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It is the dream of millions of Europeans who play any of our available lotteries on each week to hit the jackpot. This life-changing dream came true for French lottery player who wishes to remain anonymous.

A single lottery enthusiast with no children and in his 50’s according to a French tabloid, has plans to give donate the majority of his recent €72m EuroMillions jackpot away. The Frenchman, will be giving an incredible €50 million to charity.

The unmarried man from the Haute-Garonne area of south-western France, who has opted to remain anonymous, said he will share €50 million (£41 million) of his €72 million giveaway between a dozen NGOs working on behalf of the disadvantaged.

He however has one stipulation how the donations will be used.
A spokesman from Francaise des Jeux (FDJ), the organisation that runs the trans-national lottery in France, said about the EuroMillions jackpot winner: “He has a strong sense of social solidarity and he believes in generosity.”

It is believed to be among the one of largest donations ever by a French lottery winner.

Other big-hearted gestures:

Colin and Chris Weir

Remember the British couple who won the 161 million EuroMillions jackpot? This couple are known for using their EuroMillions jackpot win to basically fund any good deed they care to. From buying a fancy new prosthetic limb for a young teen who had lost his leg to cancer to paying for the refurbishment of a historic paddle steamer.

Allen and Violet Large
In 2010 Allen and Violet Large won a $11.2 million Lotto prize. At the time of the win Violet was having treatment for cancer, and the couple decided to give away most of their win to friends, family, hospitals, churches, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and they even gave some to their local fire department.

When it comes to giving back, everybody wins. Success in life is not about how much money you earn but about what you do for others.

We've probably all pondered about what we would do with a jackpot win, but probably very few of us have ever imagined that we'd do what this winner in France did.

Let us know how you would show your generosity and to show our generosity we will select 10 comments who will each win a FREE USA Powerball voucher!

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Posted by Samson (2/06/2014)

Donate generously to any charity organization with the stipulation to help financially the poor people suffering from all types of ailments by providing hospital services and medicines.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (2/06/2014)

Nxaawwww** I've always wanted to get hands on when it comes to giving back to the community. I would build a huge 'hostel' type building where street kids and old people could have a bed, 3 meals a day, and an education for everyone. Everyone deserves a chance to make something of themselves** My philosophy is that it's better to teach someone how to fish than to give people fish**

Posted by Krishnan (2/06/2014)

For many years I have been donating at least 05 % of my monthly earnings towards charity. And in addition I have been the lottery tickets through Hugelottos and others for which at least another 10 % goes. Some portion of this also goes to charity because the lottery organizers give liberally for social welfare measures. If I by any chance win a big pot I am sure of giving an appreciable chunk of it to charity. What can be more heart filling than to help NGOs who are genuinely engaged in working for the needy. I myself retired from Oxfam UK

Posted by Ying Kwong (2/06/2014)

Will definitely make some donations to charities, especially to Orbis, Oxfam, Red Cross etc plus some monthly donations to the 3rd world charitable org as well. Great to hear those winners are so kind-hearted : )

Posted by Ying Kwong (2/06/2014)

Will definitely make some donations to charities, especially to Orbis, Oxfam, Red Cross etc plus some monthly donations to the 3rd world charitable org as well. Great to hear those winners are so kind-hearted : )

Posted by Oh (2/06/2014)

Wish yours greatest words ! I would burden only the sum interest rates and I hope that I am with 1/10 free entries in it till you win it's biggest USA Powerball.

Posted by Jozsef (2/06/2014)

To give a (bit more) tip to the waiter, to invite a poor family to the Zoo, to buy balloons for some kids, to order food for old couples, to buy some medicine for the sick, to organize a trip to DisneyLand for a class, to pay for a seminar for those who can't afford it are all such things, which would show my generousity in case of winning the jackpot.

Posted by Beni (2/06/2014)


Posted by Ying Kwong (2/06/2014)

In the end, it's really the power of give that really counts! Let's share : )

Posted by WCqEOR-CirHt (2/06/2014)

Having the good fortune to win big opens up choices you may previously not have had. For many people the joy of giving is very rewarding, but I think even more rewarding would be to make a difference in the lives of as many people as you can, empowering them to do something meaningful with their lives. I would set up a foundation to educate and fascilitate processes that benefit communities. For example poorer communities not having access to food can be taught to farm thereby satisfying their needs whilst educating them to become self sufficient.There are many basic requirements that so many people can't access, but with a little bit of help they can flourish beyond their wildest dreams. And if you can do this, you would proberly spend the bulk of your winnings on helping others.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/06/2014)

A very laudable gesture of generosity by the recent Frenchman winner of the lottery. I am very much tempted to offer free scholarships to as many students as possible as this will help them help themselves in future and will also be able to do good for others.

Posted by Maciej (2/06/2014)

I love all kids. Sometimes i pray for hungry children in Africa so i will share my lottery win with them. Why? Because kids are our future!

Posted by Bq29l9L (2/06/2014)

My donation would go to help protect our wildlife. It's sad to hear that rhinos and elephants are being killed for there horns or that whales and sharks are being killed for there fins, just so the poachers can make a few dollars. I would donate to ensure that our wildlife would be protected. Not much is been done so I would like to help out with that.

Posted by Sukanta (3/06/2014)

if i hit a big jackpot like powerball/euromillion then i donate my money towards cancer ,heart related hospital and people who are homelss for years giving them shelter home and adequate food is my prime job and rest money are for my old parents for their rest of life.

Posted by Johnny (3/06/2014)

In my own point of view regarding generosity: If GOD allow me to win any Lottery Jackpot, first give thank to GOD almighty then give some donation to the churches and looking for some donation to any orpanage which under controlled by NUNs or priest or any religious sectors. about 50% of my winning I'm willing to donate. and also to other slum areas in our nearby places, to get closer to the poor. thanks..if its GODs well.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (3/06/2014)

I am always informing that 10% of my winning will go for charity !!!!

Posted by Rnp5q (3/06/2014)

For the last 13 years I have been supporting a children's home looking after 170 traumatized/abused children. With a major jackpot I would do major renovations to all 15 houses on the campus, upgrade their remedial school and maybe build another house or two. Set up a trust fund for monthly operating costs not covered by government & once a year take the entire home, children and staff included on a 2 week holiday to the coast. Some of the children have never been on a holiday and have never seen the sea. It is our duty to help those in need and children did not ask to be brought into our cruel world, so they don't deserve being abused in any way or form.

Posted by S.ganesan (3/06/2014)

charity first cherish next.

Posted by Ionut (3/06/2014)

I would not rush to donate money right away. I would like to let life inspire me when I feel like it. If I win a Jackpot, I would have enough time to think. I would like my donations to be something personal and discreet, not make a big public thing. Probably, I would make my own organization. But I want to feed as many people as possible, I would like to find a better treatment for hepatitis c, Hyperhidrosis. I would like to spread the word about healthy eating.

Posted by Ionut (3/06/2014)

I would also like to help older people (+60 yo, pensioners) to have enough money for food, to provide free medical help for them.

Posted by 2vXmPTH0l (3/06/2014)

I would supply food parcels for the Marikana mineworkers and their families until the mining strike has been ended, I would also donate $1 million to the families of the 44 men that were killed on that sad day

Posted by TP8xLd (3/06/2014)

I am sure that I will donate something, but first I need to win something. At this moment I can do with a good "donation" from PlayHugeLottos!

Posted by Vladislav (3/06/2014)

Since the Powerball is 200 million I will donate 10% of my win by making 20 people millionaires with the stipulation that they give 10% of what I gave them to ten people and so on.

Posted by Sandra (3/06/2014)

This is beautiful!! He is a man of great heart, that God enlighten you and healt to be able to enjoy the rest of preze!! ;)

Posted by TCt-0 (3/06/2014)

I would bail out my whole family and in-laws out of debt! In-laws jobless with a disabled son (living of R1500 a month!!!). And then donate monthly very generously to the SPCA!

Posted by Sergio Henrique (4/06/2014)

I like to help people with learning disabilities worldwide, such as autistic oos.

Posted by Ken (4/06/2014)

In Thailand, there are still many poor children who are indeed have to be supported in many aspects. The education is the most important one, with these huge amount of money I can help them grow to be the power of our nation in the future ahead.

Posted by Marcin (4/06/2014)

I like to help Red Cross

Posted by Kabo (4/06/2014)

I live in a country that is classified as developing and a large percentage of my fellow countrymen live in poverty. Donating a percentage of a lottery such as the Powerball would go a long way. That would enable me to provide basic needs such as decent housing and water to a LOT of households. I would also pay school fees for many, many children.

Posted by Harry (8/06/2014)

Flight of fantasy would be to win a large jackpot, so that I could give enough to make a difference. Fly and live where the government could not take what is not theirs to start with and make little difference in the lives of of the people.

Posted by Shazarena (8/06/2014)

I live this games

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