Beers Of The World Cup (Part 2)

Day 12 of the World Cup and we saw Brazil beat Netherlands with a 4-1 win causing even more fiesta, carnival, shouting and more beer being spilt on my floor. 

Right Where were we?   Group C, that’s right:

Group C:
Columbia – Aguila

I’ve had the pleasure of tasting this Colombian beer which is a lager type beer and manufactured using great ingredients which are carefully processed to obtain a unique balance between bitterness and sweetness – all to refresh the Colombian’s taste and palate (not to mention mine).

Greece – Mythos

As the saying goes, “Greece is for visitors” and Greek beer lovers will all agree with me that people love to drink beer in Greece. So if you support Greece or have some Greek friends coming over to watch a game then grab a bottle of Mythos. Beer isn’t always about taste, it’s about context. In many ways we are all sons and daughters of ancient Greece so grab a beer and get merry.

Ivory Coast - Solibra

Now although some might say this beer has the aroma of nail polish remover and cardboard, there are a few that agree that Solibra Bock can be sweet on the palate with a crisp and slightly dry malt finish.  Think I’ll give this one a miss and have another Heineken.

Japan – Asahi Super Dry

The Ibaraki Brewery, one of nine owned by Asahi Breweries, is not only the largest in Japan, it is also the greenest. This crisp, light and refreshing brew is the best-selling beer in Japan and it is fast catching on in the UK too which will suit me. I really must make a note to pick up some Asahi Super Dry.

World Cup Beers, Aguila, Mythos, Solibra, Asahi Super Dry

Group D:

Uruguay – Pilsen

Beer has slowly become more popular in Uruguay and apparently Pilsen is the most popular alcoholic beverage.  Their television advertising is definitely aimed at the young, party-oriented crowd which suites us soccer fans and with Uruguay going up against Italy tonight, means it’s Pilsen vs. Peroni this evening!

Costa Rica - Imperial

Generally known as the national beer, Imperial will be great after a long day of touring Costa Rica in the hot sun, or surfing but not necessarily something you would seek out at home and not thankfully none of my mates have brought some over to watch the game spilling it over my floor as their team wins. I guess Imperial in my opinion, is just a lager with no bells or whistles.
England - Carling

Now we’re talking! From the tender age of let’s just say 18, I’ve been drinking this beer and where ever you go you are more than likely to bump into someone with a Carling in their hand. If there was World Cup for beers – Carling would win it as the majority crowd pleaser.
Italy - Peroni

Peroni’s a great light coloured lager, but like my girlfriend will dutifully inform me it has 150 Calories in each bottle. So you will need to get your track pants and sneakers out, take your mates and go play a game of soccer after a hefty weekend drinking, after you have played the lottery online for tonight’s whopping €151,000,000 SuperEna Max jackpot!

World Cup Beers, Pilsen, Imperial, Carling, Peroni

Tomorrow we will take a look at Group E and F and see which lovely lagers might become your personal favourite too.

Keep your eyes on the prize and take that chance right now! If you don’t take the chance believe me someone else will!
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Posted by Ionut (24/06/2014)

I'll have a Peroni. Thanks

Posted by Jens Kristoffer (24/06/2014)

Let me guess the criteria: Worst beer in the country? Carling is not a beer, it is a horrible joke! An attempt to make a beer that is even worse than Heineken! You could have mentioned London Pride, Bombardier, Hobgoblin, T.E.A., British Bulldog, Organic Honey Dew and a whole host of other beers from England - all of which are way better tasting than Carlings.

Posted by Krishnan (25/06/2014)

Is there beer drinking competition or some such thing?

Posted by Balasubramaniam (26/06/2014)

Mythos & Imperial are my favourites !!!

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