5 Ways Rich People Think Differently

The dichotomy between rich and poor is as stark as the difference between rich and ‘super-rich’.  Along with this is the difference in choices that each of these types are faced with on a daily basis.  It is often believed that ‘living’ wealthy and employing practices of affluent people often inspires wealth in return.  The difference between a middle class income and a wealthy persons’ income is vast and therefore it may not be practical to employ the same tactics, but here are some tips to enjoy the lavish lifestyle of the super-rich while all the while saving like them too.



While saving is an essential part of growing ones wealth, the amount we save is of more importance.  Someone in the middle-class bracket saving ten percent of their income is accumulating too much money by the end of the year.  Wealthy people save too, but they focus on increasing their income first – so that there is substantially more to save.


Most people are programmed to picture their income in very linear terms; meaning if I wish to earn an extra X amount per month, how much overtime and more working hours do I need to put in to get there.  Even the well-educated believe that furthering their studies such as doing an MBA is the only way to earn more money.  Rich people look for ideas that solve the problems of others then make money from them.  They identify a need in the market place and meet that need.  But instead of just churning out one idea after the other, they employ smart, calculated, well-researched risks before starting their business. 


The rich focus on meeting one need at a time or following through with one idea, instead of being scatter brained and taking on various distracting tasks.  They maintain focus on their money and their business, knowing that it was well researched and that it is meeting a need or solving a problem; and as long as it’s doing that, it’s yielding financial results.  Their goals are to make money within strict deadlines which have been predetermined and calculated – anything over this time is seen as time wasted.


Jetsetters like the Trumps and Branson’s make up just portions of the super wealthy who outwardly flaunt their riches. Most live modest lives, driving normal cars and living in average homes, but have astronomical bank accounts. Wealth is accounted not by the amount you own, but by how financially free you are.  Rich people list economic freedom as their top priority, and strive to reach there and beyond. 


Beliefs are the catalyst for action, therefore if you have a ‘wealthy’ mindset and incorporate the required actions needed to achieve this status – then who is to argue any different?  It is then only a matter of time that you too join that upper echelon of earners who experience true wealth and financial freedom!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (14/05/2014)

I believe in what Napoleon Hill said: "Think and Grow Rich."

Posted by Julian (15/05/2014)

If There are goals are to make money but within the strict of deadline if you play which have been predetermined and calculated anything can be over this time is seen as time not wasted

Posted by IWw0Ut- (15/05/2014)

If one has idea of to become rich, then just go for it! The more we ponder on the idea, the less time we have at getting rich!

Posted by Rnp5q (16/05/2014)

I particularly like the bit about "LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS, NOT BEYOND THEM". This is so true. In our group there are a few very rich people that you would never say they were multi millionaires and they always seem to be making even more money while they lead normal lives. It is inspiring to say the least

Posted by Ionut (17/05/2014)

This is realy good stuff. I've heard that wealthy people like to buy used cars, because they are cheeper. As soon as you get your car out of the dealership, it will loose it's value. The wealthy people measure their wealth in how many years they could live with the money that they have.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (19/05/2014)

If you are or want to get rich, one has to think differently and out of the box. Because if you do not, then you will be just as good/poor as those around you.

Posted by Peter (1/06/2014)

Many people who are indeed rich, do spend their money in flashy ways and enjoy their lives. Good on them. What I cant understand however, is why many wealthy and extremely wealthy people continue to generate large amounts of money, live like the poor and save their money for no reason at all. I can understand that, they save for the future, but your money is no good to you, when your are no longer on this earth, so enjoy it.

Posted by Vladislav (9/06/2014)

Having a mindset like a rich person with or without money will abosutely garantee an abundance of wealth to anyone

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