7 Times Lotto Winner Shares His Winning Tips

A seven time lottery winner is offering up some very useful lottery winning tips on how to win the lottery. 

Richard Lustig’s roof was leaking, his medical bills were piling up after the birth of his first son and he wished he could just win the jackpot. At the time he was like most of us, living from one paycheck to another.
In 1992 Richard won $10,000 for the very first time. Since his initial win he has won the lottery an incredible six times, amassing over $1 million.  It wasn’t until he’s fourth win that you realised a winning method.
Family and friends kept telling him that he was so lucky but how could he be constantly winning like this albeit not the jackpot, but so consistently? There had to more to it.

When he won for the fifth time, people started such things like, “Ok, wait a minute here. Nobody can be that lucky. What’s your secret?  It’s this fifth win that got everyone’s attention with a whopping $842,000 prize.
Richard was encouraged by one of his children to put his tips into a book so that others could also have a crack at winning the lottery and making their dreams come true.

Richard’s Winning Tips:

Choose wisely

Don't play with greed, play smart. Take up special offers and choose your jackpots wisely.

Research and see if your numbers have won before

Double check the results and make sure the same set of numbers have never come up in the past. (By clicking on Results and Winning numbers you will be able to download past winning numbers)

Buy as many tickets as you can afford

The more you buy – the better your odds are of winning a prize.

Although Richards tips worked for him, we all have our very own strategies, whether it’s our favourite numbers, lucky days or simply a feeling in our bones.

Let us know how you select your numbers and earn LottoPoints at the same time!

Wishing all you enthusiastic lottery players the best of luck in your favourite online lotteries!  Here’s hoping you will be our next jackpot winner!


Posted by Ying Kwong (8/04/2014)

Yeah, play smart and enjoy fruitfully :)

Posted by Balasubramaniam (8/04/2014)

Lucky man Richard Lustig !! I would be lotto winner in Oneday !!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (9/04/2014)

Every person has his or her own way of chalking out luck. We all cannot subcribe to this 'small' winner's theory or tips on how to get lucky. We all have a certain time to shine and thus cannot expedite the process by some paltry scheme.

Posted by Ponnu (13/04/2014)

Hi Mr Richard you are a very LUCKY MAN. I'm 63 year old and I'm playing for past one year. Give me some more tips. Thanks.

Posted by Harshall (28/04/2014)

Very lucky man!! Thanks for the tips, will certainly use them!!

Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

I would rather win once, a Big Jackpot, that's all... not 7 times...

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