Euromillions High School Reunion

What is it like attending a High School reunion after winning a Euromillions lottery jackpot?

For many people High School was the best time of their lives. But for others High School was a trial to be endured. These are the people who graduate and never look back at their High School years. But there is one thing that can draw the old High School crowd back together again and that is the High School Reunion.

Showing Off Your Success

Decades after parting ways and leaving the halls of their educational institutions old students return for an evening of partying and catching up on the good old days. For some the motivation to attend may truly be to meet with old friends and to see how everyone is doing in life. For others of course the motivation is simply to show off their success.

Undoubtedly many have dreamed about returning to their old school halls now incredibly wealthy and successful, showing all their old classmates that they are now ‘living the dream’. For some, this dream is a reality!

Lottery Winners

Don Simpson Returns In Style

Don Simpson, legendary Hollywood producer and notorious partier (who made such classic films as Beverley Hills Cop and Top Gun), famously attended his High School Reunion in epic style! He arrived in a Helicopter with two playboy bunnies as his date.

If there is anything that lets people know that you’ve ‘made it’ then it must surely be landing a private helicopter on your old school field.

How Would You Return After A Euromillions Win?

So, if you won the Euromillions how would YOU return to your High School reunion? Would you ‘Go Big’ or ‘Stay Home’? Would you play it cool and keep a low profile, even though you could afford to buy the entire High School many, many times over?

Or would you wear your wealth on your sleeve, perhaps arriving in a lottery winner’s car, wearing an immaculately styled suit, with an entourage of personal assistants and a crate of your very own champagne (Cristal or Moet Chandon perhaps)?



Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition. The chosen winners are as follows:

Vladislav S.

Peter T.

Sylvia K.

Damian W.

Алексей Т.

Best of luck to all our players for the Euromillions €54,000,000 draw taking place tonight!

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Posted by Rekha (20/02/2012)

I will attend my high school reunion in a very happy way and enjoy there very much. It will be a very big surprise for me in my life. I will be very happy after winning euromillion jackpot and i will make my dreams to come true. But this is only a dream and it is very difficult to become true because matching all the numbers that is 5 main numbers and 2 star numbers is very difficult ,only very few lucky people can do this, who's lady luck is shinning and on whom the goddess fortuna is very happy . All the people don't have that luck. Those who have that type of luck they are very happiest people of the world and in other words i can say that they are the very favourate people of god and god like them very much. In true words i can say that they are the real sons or daughters of the god and god had made them to enjoy in this world. In my words they are the real actors or actress in the eyes of god.All the lottery winners have a very good luck and all the people don't have that luck , so i think that winning lottery is a dream only and i don't know whether i can win a lottery jackpot or not. If god likes me then it can happen that i can win some lottery jackpot. If i can win lottery jackpot then i will very much thankful of god, that god likes me and made my dream to come true.

Posted by Surendranath (20/02/2012)

Good to see that Don Simpson shared my thoughts :)

Posted by Gergely (20/02/2012)

I'm going to buy a helicopter and then simply park it on the football field of the school.

Posted by Toader (20/02/2012)

It is a figure of speech and certainly do not know what to do but that in itself to achieve and be happy of such a jackpot is more than its value any kind of great. Certainly I will not try to imitate, I will try to help those with problems and less fortunate.

Posted by Vladislav (20/02/2012)

I'm gonna land in a jet, walk out with 10 supermodels, covered in jewelry and fur coats. Then I'll say hi to everyone and brag about my succes, really rub their noses in it. Then I'll take the stage and tell everyone about my rich lifestyle and that their lifes SUCK. And at the end of my speech money will fall from the sky as I exit, and everyone will be crawling and fighting to get as much cash as they can. And I'll laugh at how pathetic they are and about the fact that I'm richer than all of them combined and multiplied by a 100. :D:D:D:D:D It's good to be rich!!!

Posted by Debashish D (21/02/2012)

If ever I win a jackpot, and after that I have to attend my high school re-union. I would definitely go their in an ordinary way. As a matter of fact, instead of showing off my wealth, I would like to know the life of my buddies. And if I find that some of my buddies are facing some kind of financial problems in their lives, I would like to utilize a part of my wealth, to see them happy. I believe "A friend in need is a friend indeed"

Posted by -3_JIV (21/02/2012)

if i win,as all my mates are all over the world(swiss,canada,norway,france,uk,italy,etc.)so,i decided the party will be in "ZANZIBAR".a common place with nice & sunny beaches,where everyone can enjoy the place & food(especially prawns).i will paid for each & everone & his/her's family air ticker with 1st class travelling plus 5star luxary accomadation.when each one arrive will be receive by a luxary gift according to their wishes(which will be idenified by my private agents)then i do not say any more,as the party will go on until the mates feel home sick.

Posted by Danica (21/02/2012)

I would like to invite all women of the middle of my private party.

Posted by Alian (21/02/2012)

If god wants it to happen that i can win some lottery jackpot. then it will happen thankful to god, that god likes me and made my dream to come true.

Posted by P_DPXl (21/02/2012)

If I were to win the Euromillions jackpot and then go back to my hometown for the high school reunion, I would go all out!!! I would have a whole procession following me as if i were the president of the country.I will drive up in my black limosine and infront of me will be bodyguards in the black suits and their black Cadillac Escalades. everyone will know that I am in town and that I have won the euromillions. a red carpet will be rolled out as I get out of the limo. Diamomnds (Bling BLINg) everywhere!!!!

Posted by Oh (22/02/2012)

Await high possibilities lost contact girls surprise "Gather Ring" call, asking me where I live and telling me maybe a helicopter will come to shuttle me going somewhere celebrate High School Reunion.

Posted by Ygr+z (22/02/2012)

I will completely take over the organisation of the event. I will book out an exclusive club. We will have drinks and snacks in the foyer first, served by only the most beautiful women. I will arrive in a Lamborghini Aventador finished in a stand out colour like Arancio Argos dressed in an expensive designer suit, specifically tailored for me by Gucci or Prada. We will then enjoy an evening of Moet and Chandon and Dalmore whisky. I will fly out David Guetta to DJ for the event. At the end of the night I will give everyone a gift, something like a family holiday. The party will make people like Jay-Z jealous! It will be the type of party they sing about in songs!

Posted by Lai (22/02/2012)

will search / find my old friends in high school thats now not much success or jobless and or have difficulties in financial, i will help them got the new job, or offering them have me and or join my business and or help give shcolarship for their children for goes to good school

Posted by LXbeo (22/02/2012)

I will arrive with the full Monty to show one and all what can be achieved if you play euromillions and what they have missed ouit on.

Posted by Per (22/02/2012)

If I won the lottery I would have spotlights to the sky were I would basejump from a high building to the ground with Fireworks. I would buy expensive champagne too everyone. Maybe a lottery with Ferraries.

Posted by Per (22/02/2012)

If I won the lottery I would have spotlights to the sky were I would basejump from a high building to the ground with Fireworks. I would buy expensive champagne too everyone. Maybe a lottery with Ferraries.

Posted by Victor Manuel (22/02/2012)

I would first impress everybody by sending them an ancient Roman invitation to a gladiator match, giving them all of the info in both Latin and English with the date and time of the party in Roman numerals. This will set the mood of my impressive party. I would arrive with Roman dressed hostesses serving olives, cheeses, wines and grapes, a buffet with Italian olives next to a dish or two of high-quality olive oil and Italian bread for dipping, cheeses and grapes, plenty of Italian wine. The best Crystal champaigne will be opened for all guests to enjoy with pure crystal glasses. My entourage would bring fake columns up against the entrance to the venue, to give the guests the royal Roman treatmens and toga's dresses for everybody to wear while I hand each of them gold jewellery and a $2,000 holiday voucher.

Posted by Samantha (22/02/2012)

I would like to arrive at my High School Reunion after having Won the Euro Million's Jackpot .. as my Normal Self ...Enjoy catching up with old school mate's .. that I haven't seen for years and years ... hearing and talking about there lives and experiences ... treat them as equal to myself and just enjoy the night and their company ... and Maybe get together after the event and get to know each other again .... And Just enjoy Life and be Happy

Posted by Udit (22/02/2012)

I will go to my high reunion in my new ferrari and party with my friends. I will enjoy my whole life after winning the euromillion jackpot.

Posted by Violeta (22/02/2012)

jackpot win is a dream of every player, every touched this adrenaline. This is also my dream and I know that someday i will accomplish it. And how I would imagine that it will celebrate it with my classmates..i will buy any costumes for the masked ball and realize my dream to come to take me a chariot with four white horses. Will become a night in Cinderella story ,with so many stars in the sky,so many love in the air,so many friendly faces with only one difference that my magic fairy will help me win Euromillion

Posted by Mayengbam (22/02/2012)

I will attend my School Reunion as I am now even after winning the Euromillions. There will be no change in me except that I have now a lot of disposable cash. But as I am inclined towards improving the overall Lifestyle and help people in my place, I shall find out among my friends who are of the same mindset. And I will start a self contained Township unique in the world.

Posted by Mayengbam (22/02/2012)

I will attend my School Reunion as I am now even after winning the Euromillions. There will be no change in me except that I have now a lot of disposable cash. But as I am inclined towards improving the overall Lifestyle and help people in my place, I shall find out among my friends who are of the same mindset. And I will start a self contained Township unique in the world.

Posted by Rakesh (22/02/2012)

Euromillion jackpot win is a super magic surprise and if i win it then i will return to my high school reunion in a very different way.I will go to my high school reunion in my private jet. I will take all of my friends to world tour and we all will party in switzerland that is the most beautiful place on the earth.

Posted by Lim (22/02/2012)

im gradute in 1994 and this march 2012 its reunion in my high school , im not have good succes and looks like job busy will makes me cant go to thats reunion, hope some of miracle will bring me can go there and help as much as friends i can help,because hear half of them still un succes, well so far im must help my self first with the real condition now doing my job an wait miracle

Posted by Danica (22/02/2012)

I'll go with classmates in Dubai and will fly around the world ...

Posted by Rajesh.r (22/02/2012)


Posted by Volodymyr (22/02/2012)

could organize 2 days for 30 people at resort place. never been with them in such company and place in one time

Posted by Ashleigh (22/02/2012)

Prior to the reunion I would ensure that I looked my youngest and best. Arrive with escorts of old and expensive cars, for an amazing entrance. I wouldn't brag about the fact that I made it but they sure will know

Posted by Anthony (22/02/2012)

If i went to a school reunion and won the lottery i would go in a helicopter and as Im going to land and all the people was standing outside, i would throw loads of money out for them to have, don't no Wat else to say.

Posted by Samson (23/02/2012)

As a Euromillion winner, my school rejoin will be as follows. In preparation I would make the school repainted and resplendant. The lawns and surroundings clean and shining. I would make an school annex as a contribution form the students. Inside the annex a wide screen TV will be installed . This screen will show the group photo taken on the last day of the school life. School reunion is for the successful ones in life ( whether born with a silver spoon, from hard work or through lottery win ). Those who are not that successful may not attend the function. It is apt then to shoe your success in life to your school mates who may have become Doctors, Engineers, Scientist, Business Magnates etc. To make my arrival a much takled about event for the future, I will be accompanied by the following celebrities, Mr. Sachin from the cricket world, Mr.Messe from the football world, Mr. Tiger Woods from the golf world and Mr. Usain Bolt form the athletic world plus a group of cheer girls. A big celebration cake which would go into the Guinness record would be cut. A selected TV channel will reocrd the celebration to air it live for those who could not attend can watch. The recorded thwn will be put on you tube. As a parting gift I would invite my froind for a week long cruise on mu luxury yacht ' EuroMllion>

Posted by PTsKfKK (23/02/2012)

A High School reunion as a Super Wealthy Euromillions millionaire. I would do the whole understated bling look. Not too in your face. (One can get away with wearing a pair of faded jeans, simple T-shirt, designer shoes and whole bunch of little diamonds adorning ears, neck, wrist and fingers.) I don't want a bunch of people who I sat in class with all those years ago and have never spoken to since to know how much money I have. I keep that for family and close friends.

Posted by Oh (23/02/2012)

Sandwiched inside a "Limousine" with models cheers like picture PlayUKinternet foresee above.

Posted by Oh (23/02/2012)

Low key but High sounding words

Posted by ETpHUZlqcYV (23/02/2012)

I expect my former high school colleagues generally to be out of shape,and looking their ages.I would go to the reunion,after having expensive cosmetic surgery looking many years younger than my age and will be envied.I will enjoy the finest things in life and share some of my new found wealth.

Posted by Sophie (23/02/2012)

Good years were. I have a lot of nice people there. Although there is less nice person. :) After I won the jackpot, I would buy a summer house in Spain and I would organize the High School reunion. I'm going to invite them and pay the way as well. I’m going to get them on the airport with Mercedes Maybach as much as we need like in the Sex and The City. :) In the beach feels so good to us, bring back what happened in high school, good fun. I would buy a few bottles Crystal champagne. Who I liked could stay a week. :D I would be generous, everyone can be a wish that I complete. :D

Posted by Udit (23/02/2012)

Euromillion jackpot win is a great surprise for me and i will leave my job and sit free to enjoy my rest of life.

Posted by AzhHbl (23/02/2012)

I would get there in a helicopter flown by myself as I would get my licence to fly first. make sure that all the people that told me i was never going to be successful would be front and centre to prove to them that I did make contrary to popular belief. once the party is finished, I would find my dearest friends from that time and take them for a ride in the helicopter to a fabulous holiday that they will never forget.

Posted by Udit (23/02/2012)

Attending high school reunion after winning euromillion jackpot is mt dream i will attend my high school reunion in a very different way and party with my friends with champhane.

Posted by Chachawal (23/02/2012)

I will donate for my country. Because water flood and specify " I can big donate because Euromillions " "Thank you very much Euromillions and".

Posted by Udit (23/02/2012)

I will meet to all the teachers and students and give them a big party.

Posted by Danica (23/02/2012)

I know a lot of nice middle of the Bab skoul but mainly so that I block the Patricia D. because I'm in love with her and that I was the richest in the world.

Posted by Norbert (23/02/2012)

I will invite everyone to come to the school. I arrive in a Hammer limousine. (Elegant, expensive suits.) Then I would ask them to sit in the limo, I call another one to fit in. Then with the two limousine drive around the city and party everywhere. We drink expensive drinks, qualitative champagne, old whiskey, cognac, what you want. We feel good ourselves with old classmates. Everybody receive what they deserve all the best.

Posted by Ilya (24/02/2012)

I would just make an Unforgetable Tour to my private island (or something not worse this) for my classmates, have invited them to it via some media, probably TV, lol, and not spending time to find each of them separately ;-)

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