Sky Rise Towers With Jackpots To Match!

It’s a trifecta of jackpots in the hundred million range this week at – the SuperEna Max lottery has a €123 million jackpot, Mega Millions is skyscraper high on a cushion of $149 million in jackpot cash prizes and Powerball has been rolling for a few draws to create the $114 million jackpot prize available in Wednesday’s draw. With prizes so inordinately high we are taken to the latest trend in residential property – the residential tower.

In a world that is quickly becoming saturated with housing and business development, the world's desire for a room with a view has increased exponentially with the ever-decreasing availability of land. But there are other motivators to have created this new luxury-trend – the housing market has after a long-awaited uncertain period finally entered its recovery phase, and property developers are pursuing avenues that distinguish them from competitors. This bodes well for the high-rise residential developers who largely went into remission in the states post-911 attacks. And it certainly will provide a service to the growing demands of the wealthy – of which you could be one if you play the Mega Millions lottery this week and crack that elusive set of winning lotto numbers. It’s well worth a try with $149 million on the table.

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The requirement for sky rise buildings is connected to population growth, and there are plenty of main cities that represent these space restrictions from Asia to the U.A.E. and some major Western cities. New York City is unsurprisingly one of the top Western cities in which we’ll see plenty of residential towers popping up, with world-class architects and property developers at the bow, as well as considerable funding provided by the wealthiest New York residents.

Once you've picked the winning set of lotto numbers to attain a lifetime of financial freedom, joining the wealthy-club would require you to own at least one sky rise residence. Take a look at these top luxurious residential towers for some inspiration into your dream tower.

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432 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Developers really aimed high with this luxury building – it’s the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere! Amenities include a fitness centre, but which luxury sky rise would be complete with an absence of this basic amenity? Other features include a 75-foot-long pool, a boardroom, a private restaurant, room service and catering and thrown in for good measure a chauffeur service. It’s dubbed the “Billionaire’s Club” and for good reason – because that’s exactly how you’ll feel stepping out of your private elevator into the penthouse suite of this luxury sky rise!

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Wuhan Greenland Center, Wuhan, China

The 2,087 ft tall building has 131 floors is the cutting edge of residential tower development, and rightly so – Asia has been at the forefront of sky rise building boom, with China at its head. Included within the designed tower is a mix of residential property, offices, retail property and for an added luxury element, a 5-star hotel – the perfect place to vacation to because you can stay in the hotel and try before you buy.

Which of these residnetial towers' residences would you purchase? Your comments earn lotto points, so don't be shy!

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Trump International Hotel $ Tower, Toronto, Canada

Residential mogul Donald Trump may have sold these units under false pretences, but the tower itself remains an impressive structure in Toronto. It boasts a hotel offering suites for sale to businesses, as well as condo residences. There’s a top class restaurant and all guests have access to the 5-star hotel amenities.

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Princess Tower, Dubai, U.A.E.

The world’s tallest residential building could only be located in the city in the East known for high-end extravagance. The steel-and-concrete architectural magnificence boasts a six-floor car park, indoor and outdoor swimming facilities, a gym, spa and a top floor entertainment level for social events. And this is just the beginnings of what will certainly be a mega-trend in the East’s wealthiest city – it’s the one of three residential tower projects since 2012!

Don’t delay another second for you chance to win the sky rise jackpots on offer through the SuperEna Max, Mega Millions and Powerball!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (20/05/2014)

Yeah, roof penthouse in sky-rise building will be wonderful!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (21/05/2014)

432 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Posted by Krishnan (21/05/2014)

As I ruminate, which of these Jackpots, Euro-Million, US Power ball, Super ena Max will strike one rich enough to buy a luxury flat in any of the World's High rise apartments, I know some one is definitely going to make it. Hope and Pray it is me.

Posted by Julian (21/05/2014)

I will buy a luxury House and make it sweet sweet dream come true and I know some one is definitely going to make it and Pray for me also to get it

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/05/2014)

It looks and sound dazzling...but i would rather settle for a quaint little place away from all the hype! These units draw too much attention and NOISE! The super rich do not like being crowded and polluted....

Posted by Vladislav (9/06/2014)

Only the Burj Khalifa will do for me. Having hundreds of millions I have to live atleast on a 150't floor.

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