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The weekend has approached with scheduled draws that will have you sprinting to the PC to log into your account for a chance at these massive multimillion cash prizes. Take a look at these lotto results for this week’s round up so you can make an educated decision to play the lottery with the most attractive jackpot prize, or exciting secondary prizes that are well within reach. The EuroMillions has grown to a very tidy €24 million for tonight’s draw, and the EuroJackpot is biting at its ankles with a €23 million jackpot on offer for tonight, with the US lotteries each having well over $50 million invested in this weekend’s draws.

The EuroMillions lotto results for Tuesday this week were as follows:

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Though the EuroMillions jackpot remains a rolling stone, the generous secondary prize worth €315,673.00 was dished out to 3 lucky entrants who impressively matched the 5 main winning lotto numbers plus one of the Star balls to claim the second tier prize! Joining these three were 11 third tier prize winners who took home a nice pocket of cash worth €28,698.00, each. Even when the jackpot remains elusive, there are many other prizes to play for!

Over to the weekly excitement of the EuroJackpot – with the following lotto results from last week setting the jackpot up at a tantalizing €23 million:

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There was an absence of winning lotto numbers to claim the jackpot prize last week; however 3 entrants matched up the 5 main winning lotto numbers plus one bonus ball to take home the secondary prize worth €158,256.20, each! Along with these second prize winners, there was a single entry that narrowly missed the second prize by one number, claiming instead a very tidy €123,439.90 all to themselves!

With over 20 million in the bank, imagine the kind of Mother’s Day surprise you could arrange for mum! There are spas, mini-getaway destinations offering creative classes, plenty of restaurants and shops to poke around in, or even take mum for a shopping spree, as we all know mums love to do! What have you got planned to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday? Tell us – your comments earn lotto points!

Over in the states, the powerhouse lotteries are demonstrating their true growth potential – Mega Millions had soared to a whopping $105 million for tonight’s draw, US Powerball is offering up $80 million for tomorrow’s scheduled draw.

The Mega Millions lotto results from Wednesday were as follows:

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There were 2 secondary prize winners who each took home a $1 million slice of the generous prize. Along with these 2 entrants were the 29 entries that matched 4 of the 5 main winning lotto numbers plus the bonus ball to claim a tidy $5,000.00 each!

The Powerball lotto results were:

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The Powerball awarded the third tier prize worth $10,000 to 10 entrants that managed to match up 4 of the 6 main winning lotto numbers plus the Powerball. Better luck this weekend, all you enthusiastic Powerball players, the jackpot is due for a win soon enough!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (9/05/2014)

Superenamax is still my favourite!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (9/05/2014)

Will present a gift to my MOM!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/05/2014)

Exciting times indeed! There is so much being offered in prizes, and really big prizes too, it almost feels like Christmas! Win and enjoy your share of happiness.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/06/2014)

SUPERENAMAX is looking very lucrative now. I hope it reaches SUPERDRAW status soon.

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