Extremely Expensive Extreme Sports

Sometimes the wealthy can get extremely bored, what with being able to afford and do EVERYTHING.  Extreme sports is still, however, the domain of the bravest of us regardless of financial status.  After all courage cannot be sold; and it definitely takes bucket loads of courage to take on some of the thrills available out there to extreme sports enthusiasts. The cost of some of the more exclusive extreme adventures could ensure though that it is only reserved for the extremely wealthy. These adventure rushes could only be likened to winning a big megamillion jakpot with an online lottery.  Some of the most expense extreme sports are:

Bungee Jumping - $150 - $420 per Jump

Free falling from a tall building, bridge, mountain or cliff while being attached to an elastic rope is definitely an extreme sport.  Bungee Jumping is hardly only available for the super-rich and many people have done it, but the higher you go the more expensive it gets.  And in Bungee Jumping that’s the catch (get it, catch).  Prices generally range from around $150, and can go for up to $420 at exotic locations such as Sibenik Bridge in Croatia.

Heli Skiing - $800 - $1,200 per Ride

Taking the idea from ski lifts, Heli Skiing takes things to the next extreme though.  This very dangerous jump involves taking a helicopter ride and flying right above, preferably, the highest peak or mountain coast and jumping right out of the chopper to ski down the mountain side.  This is truly an extreme adventure as  not only is the ski itself highly dangerous but also the helicopter ride as weather conditions at these locations are often uncertain and hazardous.  Heli Skiing trips cost around $800 and $1200 per person.

White Water Rafting - $200 a full day and $1,400 for Equipment

What looks like an easy exciting adventure sport is actually a lot harder than it seems.  A lot of thought and energy goes into the navigation of the river as well as battling the rapids which are tossing you this way and that.  White Water Rafting is easily one of the more dangerous extreme sports as there are unexpected waterfalls and countless whirlpools.  Protective gear needs to be worn at all times and equipment checks beforehand are essential.   Beginners can pay around $40, intermediates and advanced rafters pay $200 a day or $130 for half a day’s excursion.   If you love this sport be prepared to pay up to $1000 for a quality rafting boat and about $400 for all the gear.

Base Jumping - $1,700 to $2000 for Equipment

Base jumping is one extreme sport where you want to make sure you pay for the best equipment available. Equipment is what saves your life; otherwise you’d just be willingly plummeting to your doom.  Base jumping is NOT the same as skydiving as there is no aircraft that jumpers take off from and because of this height limitation, base jumpers only have a few seconds to enjoy their descent before they have to react and deploy their parachutes.  All part of the rush and thrill!  The ‘base’ part of Base Jumping means any level or platform from which a jumper can launch him/her - this includes rock cliffs, mountain peaks or building roofs over 2.000 feet tall.  All that’s required is a jumpsuit, helmet and parachute.  The parachute costs between $1,200 and $1,500 with helps and jumpsuits at $500 each.

Rock Climbing - $600 - $2,000 includes Travelling Costs and Equipment

Rock climbing is the granddaddy of extreme sports, and many often conquer the cliffs without any support or climbing equipment at all.  We struggle to decipher whether that’s extreme or just play crazy.  Seemingly simplistic, rock climbing can actually turn into quite the expense.  Costs incurred can include travelling to the climbing location and perhaps even accommodation.  For the sport itself, special climbing shoes are required ($100), climbing rope (starting at $150), a helmet (between $50 and $100), a harness (between $50 and $100), quickdraws (a set of 12 costs around $250) and chalk bag (about $25).  So in total practicing the sport all the way through some might just end up costing you $2,000 for just one season.

Skydiving - $5,000 for Equipment and $200 - $400 per Jump

One of the most costly extreme sporting adventures – Skydiving allows you to jump out of an airplane and just soar effortlessly through the air.  Nothing is more extreme than flying without wings, and skydiving is just that!  Complete skydiving kit starts at $5,000 and includes the helmet, main canopy, container, reserve canopy, safety gear and altimeter.  The price per jump ranges from $200 to $400 as well.  An expensive sport, but well worth it when you consider that you’re making one of your childhood dreams of flying come true.

Wingsuit Flying - $1,500 for suit and $2,000 - $5,000 for Parachute

Wingsuits take skydiving to the next level.  Jumpers are fitted with suits that imitate birds with their fabric between the legs, arms and thighs.  All that’s needed equipment wise is the suit and a parachute to deploy close to the ground. Wingsuit Flying allows jumpers to enjoy way more airtime than just straightforward skydiving, as well as a lot more navigation freedom.  The Wingsuit costs from $1,500 or more, with another $2,000 to $5,000 for the parachute.  Let’s not forget the $200 to $400 per jump.

Skysurfing - $6,300 for Equipment and $200 to $400 per Jump

Skysurfing is another variation of skydiving, where jumpers have a makeshift ‘snowboard’ attached to their feet.  The purpose of the board is so jumpers can perform some stunts and tricks before deploying their parachute.  The bonus side is that it’s a lot easier than snowboarding.  Each jump costs around $200 to $400 and the skyboards can start with beginner’s boards for $400 and end up at $1,300 for more advanced ones.   

Underwater Cave Diving - $9,000 for Basic Equipment

This is one extreme sport that requires a lot of skill.  Travel costs and boat ride costs all factor in to this expensive sport, that’s beside the cost of some basic gear at around $9,000.  Even with the top end range of gear, many divers still risk hypothermia and other fatal injuries.

High-Altitude Mountain Climbing - $100,000 - $120,000

For conquering peaks like Everest – you have to be willing to pay the price, both physically and financially.  High-Altitude Mountain Climbing is therefore not for everyone.  There are equipment costs which range around $8,000 to $15,000, oxygen canisters ($30,000), gear hauling services ($10,000), a lead guide ($30,000) and between $10,000 to $15,000 per assistant guide.  Summiting atop the next unconquered or uncharted peak is definitely one of the most expensive and thrilling extreme sports then.

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Posted by Vladislav (18/06/2014)

I didn't know there were so many form of falling from a hihg place. Sign me up!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (18/06/2014)

Can't wait to do all these things when I win!!

Posted by Beni (18/06/2014)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (19/06/2014)

All are very Expensive Extreme Sports events !!!!

Posted by TCt-0 (19/06/2014)

All of these look like fun!!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (19/06/2014)

Always wanted to go bungee jumping** Not too sure about "High Altitude" Mountain Climbing though**

Posted by IWw0Ut- (19/06/2014)

This is extreme sport is also extremely scary! it must take a lot of convincing for me to want to risk breaking my neck at one of these sport!

Posted by Maciej (19/06/2014)

hmm I choose s chess:)

Posted by Ionut (20/06/2014)

i choose Wingsuit Flying. Looks pretty cool to me

Posted by Ying Kwong (20/06/2014)

I prefer PHL's lottery SPORTS!

Posted by Piotr (24/06/2014)

I like bungee jumping

Posted by Marcin (24/06/2014)


Posted by Edmore (24/06/2014)

will die from these extreme sports and not enjoy my money...kikiki

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