New Euromillions Jackpot Cap

Our favourite lottery, Euromillions, is making a change as to how they cap their top jackpots! Find out more about the new Euromillions jackpot capping procedure on

Euromillions is no stranger to change with at least two major Euromillions changes having taken place last year in May: the addition of a Euromillions Tuesday draw (bringing the total number of Euromillions draws per week to two) and the addition of two extra star numbers. Overall the odds of winning a prize improved from 1 in 24 to 1 in 13.

This month the Euromillions Lottery will be making a change to the way in which the jackpot cap works. For those lottery players that don’t know, the jackpot ‘cap’ is the level at which a lottery jackpot stops growing, irrespective of any further rollovers taking place.


So what is the deal with the new Euromillions Jackpot Cap?

•    On Friday 17 February the EuroMillions jackpot cap will be set at a permanent €190 million Euro

•    The new Jackpot rule will stop any two consecutive draws offering that maximum €190 million jackpot

So, if no lottery players are able to match all 7 lucky Euromillions numbers two weeks in a row, the Euromillions jackpot prize fund will be rolled down to the next highest prize tier, provided of course that there are winners in that tier, otherwise it will roll down further

Here is an example of how the new Euromillions Jackpot cap will work:

•    The Euromillions jackpot reaches €190 million after a number of jackpot rollovers

•    This capped Euromillions draw then rolls over again

•    The jackpot for the next draw will remain at €190 million Euros

•    This 2nd capped Euromillions draw is still not won the jackpot fund will be shared by lottery players at the next winning tier - more than likely the 2nd tier where the players have matched 5 balls + 1 star number tier

There you have it folks, the new Euromillions Jackpot cap which will be coming into effect shortly. We wish you all the best of luck when you play Euromillions – and here’s to you taking home all €190 million Euros!

Tell us what the FIRST thing is that you would buy if you won the maximum Euromillions jackpot of €190 million Euros. The best responses will each win 5 FREE Euromillions vouchers.

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This competition is now closed. Thank you for all who entered. The winners selected are as follows:

Les C.

Sean J.

Roelof V.

Ryszard P.

You have all had 5 Euromillions vouchers added to your account. Good luck for tonights €15,000,000 Euromillions draw!

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Posted by -3_JIV (6/02/2012)

calculate the 190millions euros into my currency,i will have 1.9 billion,so i will by my town,settle all the debt which the town owes,then they pay back the loan in a flexiable way.then not only my life set with the regular income,even my future generation no need to worry about the income.of course all are in legally black & white!

Posted by Angela (6/02/2012)


Posted by Piyush (6/02/2012)

I will launch my own lottery to and its name shivball lottery from india.......

Posted by S+Md (6/02/2012)

I'll buy the services of a top investment manager !!

Posted by C1Vim7 (6/02/2012)

I would invest in a large advertisement campaign for , explaining to people how it changed my life and that they should give it a shot.

Posted by Vladislav (6/02/2012)

The first thing I'm gonna do is give away 10% of the money and moake 19 people millionaires.

Posted by Gergely (6/02/2012)

A bottle of Jack Daniel's!

Posted by Lim (6/02/2012)

have a 11 hectares land in the hills near my place, the view its 270 degree, you can see the city with 2 million people below and after the city its the sea, absoluty looks like hongkong in the past , im so like see thats hills , USD30 million the price , put its some USD20million for the mansion and or palace, will enjoy the life until die, but so selfish, better im build mall same like the peak in hk, so million people will enjoyed the view & the beauty of nature forever

Posted by Rajendra (6/02/2012)

i would go for world tour for a whole year and than i will plan the future of my family

Posted by Meta (6/02/2012)

I came back from a holiday in Curacao yesterday... it is absolutely beautiful there. If I'd win, I'd buy a house there!

Posted by Oh (6/02/2012)

I felt that luxurious life for a winner was not necessary, but an vast changes in life's is possible. The first thing in very first time could only be able to buy is "Hope after Opportunities" for myself, which I believed winning did not mean I could retire on my years and so I success figures out investing in majors comodities future is highly profitable investment at current economic trend, so I think I would follow the trend for the current economic.

Posted by Julian (6/02/2012)


Posted by Rajesh.r (6/02/2012)


Posted by Aiken (6/02/2012)

make library and internet access on many remote village in my country, because there is too few library with very lack of books and another source of information. so i wanna make one that could bring joy of knowledge, that someday could change their life for good, to be better, to be great. and show them there is something in this world that call HOPE. like HOPE that PlayUKinternet deliver to me and change mylife...

Posted by RUq+RO (6/02/2012)

A proper wedding ring for the love of my life.

Posted by 1BoIi7SEFU (7/02/2012)

I will immediately give 10% to a charity which feeds those that are hungry. I will then pay off mine & my children's debts & lastly create a trust fund to open a business to create employment.

Posted by F+DVYoF (7/02/2012)

A brand new car for my mom

Posted by N5O5 (7/02/2012)

I would buy my own small island and start my own country with a flag and everything! Population: 2 (me and a hot babe). My national anthem would be:"For those about to rock we salute you" by ACDC. That would be sweet...

Posted by Fouad Sami (7/02/2012)

I Will pay for the education of my own children and for my family & relatives & than far relatives and than friends who cannot afford to educate their kids and secure all my family financially. Give education to all so they can take care of their futures.

Posted by Sreenivas (7/02/2012)

First I will thank to playuklottery,then playeuromillions, & of course GOD is always great for my success, & i will spread the word about my success through all medias to this world, & now i will come to First thing to do if i won the maximum Euromillions jackpot of €190 million Euros.In that i will keep 10% to help who need help, & next to all my family members to keep happy, & for me & to my family Big House, Big car etc.,

Posted by 75Ev (7/02/2012)

The FIRST and MOST important thing is to buy myself a house, then buy my sister a house too for her to stay in with her 5 children..Then take my niece and nephew back to finish school...Then get the best financial advisors on the market to deal with me and my fortune..Erect a tombstone for my mother and my ancestors...

Posted by Cristian (7/02/2012)

buna,as face o fabrica pentru a da de munca unor oameni care lupta cu criza mondiala si europeana,pentru a ajuta pe ceilalti in aceasta lume nebuna cu politica,bani si criza

Posted by Douglas (7/02/2012)

Buy my parents a house,then buy my self a villa and a lamborgini,give some to charity.Lastlty make sure my brothers and sisters get something.

Posted by Peter (7/02/2012)

The first thing I would buy, will be a brand new car. So me and my little family won't be stuck in our little town, where we have to check the public traffic when we have shop in to our refrigerator.

Posted by Jasbir Singh (7/02/2012)

will let you know when i come to collect it.god bless

Posted by CzOee (7/02/2012)

I will buy myself a yacht and just cruise around the world.

Posted by CzOee (7/02/2012)

I will buy myself a yacht, travel around the world for a year and decide what I really want to do with the money.

Posted by BWcZ6RWGlrF (7/02/2012)

The very first thing will be to go and visit my Dearest Mum, who I haven't been able to see for the last 6 years.

Posted by Vladimir (7/02/2012)

I would invest all under 100 mio eur for hospital equimnent in my country, setting up childhood, disability pension, scholarship-holder, talent students, friends, relationship. 1 million to play all lottery.10 millions for new house, and traveling over the world. The other I would invest in good firm and help good firm. Vlado

Posted by Vladimir (7/02/2012)

I would invest all under 100 mio eur for hospital equimnent in my country, setting up childhood, disability pension, scholarship-holder, talent students, friends, relationship. 1 million to play all lottery.10 millions for new house, and traveling over the world. The other I would invest in good firm and help good firm. Vlado

Posted by Usha (7/02/2012)

First thing is that I want to generate some employment for educated unemployed & next i have to help people who is need help for education, & for adult uneducated make them educated,& i have to make them self employed with my support.I also help all my family members.

Posted by Lye Choon (7/02/2012)

I would recreate the scenarios that were memorable and that have passed years ago. Even though they may not be perfect without my loved ones, they do provide good consolation with memories relived again.

Posted by Antonio (7/02/2012)

First I will buy a plot of land, then build a nice house for my family (2 sons). Next I will clear the school fees for my boys (@ least for the next 5-years). Later I will buy a nice family car and finally I will take my family on a well-deserved holiday to Disneyland.

Posted by Nayan (7/02/2012)

may be set up a big medical institute which can work towards finding the cure of as-of-now incurable diseases like cancer, aids, etc which has the best scholars in the medical field who works selflessly as honorary members... if i can manage to win 190 millions euros then it wont be a problem to find some real selfless individuals who wants to contribute back to the society........... wish me luck on both counts if you can

Posted by David (7/02/2012)

I will buy stakes in one of formula one teams should an opportunity arise, and share the balance with the underpriviledged.

Posted by Sunday (7/02/2012)

When i win the Jackpot i will first thank the creator for the blessings, thank and compensate staff, my family and friends, Charity organisations around the world and other needy persons and then i will embark on human capital development for the sustenance of humanity and peaceful co-existence...

Posted by Sophie (7/02/2012)

This is a difficult question, but I will try to answer. Novel could be written about it. I do not know where to start suddenly. because there are a lot of important things. A lot thing on my mind. First, pay of any debt, bill, it would be fantastic. Then I would buy a own house, a sports car, and tickets to the Champions League final. It would be LEGENDARY to be there in the Champions League final. So it is difficult to emphasize one thing, that what at first, it is very difficult. BUT I'd buy a good quality of a Dom Perignon champagne and celebrate. :) I drink myself drunk. :) and the next day would start a new world, Amen, good luck to Everyone.

Posted by Satyadeo (7/02/2012)

The first thing I would buy is my freedom then give till it hurts.

Posted by Lai (8/02/2012)

will invested wise for this life in the real world and also invested wise for next life after die for make sure can got life in heaven

Posted by Samson (8/02/2012)

I would buy Buckingham palace if it is for sale for 190 Million.

Posted by Pankaj Kumar (8/02/2012)

Oh God! I will love to go for world tour and i will make a place for the people who are not physically well and will prepare a trust for them to take care of there daily needs and requirements Will Love to invest and earn more , Will choose investment options , Will buy a house which will be having all facilities in it Will meet Celebrities whom i appreciate and will attend all cultural fuctions and events all over the world This is not the end its more more and more to go if I wins

Posted by Andreas (8/02/2012)

If I won, I would travel to all countries in the whole world and gain experience and live life. I would also get a tatto from all the places I travel.

Posted by Svein-christian (8/02/2012)

If i won 1.prise i would immedeatly spend 95% on beer,the leftower 5% i would just waste.

Posted by Krishnan (9/02/2012)

The other day when I along with my wife went to DLF Emporia Mall in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, we saw in a showroom a beautiful lady's coat which both of us liked immensely. We went to the sales girl to enquire about the price. It was Indian Rupees 275,000, a cool 5500 US dollars. It was made from special Tibetan Lamb's wool. Imagine How nice it would be to own a whole mall like that if I were to win a $ 190 million in the Euromillion Lottery. Sometimes dreams come true!

Posted by 1YUVRDo7TYj (9/02/2012)

i will give at least 40% to AIDS Orphanages

Posted by 5jtamj (9/02/2012)

A tranquilliser... a STRONG one

Posted by Sven Harald (9/02/2012)

When one wins that money think of your old friends...the ones that stood by you in time of need DO NOT MAKE NEW ONES!! You will never know if they like you for you or you for the money ! I will provide to the special ones in my life !

Posted by PTsKfKK (9/02/2012)

I would buy a case of the most expensive champagne I can get to celebrate with my family. A bottle of anti depressents for my boss when i tell him that I am resigning. LOL

Posted by LqC5IJ (9/02/2012)

I would buy gold champagne to celebrate with my family and settle all my families debts.

Posted by Udit (9/02/2012)

If i won the euromillion jackpot then i would go to the world tour and see the whole world and enjoy a lot.

Posted by Rakesh (9/02/2012)

I will help those people who really need money to live and to live a good life. After that i will make all my wishes to become true.That's all i will do after winning euromillion jackpot.

Posted by Rekha (9/02/2012)

It will be a very big surprise for me in my life. I will be very happy after winning euromillion jackpot and i will make my dreams to come true. But this is only a dream and it is very difficult to become true because matching all the numbers that is 5 main numbers and 2 star numbers is very difficult ,only very few lucky people can do this, who's lady luck is shinning and on whom the goddess fortuna is very happy . All the people don't have that luck. Those who have that type of luck they are very happiest people of the world and in other words i can say that they are the very favourate people of god and god like them very much. In true words i can say that they are the real sons or daughters of the god and god had made them to enjoy in this world. In my words they are the real actors or actress in the eyes of god.All the lottery winners have a very good luck and all the people don't have that luck , so i think that winning lottery is a dream only and i don't know whether i can win a lottery jackpot or not. If god likes me then it can happen that i can win some lottery jackpot. If i can win lottery jackpot then i will very much thankful of god, that god likes me and made my dream to come true.

Posted by Ygr+z (9/02/2012)

The first thing I would buy if I won that amount of money would be a doctors consult so that they could help me get rid of the GIGANTIC smile on my face before i stretch a muscle. Possibly a few calming tablets as well so that i dont stretch other muscles as well

Posted by Ilya (10/02/2012)

I know one website which is currently on sale, I and a lot of users are interested in its work and we all would be happy to see it is online again although it is offline for a long time It is a great one (almost like site) because it let us to make money on the web different ways so firstly I would buy it.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (10/02/2012)

First thing I will buy is the services of Good financial consultant.Good luck.

Posted by ETpHUZlqcYV (10/02/2012)

I will use the money wisely,become a philanthropist,help some of those in need,animal organisations,donate to institutions researching incurable diseases.I will live life to the fullest, in luxury, in a beautiful house,drive expensive cars,travel the world etc.

Posted by Tor Egil (11/02/2012)

I will share the millions with the street children.

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