Let Fate Decide Your Lucky Lotto Numbers

Depending on your own particular personality you will believe in either leaving things to chance, or in taking a firm control of your own destiny. When the universe throws a Quick Pick at you will you play it or opt to choose your own numbers in life?

Some people are superstitious while others may simply believe that everything happens for a reason, that there is no such thing as chance. Whether it’s playing those lucky numbers written on the back of the paper inside your fortune cookie, or consistently playing your families ‘birthday numbers’ we very often don’t even realise that our number choices imply some kind of trust or acknowledgement of fate.

Maybe it is simply being in the right place at the right time or maybe it is something more, something that underlies ones entire life, who knows? Fate is a mystery. One thing is clear though, we all have a destiny – the question is whether we have control over this or whether it is controlled by a higher power (or perhaps a bit of both).

Lucky Lottery Numbers

Lucky Lotto Numbers Decided For You

To randomly pick your lotto numbers you have many options:

- Try a lottery Quickpick (or Quick Play) option on the play the lottery page

- Try your lucky lotto numbers from the lottery horoscope page

- Play a lottery bundle (this will automatically play a Quickpick selection for you)

Or if you would like to leave less to chance here are some other strategies to try:

- Play your family birthday numbers (e.g. 5th February 1970 = 05 – 02 – 19 – 07 etc)

- Incorporate random numbers you encounter during the day e.g. time you wake up, telephone numbers you call etc

- Convert your name into numbers based on their position in the alphabet (e.g. John = J(10) o(15) h(8) n(14) etc)

Pay Attention To Your Lucky Numbers

Whether you are left thanking your lucky stars or simply the computer algorithm that generated a random set of numbers for you, we wish you the best of luck when hunting down your lucky lotto numbers in life!

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Posted by Rajesh.r (22/03/2012)

Only god's god's help.

Posted by Owen (18/06/2013)

For God gave us power to become wealth He also gave us power to do everything because He loves us. It is not that someone does things for us,but it is our choice that detemines for the Most High already gave it all to us, Just as He gave us his Son

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