Inspire Your Kids' Futures With These Tips

Some would say getting an inheritance is like winning the EuroMillions lottery, but this may be the wrong attitude to possess when it comes to matters of family money. And Gloria Vanderbilt’s son Anderson Cooper can vouch for that – his mother the successful fashion designer and the family having made their fortune in the railroad and shipping industries – with Cooper refusing to take any percentage of the inheritance on the point that he doesn’t believe in the idea of an inheritance.

But what was the sequence of events that led to this potential trust-fund baby’s rejection of the $200 million family fortune, an amount reminiscent of the record Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot of the past? In response to the statement his mother was a perfect example of how inheritance can change one’s life for the better he could only state that it was an “anomaly”. But there have been plenty of philanthropists created from receiving family inheritance, so we are left wondering the cause of Cooper's attitude. He may just have heard a lot of the hype surrounding family inheritance, which in turn created the inexhaustible resources of advise available to anyone who requires assistance in the matter.

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There's a lot of good advice out there for those of you who win the Mega Millions jackpot this Tuesday and wish to set some aside your lotto winnings for your kids’ inheritance! Knowing your $149 million first prize will go to a solid foundation, when your children use it for the benefit of more than themselves, enhances your lottery winning gratitude infinitly. And gratitude is the name of the game!

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Some of the most popular and effective strategies for deciphering if your kids will be able to handle a substantial inheritance are as follows:

1.    Distribute income over ages and significant events

It’s a fair concern that your child won’t have the emotional or intellectual maturity to handle millions of dollars, euros or pounds in inheritance money – think about your maturity level at age 20 and if you would have been capable of managing millions? Many parents will create trusts that distribute small annual amounts of the inheritance that increase as their child reaches particular ages (30, 35, 40, or achieves certain skills such as further education, allowing certain large life expenses to be covered by the inheritance money. This also eliminates the worry that the initial large sum of inheritance money would demotivate the child enough to become reliant on the inheritance.

2.    Give your children a test

In the US, as much as $14,000 can be gifted to as many people as you choose – and when you’re married you and your partner can gift double that – without any gift tax to pay. Parents have been gifting their cash to their kids without any restrictions and merely sitting back to watch what happens. How do you think your offspring would handle the EuroMillions €48 million? Take notes from your unannounced €20,000 gift.

3.    Distribute funds through an incentive trust

The fear Cooper expressed during his interview regarding the family inheritance surrounded ideas of squashed ambition and a general lacklustre attitude towards building a successful career. But there’s a strategy to create incentives around receiving the inheritance – from the common incentive known as the “investment banker clause” where the inheritance pay out matches the child’s income. This of course would create the drive within your child to pursue a fulfilling and financially rewarding career, as the annual salary would be matched by the inheritance incentive structure.

Another incentive revolves around education where the trust becomes available upon the achievement of a degree. Though attaining a degree does not explicitly guarantee success in one’s personal life, the qualities and character involved in achieving a degree are the same ones required to handle a large inheritance amount – vision, goal-setting, and engagement with other motivated people.

Which test would give your kids? Tell us - your comments earn lotto points!

4.    Begin teaching early with a personal foundation

Start ingraining a positive attitude towards money within your children by creating a personal foundation that benefits society in some way. Not only will you receive a tidy tax deduction, but more importantly for your cause, the kids will start learning about money, developing a healthy attitude towards financial success. The lesson comes in the form of researching worthy causes and donating a portion of their percentage available through the foundation to their chosen charity. Your kids will be sure to monitor its impact, thus learning the value of money.

5.    Gift without giving away your cash

Parents who wish to assist their kids in paying off mortgages or student loans opt for this approach: using the federal gift exclusion ($14,000 in the States at the time of writing) to pay directly for mortgages and student loans, thereby reducing the costs for their kids in future.

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Posted by Ying Kwong (19/05/2014)

Children should not be given too much money until they attain the age of majority plus they must have self-discipline.

Posted by Krishnan (20/05/2014)

It is always better to create a philanthropic Family Trust and mandating that the settler will be the eldest in the family. Thus money can be bequeathed to the trust which will take care of the heir as well.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/05/2014)

Children can become "childish" in spending money that came easily. They have to learn responsibility first and then be entrusted with huge amounts of money. Monitor their behavior before giving them freedom.

Posted by Vladislav (9/06/2014)

Children should be encouraged to do have and be everything they want. After some time spending money will become boring for them and they will go after something that will fulfill them on a much deeper level.

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