surpassing Google US’ visitors at times.  Yahoo has not only succeeded as a solid search engine but also offers news, financial information and even online games.  Yahoo also had the largest share of display advertising in the US, until Facebook took their spot in 2011.  The company is even headed by former Google executive, Marissa Mayer.  Revenue is primarily generated through advertising with nearly 700 million visitors to the site each month. 

3.  Google

biggest tech companies

The world’s top search engine – Google is the world’s most visited website and processes over one billion search requests daily.  The company generates revenue from its advertising search keywords, whereby companies pay Google for each click they receive on their advertisements.  The PageRank is Google’s own copyrighted system which ranks the value of search results, thus maintaining the most current and relevant results.  The company was incorporated in 1998 by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are not just satisfied with being the top search engine, but also wish to be the futures top pioneers into robotics and connected devices. 

2.  Apple

biggest tech companies

The Apple Company was founded with the idea of selling personal computers, but have since gone on to sell products ranging from iPhones to iPods to the iPad.  The company is currently at the forefront of sales with its profitability going through the roof in the 2000’s.  Things were not always rosy with Apple who started out as the underdog and with founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne facing many obstacles since the companies’ 1976 inception. The company was always considered second to Microsoft who were the dominant PC company throughout the 90’s.  Apple have since found its niche selling technology ecosystems which focus on bulk products such as televisions (Apple TV), MP3 players (iPods), mobile phone (iPhone) and computers (Mac computers) being able to seamlessly and effortlessly link to each other.

1.  Microsoft

biggest tech companies

The granddaddy of modern technology in terms of hardware and software innovations, Microsoft has maintained its influence on the lives of consumers as well as industries since 1976.  Founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen have grown a company that has become the most popular company and cultural influence in the modern age.  The company is not satisfied by just dominating PC systems but has branched out to game consoles in the form of Xbox One and Xbox360 which have both become official contenders to Sony’s Playstation game console.  The success of Microsoft has ensured that Bill Gates has successfully been voted the richest man in the world more times than anyone ever.  Gate’s success affords him the opportunity to do extensive philanthropic work in the form of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation thus even securing Microsoft as a company with a conscience.  Without the foundation set by Microsoft’s innovations and PC trend setting software making PC’s accessible to the general public, most tech companies would never even be in existence.  With Microsoft still pioneering leading systems and their plans to continue to branch out further in industry, it would seem that the most influential tech company over the last 40 years will still continue to dominate the tech industry for years to come.

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Posted by Ying Kwong (3/07/2014)

I like Google!

Posted by Ionut (3/07/2014)

Apple has the thumbs up from me.

Posted by Krishnan (4/07/2014)

Google was started much later than Yahoo but it surpassed Yahoo, Hotmail and all. Microsoft later attempted to buy Yahoo but talks failed. Yahoo committed a blunder in winding up its Yahoo Geocities( Yahoo acquired Geocites-web-hosting company and renamed it as Yahoo Geocities), but now Yahoo is on sound footing. I became a member of its email fraternity in May 1998 and still continue as a major user of its email. I also owned several sites hosted by Yahoo Geocities and was the Web-Administrator

Posted by Balasubramaniam (4/07/2014)

Microsoft,Apple,Google,Yahoo & Facebook are rulling the world!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/07/2014)

It's great to read of the success stories of these business giants. With the revenue being generated i wonder what it's like to be in their employ? Do the employees get rewarded generously? Are they 'taken care off' as we expect them to be? Or are they driven unceremoniously to 'produce'???

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