Two Men Threw Away Million Dollar Lotto Ticket

Two men having thought they double checked their lottery ticket – threw it away thinking they had not won a prize. But they did! Find out how it all went wrong...

This is why buying your lottery tickets online has once again proven to be the better option:

Salvatore Cambria and Erick Onyango, bought a Powerball lottery ticket for the $338 million jackpot from March 23, 2013.  At 11pm after the draw that night, Salvatore asked Erick to double check the winning lottery numbers. He did so but none of their numbers matched.  Cambria took the ticket he and crumpled it up into his cigarette pack and threw it into the garbage in his bedroom.
What they hadn’t realised was – the numbers reflected on the site had not yet been updated. They were they previous draw results. Not the latest draw and their ticket laying crumpled in the empty cigarette box, was in fact worth a million dollars!

Powerball ticket

It all hit home the next day when the men saw the actual winning numbers and realised they had won. But, they also knew that they had hauled the trash out to the curb that morning!

Losing their minds, they called the local garbage company. They were told that the garbage was on its way to a dump in Ontario, Canada. Like all dumps, it has bulldozers that move the trash around and bury it. So there was no way of ever recovering the lost million dollar ticket.

Cambria said his ticket had every correct number except the Powerball, a combination that would have won him the consolation prize of $1 million. The ticket was one of three that Onyango says he purchased that day at the 7-Eleven. He kept the first and third tickets for himself and gave the middle one, the one he says is the winner, to Cambria. Unlike Cambria, who threw out his ticket as soon as he thought it was a loser, Onyango held on to his two.

According to the two men all three tickets were purchased together and the serial numbers were sequential. The men say they can prove that the winning ticket was theirs because they have the other two tickets with the serial numbers one above and one below the winning ticket’s.

They explained their situation to the Lottery Commission last year, and were told to submit a claim form along with the first and third tickets.

Which now brings us to this question, aren’t you happy you actually buy your lottery ticket online?

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Posted by Balasubramaniam (30/06/2014), you will never lose our lottery entries !!!!!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (30/06/2014)

Lol I always knew buying online was best**

Posted by Ying Kwong (1/07/2014)

Yeah, always peace of mind when playing with PHL's online website: you'll never lose your winning tickets!

Posted by Krishnan (1/07/2014)

And what Happened to their claim? Were they paid? Why this suspense?

Posted by IWw0Ut- (1/07/2014)

This is the saddest lottery news i've read on your web! Such a windfall and it all blown away almost immediately due some 'minor' oversight is so sad to read. My heart goes out to those unlucky guys.

Posted by (1/07/2014)

The commission has not ruled against their claim and the case is still pending Pradeep. Let's hope this has a good ending!

Posted by Ionut (1/07/2014)

yap... buying online is much better

Posted by TCt-0 (4/07/2014)

I agree...buying online is a lot better!

Posted by Beni (18/09/2014)


Posted by Rajesh.r (20/09/2014)


Posted by Amos (17/06/2015)


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