April Fools Day – Comments Competition

The day has arrived! Today millions of us will no doubt be victims to someone’s light-hearted prank or two. Whether we will be sent on a ‘fool’s errand’ looking for things that don’t exist; playing pranks on each other or believing something completely ridiculous, we will definitely be laughing.

But if you think that April fool’s pranks are only between you and your friends then think again, as companies around the world have had their share of the fun too.  In fact, it seems as though they are the most mischievous pranksters of them all, getting the public going with fake announcements and phony promotions.

Baseball player trained in Tibet
The Sports Illustrated Magazine published a story on the 1st of April, 1985 about a supposed new baseball player who had a spectacular ability to throw the ball.  They went as far to convince the public that he developed his incredible skill during his stay in a monastery in Tibet.

Planting Spaghetti
In 1957, the London BBC aired a program on a family who were successfully farming spaghetti plantations. The report showed farmers working in these alleged plantations.  Due to the fact that spaghetti was not well known in the UK back in 1957, many people did in fact fall for the prank causing an influx of letters to the BBC from people interested in starting their own planting spaghetti.  Decades later, CNN called the broadcast as “the biggest hoax that any reputable news establishment ever pulled.”

Special Sandwich
On April 1, 1998, the fast food chain Burger King announced the launch of a brand new sandwich in which the spices were changed for left-handers. There were people who went to Burger King to try the sandwich for left-handed individuals in order to verify the difference in flavour.

If there’s one company that loves to get in on the pranks then its Google.  Back in 2007, the Google team announced on April the 1st, that they were launching a wireless broadband service that would run through the sewers. Aptly named, TiSP - short for Toilet Internet Service Provider and that it would be offered free of charge to the consumer. To use the service all you had to do was flush fibre-optic cable down the john and connect the end to a specially provided router.

Thankfully there’ll be no fooling around when you tackle any of our outstanding worldwide lotteries.

In fact, it would be foolish not go for the awesome SuperEnaMax €127,000,000 jackpot tonight!

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For those of you who want to increase your odds by winning a FREE EUROJACKPOT VOUCHER, tell us how you got pranked on April  Fools Day or how you pranked someone else. Oh! and if you have never been pranked – then we suggest taking this opportunity and go prank someone right now! But remember the rules, keep it safe and make sure it's funny.

The 5  best comments in our opinion will win. Comments made on our Facebook page will also count. This competition will close on April the 3rd. Why the day after? Well, just in case you get pranked later in the day of course! 


Thank you to everyone for the hilarious April Fools Day comments.  The winners are:  Елеонора, Novelkeesore, Kabo,  Samson and Valerie.




Posted by 2vXmPTH0l (1/04/2014)

Back in High School the senior rugby team would organise an annual Players auction where the ladies at school (female teachers included) could bid for any player they fancied and spend a day with the player they've bid for at the movies,dinner etc. One of our team-mates who was rather arrogant had made fun of a girl at school who was not too attractive.The day of the auction (which luckily for us and unfortunately for the guy mentioned earlier)was on April Fools day. I asked a beautiful Cuban classmate to bid for the arrogant guy at the auction and handed her R500, while at the same time I told her she would be replaced at the movie and dinner. with the less attractive lady who had been made fun of. The team-mate could not believe his luck when he was purchased by the Cuban girl as all the players had hoped they'd be purchased by her. He bragged the whole day while I told my team-mates about the prank. He prepared for his big night and headed off to the restaurant where we were all dining that night with our dates. As he sat grinning the less attractive girl entered and sat next to him and told him about the prank while we laughed out loudly at him looking shocked!!

Posted by Todor (1/04/2014)

"I've told my grandma ..that i have won the lottery's Jackpot ... She nearly get a heart attack :)) :D " Actually i think that Life without fun is only existence)) Good luck All

Posted by Debashish D (1/04/2014)

I got tricked and later used it on my best friend in office with the keyboard prank, were in we can replace the alphabets on our keyboard with other alphabets...even though we all use keyboards daily...but still if some alphabets are replaced, it's very hard to notice them....and a lot of fun for others who are watching the person drafting an hysterical letter or an email...

Posted by Johnny (1/04/2014)

I told my Wife to prepare me a "Pan Cake with Cheese" on my breakfast tomorrow morning. When I wake late in the morning,and I set in the dinning table,I can't find my Pan Cake, so I called her..where is my Pan Cake and she answere me..it's there in the table cover with Grease 'coz there's many cockroots around..oohcts.

Posted by Sreenivas (1/04/2014)

Last year I was staying with five of my friends in a house. late night (12:30 AM) four of us changed the time in all the clocks to 5:30 AM and started getting ready for the office. We woke up the fifth one saying that he would be late to office. Seeing all of us ready he jumped out of his bed and rushed to the wash room. When he returned back we again changed the time to and were sleeping. Later when he got to know that it was a prank, even he too enjoyed.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (1/04/2014)

Today morning my six year old son showed me something in the back of my shirt. I shocked & removed shirt quickely.But nothing is there.He pranked me today!!

Posted by Ying Kwong (1/04/2014)

2 years ago my wife told me that I had won the 1st prize lottery in the region of US$5M, but unfortunately it was a prank, one that I swear I'll make it come true ;)

Posted by Sharat (1/04/2014)

I remember the incidence when I was in my teenage years, that the RJ of the local FM radio was doing the park “April Fools” by announcing about the free musical concert, supposedly happening on the 1st April, 2001, with the presence of some well known personalities from the film industry. Many people, both old and young, went to the expected venue for the evening gala time with high expectation, including myself. In our naivete, I and my friends went ahead of the “scheduled time” so that we could get the front row, anticipating much bigger crowd later. But when we reached there, the streets were poorly lit and many people, like us, were stranded and puzzled by the whole affair, not knowing who started the trouble. That was when all the hell break loose. The local rowdies along with some drunkards form the mob to storm the FM station, which was unfortunately located few stone-throw from the area. Seeing the brewing anarchy, we quickly left home and the rest was the history. We learnt later that the FM channel quickly apologized about the “April Fool” prank with much bad taste, though they did it for lighthearted entertainment.

Posted by Sukanta (1/04/2014)

last year i pranked all my friends on 1st april saying i am going to engaged on that day.so all my friends coming to my home with gifts to celebrate where none of our family members including me are present.In my home i left only notes and alrams to let them know april fool to u all n the next i have to pay them all by giving a sexy party.

Posted by Vladimir (1/04/2014)

Catch people that is 1.4.2014 and that I won the big jackpot in lottery Eurojackpot.

Posted by Елеонора (1/04/2014)

Lacquered night my husband with bright red polish. :) And in the morning did not let easy reach nail polish remover. Ha ha ha, well received by meant astonished his ravaged face. :)

Posted by Sukanta (2/04/2014)

last year me and my friends were going for a dinner party in 7p.m. where there was police checking was done we had all the neceseccary documents.But the police personell told us that we have to come to the police station because someone lodged complain of fake vehicle regd no,fake documents and at that time we got scared they escort us to police station.when we reached we saw one my friend made a prank to us and all policemen who are with us are just drama actors .they pranked us with the help of a relative who is incharge of that police station.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/04/2014)

we live in a coastal town and few years ago i decided to use this to my advantage in a playing an 'april fools joke'. i text all my friends at dawn that morning saying that we have a tsunami warning and that we have to move up inland. i said there is a news broadcast on tv cautioning all coastal residents. in a state of panic all my friends began packing up(i mean food items;clothing..the works) and hurry out of their houses. all of them called me to confirm it. two hours or so later, they realized that it was a prank. to say that i was unpopular with my friends for few days after that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! they were really mad with me.

Posted by Novelkeesore (2/04/2014)

As i eneter the open office, all my colleuges were raising the thumbs and said well done man. We got 5 nos in the loto associations which we played every week. I said how is that possible i checked the tickets (original). We won only 3 nos. They said no, checked well and showed me a copy on whcih they have circled 5 nos. I sat down and became worried because i checked and throwned all the all the other tickets. They told me that we should use half of it to play a quick pick and share the other half. After 20mmins i decided to re check the nos in the internet and find that i was being fooled.

Posted by Samson (2/04/2014)

I was in deep sleep when my mobile rang and woke me up. It was my friend informing me my computer shop was on fire and go fast. I looked at the clock and it was 6AM . I called my brother up and asked him to call the fire force and give them directions. I drove very fast to my shop . As I reached the fire force vehicles also arrived with siren. I found no fire and no crowds. I called my friend and he replied today is 1st April and I have been made a fool. I told the fire force somebody gave wrong information and asked to be excused.

Posted by Kabo (2/04/2014)

A notice on the office printer that said it was 'now voice activated' got really good. I shouted at the printer with no response .

Posted by QXE (2/04/2014)

Some fourteen or so years ago I was working for a Major Bank and in charge of Government Business Relationship and Accounts. On one April Fool's day I let word slip that I managed to arrange that traffic fines up to an equivalent of $100.00 for my colleagues to be written off. I was the most popular chap in the office that day until the word spread too far than I had envisaged. You should have seen the disappointment and disgust in my colleagues and subordinates' faces when I reminded everyone that it was April Fool's day. I must say I never did play a practical joke at work ever again.

Posted by Bq29l9L (2/04/2014)

A few friends and I pranked a friend, we took his car keys from his desk and moved his car. We moved his car from the 1st floor parking and parked it on the 2nd floor parking, then placed his car keys back where it was. When he came out later that day, he got the shock of his life. He thought his car had got stolen. He almost broke down in tears. We had to quickly tell him about the prank before he called the police and reported it stolen. I also pranked another friend, I place a note on her windscreen apologizing for an accident that never happened. She was under the impression that someone had knocked into her car and left. She walked around her car for 10 minutes looking for a dent that was not there.

Posted by Dorota (22/04/2014)

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