What Car Would You Drive If You Won The Lottery - The Results

We wanted to know what cars YOU would purchase with a lottery jackpot win – and here are the results!

We had some great feedback from many of our players to our 2011 article: What Cars Do Lottery Winners Drive? The results featured some very obvious choices and some less obvious ones.

In fact there were some downright bizarre choices thrown in to the mix.

Crazy Car Rides

There were some lotto player’s choices that stood out for their uniqueness and thus definitely deserve a mention:

- The Batmobile (in white)
- A Yacht (why not check out the yacht owned by Roman Abramovich for some inspiration)
- A Bell 407 or MD530F Helicopter
- Six white horses and a carriage for the occasional High Tea with the Queen

One of our lotto players even suggested that he would join together a load of Fiat 126p’s and make a Hummer-like ‘Monster Car’ for his dog to sleep in (because he prefers to fly).

Not a lottery winners car

Fiat 126p - Not a lottery winner's car

Well, if there is one thing that can make crazy dreams like these come true, then it’s winning the lotto!

Jackpot Joyrides

On the serious side, the most popular lottery winner car brands as chosen by PlayHugeLottos.com players were as follows (in order of most popular):

1.    Audi
2.    Mercedes
3.    BMW
4.    Range Rover
5.    Porsche
6.    Lamborghini
7.    Aston Martin
8.    Ferrari
9.    Bugatti Veyron
10.    Jaguar

Wow, what a list? Whether you take home the Euromillions or the Megamillions, you can be sure to put ‘millions’ on the speedometer driving one of these beauties.

Lottery winners car

Bugatti Veyron - A Lottery Winner's Car

Other Notable ‘lottery Car’ Mentions

As you can see from the above list, Audi came in as the clear winner with the Audi R8 especially receiving many mentions as the ideal dream car.

Some other car brands that were also mentioned by our lotto players that didn't make the Top Ten list include: Bentley, Land Rover, Nissan, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Toyota, Lexus, Ford and Hummer.

Environmentally Friendly Lotto Players

Many lotto players said that they would opt for environmentally friendly options such as the Fisker Karma electric sports car, the Tesla electric car or a hybrid vehicle like the Lexus CT 200h.

Our lotto players also seemed very conscious of the terrain of their country. Many chose cars that would suit the surrounding city landscapes and terrain.  Remember, if there are no good roads near where you live, a lottery winner can simply relocate to a more ‘suitable’ location!

Riding The Lotto Dream

But it’s not simply about the cars themselves here at PlayHugeLottos.com. We appreciate the lotto lifestyle in its entirety and there were some other comments that really focus on living the dream.

These included having chauffeurs to drive them around town while they relaxed and simply enjoyed the ride. Many lotto players also stated that they would be quite happy having a car for every day of the week! Maybe that is going too far, or perhaps that is exactly what the lotto lifestyle is really all about?

If you have any comments or thoughts on our lotto players’ lottery car list why not leave a comment of your own and tell us all about it?

And for all those looking to hit the fast lane in life with their very own lottery winner’s car why not start with the upcoming Tuesday Euromillions jackpot on PlayHugeLottos.com?

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Anna Khlebnikova - who has written 371 articles

Posted by Rita (12/03/2012)

A car that is comfortable and is easy to access by my blind father.

Posted by Wayne Donovan (12/03/2012)

My number one choice is the Mercedes AMG 65 Turbo when I finally win...

Posted by Farida (12/03/2012)

I WANT TO BUY Bugatti Veyron.

Posted by Eugenia (13/03/2012)

Bmw X6

Posted by Domen (13/03/2012)

Bmw M5

Posted by Rajendra (13/03/2012)

i would like mercedes if i won the jackpot because in india it is status symbol

Posted by Lorinne W. (13/03/2012)

I'd definitely go with the Range Rover! Also, a lot depends on how much one wins. It would be crazy to buy a car that cost a million dollars if you won 10 million dollars! However, if you won 100 million dollars that would be a different story! Also, not to sound like a party-pooper, but to buy a different car for each day of the week is just plain foolish-that's the exact kind of thing that causes lotto winners to go broke! Speaking as one who intends to win very soon (take note playhugelottos staff-you read it here first!) one should have fun and enjoy life but don't go totally crazy or you'll end up on that t.v.show about lotto winners who lost it all,ended up in bigger debt and wish they'd never won! When I win (and I will) I intend to invest in real estate-where I live the real estate is PRICEY and always appreciates in value-I'll also try and live off the interest earned on the money and not touch the principal...so that's what I'll do WHEN I win!

Posted by Sunday (13/03/2012)

I like all the cars that have been mentioned and so i'm confused on what to choose... The Audi Q7 has always been my favourite while i also admire the Bentley Mulsanne alot

Posted by Marek (13/03/2012)

I cannot imagine that I would have a driver who would drive me around. Of course in the business world, if you do not have time and so yeah, it might be useful, but otherwise no, thanks. I love driving so I rather do it myself. As for the car, yeah the future is electric and the sooner we start adapting to it, the better. Of course since we still have oil I might as well enjoy a ride with and Audi or BMW :)

Posted by Vladimiro Timoteo (13/03/2012)

When I win Land Rover Tdi will be the car of my choice

Posted by Sajith (14/03/2012)

1. Audi 2. Mercedes 3. BMW 4. Range Rover 5. Porsche 6. Lamborghini 7. Aston Martin 8. Ferrari 9. Bugatti Veyron 10. Jaguar All of the about.....bugatti will be preferred...heeeehee

Posted by Michaël (14/03/2012)

Lamborghini Aventador

Posted by Mohd Sham (14/03/2012)

i would prefer Nissan R35 GTR

Posted by P. Bala (14/03/2012)

My choice is AUDI R8

Posted by Moses (14/03/2012)


Posted by Tatiana (14/03/2012)

Bugatti Veyron,this is the car of my dreams,If Im lucky enough to win in EuroMillions or Megamillions,I would buy this car.This is the car of winners!

Posted by Rajesh.r (14/03/2012)

No comment's .every man has a day.my choice BMW X6

Posted by Aiken (16/03/2012)

Aston Martin One-77 not because its expensive, but i just like it model and performance

Posted by Aiken (16/03/2012)

Toyota Yaris, because it fit in my hometown, compact size, good performance and nice model.

Posted by Collin C (21/05/2012)

Nissan GT-R R35-2013

Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

I like the Ferrari California but I want it to have a green lamborghini paint job

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