Beers Of The World Cup (Part 3)

How was last night’s game?  Suarez never learns his lesson. Instead, he should be taking a bite out of tonight’s $70,000,000 USA Powerball jackpot!

Already banned for 10 games last year for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in a Premier League match he is also known for being suspended for seven games for biting PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal while playing for Ajax Amsterdam in 2010.

He also missed Uruguay's World Cup semi-final against the Netherlands four years ago after being sent off for a handball on the line that denied Ghana, what would have been a match-winning goal in the final minute of extra time! Let’s see what will happen to him now. He could always drown his sorrows by reading our final group and the beers that coincide with this last group of World Cup countries:

Group E:

Switzerland – Feldschlösschen

Feldschlösschen is the best known beer brand in Switzerland. There’s nothing to make this beer stand out from all the other brews in this style, but there’s really nothing wrong with it either.

Equador – Pilsener

Seems as though one of the only beers with the exception of Club, is Pilsnener and it’s everywhere. It’s also a sponsor of a major soccer team with its logo plastered all over the place.

France - Kronenbourg

Kronenbourg 1664 is France’s No.1 selling beer and the UK’s second-biggest selling premium lager. It’s a nice refreshing beer with a lot of interesting flavours and checking out the reviews on this beer there are quite a few beers lovers around the world that agree with me.

Honduras – Salva Vida

Another beer I’ve never had the honour of trying but according to friends who have thrown a few back, Salva Vida is well known for bringing friends together with it’s perfectly balanced flavour.  No wonder they have managed to get this one right as it’s been a leading brand since 1916.

Fifa World Cup Beers, Feldshlosschen, Pilsener, Kronenbourg, Salva Vida

Group F:

Argentina – Quilmes

Hailing in from the opposite side of the world – Argentina, comes the classic tropical fizzy lager, Quilmes. Although the ingredients smell rather cheap that of rice and corn, it has a great delicate white head with a light straw colour. All in all a good refreshing, crisp, rehydrating beer.

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Sarajevska Pivera

Sarajevska Pivera pours a golden with a thin head. It smells of grains, cooked corn, some faint hops with a faint hint of sourness. This beer has a weird cereal taste though. Although a tad more interesting that the usual Eurolager, it still left me with bad after taste.

Iran - Behnoush

Who knew there was beer in Iran. Well, if you can call non-alcoholic beer, beer. Let’s skip this one and move on.

Nigeria – Star Larger

Star Larger seems to have a lot in common with Behnoush as far as the alcohol content goes. Although regarded as the vest Nigerian beer, it’s a bit watery and you can drink four to five bottles of it without knowing you even had a pint.

World Cup Beers, Quilmes, Sarajevska Pivera, Behnoush, Star Larger

Group G:

German – Krombacher

Krombacher is the No.1 premium beer in Germany. Its unique taste comes from the fact that it’s brewed with fresh, pure and low-mineral natural spring water plus high-quality ingredients.

Portugal – Super Bock

Portugal has a long brewing tradition dating back to when it was known as Lusitania. Although a very standard European lager, with a short taste and a mild flavour, Super Bock’s a very easy beer to guzzle down while watching the soccer.

Ghana – Club Premium Lager

Club Premium is a typical lager with a pleasant malty aroma, and a grainy flavour. The head however, disappeared almost immediately, leaving a rather flat looking body.

USA – Bud Light

What can I say. It’s a ‘light’, and as you might well have guessed by now – not my kind of beer. But I suggest you grab a sixer and taste-test it for yourself.

World Cup Beers, Kombaxher, Super Bock, Club Premium Lager, Bud Light

Group H:

Belguim - Jupiler

The most famous beer in Belguim. Not only is it one of the cheapest beers, locals love the taste. If you are not sure how to pronounce it – it’s joo-pee-lay. My friends say it’s one of the best beers they have tasted – so I will have to take their word for it.

Algeria – Tango

Tango doesn’t get much of a rating considering it’s the most likes beer in Algeria with a rating of between 1.1 and 2.1. It’s a light coloured lager with a medium bitterness, not much of a head and rather flavourless.

Russian - Baltika

Baltika is the leading beer producer in Russia and produce a large number of beers. Similar to the Pilsner this beer comes in a great bottle. It's quite a drinkable beer but the relatively high carbonation might make it difficult to drink too much of it.

Korea Republic – Hite Lager

It’s a pleasant tasting beer from South Korea. On closer inspection the smell is quite unusual with a strong tinge of a what could possibly be rice. It tastes easy sweet, clear and crisp.

World Cup Beers, Jupiler, Tango, Baltika, Hite Lager

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What better way to celebrate a nation's culture and diversity during the World Cup, than by drinking its local brew?

Put that way, it seems rude not to.

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Posted by Edmore (25/06/2014)

with millions in your pocket,beers will be flowing and you will be everyone's friend

Posted by Julian (26/06/2014)

What better way to celebrate a nation's culture and diversity during the World Cup is just go to the (Home for the age ) and set a T. V.and see with them they will also feel happy

Posted by Beni (26/06/2014)

Power ball jackpot nice

Posted by Balasubramaniam (26/06/2014)

Switzerland's "Feldshlösschen" , Bosnia & Herzegovina's "Sarajevska Pivera" &Algeria's "Tango" - Very tasties !!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (26/06/2014)

What can be said if a player,no matter how talented he is, is barbaric by nature, he will always act in an unsavory manner.

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