Triple Dragon Day For Lottery Luck

Not content with being auspicious in its own right, this Friday 13th is also celebrated in the East as a Triple Dragon Day! In other words, one of the luckiest days of the year! Why not put your luck to the test with any of our three lottery jackpots up for grabs this Friday: Euromillions, EuroJackpot or MegaMillions.

Fans of 80’s video arcade games may remember the much loved classic, Double Dragon. The game told the story of martial artist brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee fighting their way through inner-city gangs to rescue their love interest, Marian. Well, this Friday is one better than Double Dragon, it’s a Triple Dragon!

Lucky Dragon

What Is A Triple Dragon Day?

This day is considered one of the luckiest days of the year with a person’s luck being increased threefold. These Triple Dragon days are incredibly rare and occur only when year, month and day are all in dragon signs.

As you may know, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon and luck, good fortune and opportunities are readily available for us. This is heightened even further by the combination of the Dragon Month (the April Lunar Month) and the Dragon Day. There won’t be another Dragon day like this for twelve years so be sure to make the most of it with the three big lottery games taking place on this fortunate day:

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Megamillions – $42,000,000 Jackpot up for grabs – Play MegaMillions Now!

Lucky Triple Dragon Day

For those lottery players really looking to narrow down the window of opportunity for good luck and fortune when playing the lottery, the hours of the dragon are between 7am and 9am. So there you have it, play your lottery tickets on Friday 13th, April 2012 between 7am – 9am.

The Triple Dragon Day brings success, innovation, good fortune and new opportunities for all. Play now on!

Tell us about your luckiest moment in life so far and the best answers will each win 5 FREE entries into Friday night’s EuroJackpot!

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S. Balakrishnan

E. Nagold

P. Ilnicki

You have each had 5 EuroJackpot vouchers added to your account. Good luck for tonight's €15,000,000.00 Eurojackpot draw.

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Posted by Sophie (12/04/2012)

One day when I was in London I met with Didier Drogba, was very nice then with Adele, one day, two of my favorite. I felt lucky. Was not planned just happened. Was a great moment. But my luckiest moment when I met the love of my life. Was lucky to be here.

Posted by Juliet (12/04/2012)

My luckiest day was the day I woke up and something told me I should play the lotto because I would win and so I did. When I came home that night I expected to receive a notification that I had won some money, but it didn't come because the results hadn't been posted, but somehow I just knew I would win so I waited and then a few hours later I received the notification that I had won some money. It wasn't a huge amount, but now everytime I get that winning feeling I play and when I do I win a little, so i just know now that the big prize win is coming for me too...because I have that feeling again.

Posted by Gergely (12/04/2012)

It is hard to tell which one is the luckiest moment in my life, but I think it happened a few years back. I was walking across the street in a green light while listening to music so I didn't really hear anything. In the next moment something pulled me down to the ground, it was a car. A Sunday driver didn't stopped in the red light, and the car's mirror caught my backpack. Luckily I wasn't hurt, but after that moment I always look in every direction while I'm crossing the street even in a green light!

Posted by Anton (12/04/2012)

My luckiest moment has not yet been achieved, but it will be; with the help of :)

Posted by Dragomir (12/04/2012)

the day when my daughter has been born

Posted by Deepak Ranjan (12/04/2012)

every ones birth is the luckiest moment in life which feels after some year so is mine

Posted by Subrat (12/04/2012)

My most lucky moment was when I jumped from a wall to an platform, and I slided down on my ass because there was wet, I sprained my tail bone, so I couldnt train parkour for some weeks.. The lucky thing was that I didnt broke my tail bone... Because if I did that, then I wouldnt be able to do parkour in a year.. And I would had to go around with a pillow to sit on everytime I should sit somewhere... That was lucky!

Posted by Adil (12/04/2012)

In terms of winning competitions, the luckiest day for me was back in 1998. I won trip with United International Pictures for the movie 'tomorrow never dies'. it was a round trip to all the location of the movie. So i went to London and then from there i went to Phuket and Bangkok, then back to London and back home. the whole trip was including the test drive of the latest BMW at that time, a helicopter ride of bangkok city and of course phuket 5 star service. This was once in life time opportunity for me. I can never forget that.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (12/04/2012)

If you really think about this, you may never know when it is, or was. We tend to think of the time that "something happened" that gave us a good result, but we never even consider all the times that "something didn't happen". For example, "the time I didn't get on the plane and it crashed" would be an obvious example, but there are also the times that you didn't drive through a certain intersection (at a time when nothing in particular happened there), but if you had, there might have been a collision. I tend to think that every day I can get out of bed is an absolutely wonderful day. But I temper that with the consideration that any day that I *have* to get out of bed, well, how good can that day be, really?

Posted by Andreas Josef (12/04/2012)

Lukiest day: I was born 12 August 1965 on a Thursday and not 13 August 1965 the day associated in Namibia As a badluck day,,,,,Wow thanks for Mom for lady luck on that day 47 years back!!!!!

Posted by Lye Choon (12/04/2012)

My luckiest moment came after my worst moment when I have to do a scan for my stomach after my doctor could not give an accurate diagnosis of my ailment. Luckily it was some gallstones instead of cancer. It feels good to stay healthy for as long as possible.

Posted by Ygr+z (12/04/2012)

One of the luckiest moments of my life was when I got 5 numbers in the superena lotto. Apparently the superena lotto is one of the most difficult lotteries on earth to win because of the amount of numbers you can choose from. If I got 5 numbers in then that means I must have been very very lucky! It also happens to be one of the happiest days of my life when Amy from playhugelottos phoned me and told me the good news!

Posted by Tatiana (12/04/2012)

Friday the 13th is my favorite day because that day I'm always lucky. Ten years ago I won the local lottery, and I was able to guess five numbers out of five possible. I love Friday the 13th,I choose this day for travel, business, work. Friday 13 is great day in my life.

Posted by Chanso (12/04/2012)

Winning a chicken in a local bingo

Posted by Sunday (13/04/2012)

I was born on the 13th of April... Former house number was 13...Had my mum's funeral on the 13th of April...And my luckiest moment in life so far i think is to be born on the 13th of April with Greats like Frederick North, Lord North, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States and other greats like soccer star..Carles Puyol of Barcelona and retired great Rudy Voller of Germany

Posted by Shameem P (13/04/2012)

So far no luckiest moment in my life even though I had little lucks,but near futre its there through lotto

Posted by ETpHUZlqcYV (13/04/2012)

The luckiest moment in my life occured when i won a small lotto jackpot in 1996.Before the winning,i was unemployed and in a dire situation.I believe that i will be lucky again,this time with 'play huge'

Posted by Boris (13/04/2012)

Hi! As for the real player my happiest moment in life still ahead.

Posted by Samson (13/04/2012)

My luckiest moment in life is when I won the woman's day competition which has given me many chances to play hugelotto, earning lotto points leading to vouchers to play again and again.

Posted by Arvinanda (13/04/2012)

the luckiest day in my life is to know that I can wake up tomorrow morning, still breathing and be able to thank the Lord...

Posted by Tejinder (13/04/2012)

Driving one day, a car coming from the opposite direction hit my car on the side, crushing both the doors & my car turned around a 180 degrees with the impact. It was the luckiest moment to come out one piece.

Posted by Sajith (14/04/2012)

My Dob is on 7/7/1985, and i feel 7 july is my luckiest day as my sister was discharged and came back home after 7 years , 7 months and on the 7th day......Thanky good a million times.!!!!!

Posted by Mukesh Kumar (14/04/2012)


Posted by Rajiv (14/04/2012)

Definitely the day I discovered that I could play international lotto through Playhugelottos from India..Prompt,Professional & Pleasant Customer service staff.Thanks for this Opportunity.Kudos!

Posted by Kopal (14/04/2012)

Luckiest moment for me has been my Marriage, Birth of my son & the day I started playing playhugelottos which makes me feel lucky and hope in life that a day will come and I will be a lotto winner. Thanks ever so much.

Posted by Vladislav (14/04/2012)

When I was 3 years old I cracked my head wide open on a razor sharp edge. And I was in the countryside. For a moment I lost my memory, my head split. Took me to the nearest town. The doctor bearly stiched up my head because I was in shock and kicking and screaming. The procedure went so bad that I still 20 years down the road have a scar on my forehead from the stiches. But I'm lucky not to be brain damaged and in perfect health. So ya I'm lucky.

Posted by Krishnan (16/04/2012)

If we go through any Mythology you will definitely come across a story mentioning how Lady Luck always smiled on the illiterate mostly. Yet not all literates are denied her blessings nor are all illiterates blessed. And what one deems as luck, may not be so for others. For me the luckiest day was February 21, 1977 when I got wedded to a very beautiful gracious and very homely lady ( not even from a middle class family) with whom till date I live in perfect harmony and with enormous happiness and satisfaction. I am not referring to the monetary aspect at all. Though we are not rich, we are also not among the poor. Some little more riches could afford us a good dwelling place and some minimum comforts and needed luxuries which hitherto are denied to us but we are satisfied. Our two children are well settled. So we cannot call ourselves unlucky because we are not getting any great winnings form lottery. Still I have never lost my faith in lottery especially in Hugelottos! If I get a huge winning it will be utilized well to help the poor and needy as far as possible. I do not have any five star habits nor will acquire them. If I do not get a big win I will consider those poor as unlucky rather than myself.

Posted by Moses (16/04/2012)

My luckiest moment was when I managed to get a massive car loan to buy a Lamborghini gallardo!i had to borrow money from my parents to show the bank I had the funds...they financed my car and I felt on top of the luckiest moment however will be in the future when I win one of the massive jackpots.....

Posted by Lim (16/04/2012)

simple hope, as a parent, i hope can complete it my responsible to all my three sons can finance them from this primary school right now until their finished their college, still need 15 years for take this responsible can completed, i feel its luck for me if this hope can completed if see hard situation in business and jobs market right now, but in every hope , i believe have the way out

Posted by Oh (16/04/2012)

As you can only see at the end in the movie "Enter The Dragon" by Bruce.L

Posted by Yuli (17/04/2012)

im feel very lucky because im have very good boss, so far he never fired me even company in very bad trouble and wanna be bangkrupt but because this small family business, the boss still keep us and sold him asset for pay our salary, be the boss in good times its easy but be a good boss in the bad times thats not every body can do it

Posted by Lai (17/04/2012)

when im married, doctor said its difficult for me for pregnant but now i have 2 sons 6 and 9 years ols, now im waiting the third baby in july 2012

Posted by Surendranath (17/04/2012)

Life has many twists and turns and sometimes what looks like a very bad day can just be clearing the way for good things to come. To be happy always, live this very moment. So I feel lucky and thankful to God for every second he has given me.

Posted by Michael (18/04/2012)

What felt like the luckiest day of my life was when I went out to meet up with some friends and I had difficulty finding parking, which delayed me for a little while. I then proceeded to walk towards the club my friends were at, and about 200 metres in front of me, a car parked near the sidewalk was bombed. A few minutes later I realized that if I had found parking quicker, I could have been next to the car when it blew up.

Posted by Vladimir (19/04/2012)

My best moment in my life would win the Mega Millions $ 700 million if the jacpot broke the record.

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