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When you win the lottery, what’s the first item you’d like to own? We wouldn’t even consider merely renting a luxury item after winning a sum of money in the Mega Millions range of the current $149 million first prize – why rent when you can possess your dream items forever? And with jackpot prize nearing $150 million, there’s no luxury item you can’t afford.

In fact, this isn’t merely hearsay. There’s psychological evidence that demonstrates the effects of owning luxury goods as opposed to merely renting them for a finite period. The study, which was recently published in Springer’s journal Applied Research in Quality of Life shows that it’s not only positive on a person’s state of mind to own luxury items, but further it’s mentally detrimental merely to rent out a luxury item, only to have to return it again. With a Mega Millions jackpot prize worth $149 million and the promise of a life filled with indulgence you won’t need much of a nudge to enter into this American powerhouse lottery!

The lottery results from the weekend left a bunch of rolling jackpot prizes that have been inflated to some inordinately high price ranges – Mega Millions lotto results from Friday night were:

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The jackpot prize rolled once again whereas the second tier prize wasn’t as slippery – two entries matched the 5 main winning lotto numbers to take home a prize worth a generous $1 million before tax! The third tier prize worth $5,000 was awarded to a whopping 33 winning lotto entries, so this lottery is on a roll with dishing out cash prizes, take advantage and enter today for the anticipated draw scheduled for tonight.

Should yours be the long-awaited winning entry into one of the many thrilling draws scheduled for the week, your capacity to possess all those extravagant items will substantially be multiplied. In the study published regarding the ownership versus the rental of luxury goods, the comparison between luxury and ordinary pens and chocolates was made, with 307 study participants split into two groups – the one group tested the pens and chocolates knowing they had the option to take home the items, while the other group merely tested and tasted the items. Both groups evaluated the products by quality, exclusivity and luxuriance, and post-experiment completed a questionnaire regarding their sense of wellbeing.

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The interesting findings from this experiment demonstrate the wish that we all have to own something over possessing it for a finite period of time. Participants in the group that were allowed to keep their items weren’t concerned as much with the quality of the product, but rather that they could take theirs home. The respondents in the “rental only” group were significantly less happy – their wellbeing was rated lower than those of the participants who rated low-budget items! So it’s safe to say, even if your dream product isn’t of high-end standards you can still maintain great satisfaction from owning it over merely using it.

Over in the Euro lottos we know and love, the EuroMillions had the following lotto results from this weekend’s draw:

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The jackpot is sitting on a very tidy sum worth €48 million following Friday’s fruitless lotto results in the jackpot department, but the secondary prizes dished out were a-plenty as usual in this favourite Euro lotto! One lucky entry took home the entire €1,515,238.00 prize after matching the 5 main winning lotto numbers plus one Lucky Star bonus number to claim the exciting secondary prize. There were a further 6 entries that managed to crack the 5 main winning lotto numbers to claim €84,180.00 each in the third tier prize, leaving a lot of smiling faces in its wake.

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Posted by BXkQK (20/05/2014)

Thank you for using my Email Alias. Ill take it as a sign that you want me to win. But anyways the First thing ill buy is the most Expensive General Item, A House and Then a Car.

Posted by Ying Kwong (20/05/2014)

Donate 1st, invest 2nd : )

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/05/2014)

1st on the list of things to do and get is a really awesome world holiday....lasting 3 months! Then a grand home on the beach....then everything else that i may need.

Posted by Ionut (21/05/2014)

After I win the Lotto, I would like to buy the best luxury chocolate and ice cream that I can afford. And to take vacantions in some exotic places

Posted by Vladislav (9/06/2014)

First thing I'm gonna buy is a month long vacation to Vegas. Everything after that. I need to let some steam out.

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