Beers Of The World Cup (Part 1)

As the heat blazes on in Brazil at the FIFA World Cup 2014, like most soccer fans, I’ve been watching the World Cup and with my mates coming over all hours of the night and believe me I’ve had more than enough reasons to spill my beer. And while wiping up the spillage it got me thinking about beer and the countries they come from - soccer World Cup countries that is:

Group A:

Brazil - Skol

Skol beer is a crystal clear crisp pilsner. Clear pale golden colour with small frothy white head and sparkling appearance. It's aroma is mild malty and grassy, typical lager-like. The Brazilian beer taste is light sweet malty with honey notes, sour grassy following and very light bitter finish with a light body, thin texture and lively carbonation in palate. Skol is a good looking beer, with a light golden colour, small head with moderate lacing. It's key characteristic is that it has a very good aroma of sweet corn, grains and hay. Overall it’s a nice beer, and good for a hot day, drinking to relax.

Croatia - Ožujsko

Another World Cup country that love their beer is Croatia with a beer called, Ožujsko, which is a very popular beer manufacturer. According to stats, 10 bottles are consumed every second. It has been produced since 1893 with the main factory is in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. Like most beer brands Ožujsko has many varieties of beer.

Mexico – Corona

What's better than a cold Corona on the beach? Despite horrible taste ratings, Corona is the fifth-best-selling beer in the United States, the beer is marketed extremely well with a formula consisting of sand, sun, and lime wedges.

Cameroon – Castel

Drinking beer is an extremely popular pastime in Cameroon. Cameroon is rich with choice when it comes to good beer due to its past as a German and later French colony and Castel beer has gained popularity in this region.

World Cup Beers, Skol, Ozujsko, Corona, Castel

Group B:

Spain – Cruzcampo

This is the biggest-selling beer in Spain, and one of the top-selling brands in Europe. Based in Seville, it has been owned by Heineken since 1991. Cruzcampo makes several different types of beer: Pilsner lager (4.8%), Light (2.4%), Shandy (0.9%), Cruzcampo Gran Reserva (6.4%), Sin (0.9%).

Netherlands - Heineken

Heineken Lager Beer is a Euro Pale Lager style beer brewed by Heineken Nederland. The flavour is malt-focused and sweet, with a low hop character, and bitterness doesn’t really make a distinct appearance until the sweetish aftertaste. Heineken is definitely, one of my personal favourites.

Chile - Cristal

For what this beer is supposed to be its quite good. By that I mean that this beer isn't about flavour as much as it's about the crispness and refreshment it provides. This lager is light on flavour, except for some grain and very mild hops. However it is clean and crisp, with a light flavour that makes it very drinkable. The lack of any real hops bitterness is a tad disappointing but it's a really good drinking beer!

Australia – Victoria Bitter

Aussies love their beer and Victoria Bitter is Australia's most drunk beer, accounting for almost 25% of domestic beer consumption. Whether you prefer it in a ‘tinnie’, a ‘stubbie’, ‘tall boy’, ‘long-necks’ or a ‘throw-down’ makes not difference while watching Australia in the soccer World Cup. Its advertising slogan is: "A hard-earned thirst needs a big, cold beer.” So as long as you throw-down a VB by taking a long, satisfying gulp and then wiping your mouth with a masculine forearm. Cheers!

World Cup Beers, Cruscampo, Heineken, Cristal, Victoria Bitter

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Stay tuned for the next World Cup group of beers coming soon...


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Posted by Ying Kwong (24/06/2014)

Beer drinking, lottery playing and soccer watching are indispensable nowadays!

Posted by Krishnan (24/06/2014)

Ultimately all sport-celebrations ( including lotteries) culminate into drinking of beer or champagne.!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (24/06/2014)

Drinking beer & Playing lottery are very cheerful !!!!

Posted by Ionut (24/06/2014)

Corona and Heineken sounds good to me.

Posted by Julian (25/06/2014)

I am waiting for that day to come when the final fifa world cup 2014 and than i will drink a Beer and i wish i also get the jackpot it will be great for me and for my Family

Posted by TCt-0 (4/07/2014)

Corona and Heineken sounds good to me too.

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