The Luck Of The Draw This St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St.Patrick’s Day!  What better day to celebrate the Luck of the Irish than a day before the colossal $400,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot taking place tomorrow night!

We all know that green is the colour of money and every year on the 17th March, people all around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If you however, are not too familiar with the holiday, we have put together a little information for you.

A History Of St. Patrick’s Day

Originally St. Patricks Day was a highly religious occasion. St. Patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland and is credited with bringing the Christian faith to Ireland in the 4th Century AD.  While people still quietly celebrate this day religiously, St. Patrick's Day slowly evolved to become a celebration of Irish heritage, along with legendary shamrocks, many symbols were included in festivities that are reflective of Ireland's folklore, culture, and national identity.

Luck Of The Irish

If you would like to join in the celebrations you will need to get hold of the following accessories to get you in the spirit of all things Irish:

•    Wear the colour green
•    Shamrocks (or four-leaf clovers)
•    Leprechauns
•    Irish beer and stout such as Guinness, Harp and Murphys
•    Good Fortune (The Luck of the Irish)

Find Your Pot Of Gold

If you like many others believe in the Luck of the Irish then you definitely should be playing the following lotteries this week:

•    The $400,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot
•    The $80,000,000 USA Powerball jackpot
•    The €40,000,000 EuroJackpot

Everyone Is Irish On March 17th

St. Patrick’s Day is definitely one of those fun filled holidays that everyone wants to be part of. Everyone seems to find that little Irish in them and a little Guinness never hurt either!  We might think that the biggest of these celebrations take place in Ireland but think again, as the outright biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration is held in New York City, USA with just over 2 million spectators celebrating this lucky day!  These celebrations take place all over the world when everyone goes green from Dublin to Tokyo:




Why not join in the fun with – pull out some green and test your luck with any of the available lottery jackpots on offer and who knows – you might just strike gold and leave your friends green with envy!

Tell us how you will be celebrating St. Patricks Day this March 17th and the best 5 answers will each win a FREE voucher for the Mega Millions lottery!  


The St. Patrick's Day festive winners are:  Ansleah, David Robert, T.p, Thérèse Marie and Elena! Cheers guys and hope you had a good one last night!  Good luck to everyone in tonight's $400 million Mega Millions draw!


Posted by Boris (17/03/2014)

St.Patrick's day! Every time like the first time. Irish Pub and live music. My best friends. Guinnes and Irish toasts for each!

Posted by Samson (17/03/2014)

Dress like an Irish, drink Guiness like an Irish, party like an Irish and then sleep like an Irish

Posted by Bq29l9L (17/03/2014)

A few mates and I decided to wear full green today. I sprayed my beard orange, it looks really strange because I'm not that fair. One of my friend's Irish and it's her birthday today so today is all about her so we going to do as the Irish do, drink beer and go crazy (it's great because she was feeling abut home sick). If I win the mega millions I could buy my own pot of gold.

Posted by Michael (17/03/2014)

Mostly by getting drunk and singing nonsense incoherently in a high pitch voice while wearing a green pointy hat. Will pretend this never happened the next day and accuse everyone of lying if they bring it up from now on.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (17/03/2014)

Dressing green colours,listiong Irish musics & drinking Guiness .....Its my "St. Patricks Day" celebration!.

Posted by WCqEOR-CirHt (17/03/2014)

We're off to the pub to take part in the local festivities. Dressed in green, each party is invited to draw a gold coin from a pot at the end of the rainbow, hoping for the luck of the Irish to win big, whilst enjoying a Guiness draught.

Posted by QXE (17/03/2014)

All I need is a pint of Guiness because I am already "green with envy" of the $400 Million.

Posted by Sharat (17/03/2014)

I fantasize winning jackpot in the season of St.Patrick's Day festivities, wearing the Irish kilt, along with the native Irishmen, playing bagpipe.

Posted by 2vXmPTH0l (17/03/2014)

Im not Irish however I've been watching the re-run of the Ireland vs France six nations match!! what a send off for Brian o'Driscoll, since the morning Ive been enjoying cold beers to signal the 14 day countdown to my birthday and I'll be heading off to the Brazen-Head for some tasty ribs and more cold Windhoek Draughts and Karaoke night!!

Posted by P_DPXl (17/03/2014)

I am celebrating St. Patric's day in style. I am having a St Patric's day dress-up party. Everyone that I have ivied to the party is either wearing green or they are dressed are leprechauns, complete with orange beards. There will be more than enough Irish beer available and everyone with be drunk and in a festive mood in no time. A very happy St. Patric's day to all. ;)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (17/03/2014)

Put up an Irish flag at the local pub. Give all the pub patrons a green pointy hat/cap made of crepe paper. Drink lots of beer, eat voratiously and watch Irish football on the cable tv. Hopefully we all will be Irish-drunk within 2 or 3 hours...and spend the rest of the day trying to sing!

Posted by Taner (17/03/2014)

Today I will go in a irish pub with my friends as Cermit the frog an drink irish beer like an native Irish guy ... And tomorrwow I will wake up as an Irish man ..

Posted by Jozsef (17/03/2014)

On the beautiful St. Patricks Day I give all my clothes away I wear nothing else, only green I'm doing this since age nineteen I hope this brings me the luck I need And for my money tree some seed I'll be richer than ever thought God bless the green clothes I bought.

Posted by Ying Kwong (17/03/2014)

From St. Patrick's Day onwards, let's go green whenever possible to protect our environment plus making a lot of greenbacks via lottery playing! Good luck guys :)

Posted by XW48Qp6uW (17/03/2014)

I will wear a green colour with my friends and we will be going around town giving people a green clover leaf so that they could celebrate with us.......happy St. Patrick day mcwaa...

Posted by Johnny (18/03/2014)

Wear a Green..Green Grass Colours all my and Huts with clovers on top of it..Eat All We Can and Drink until the Last Breath of my day...Dance with St. Patrick Days

Posted by Oh (18/03/2014)

Because I'm not from the same religious & country, I barely celebrate with the known & fun of participants in st'patricks day

Posted by Oh (18/03/2014)

far west special celebration daylife & far east usual daylife.

Posted by Pavel (18/03/2014)

I try to be a Saint Pavel on this day

Posted by Vladimir (18/03/2014)

On Wed. Patricks Day wins big win. Happiness and love on this day.

Posted by QXE (18/03/2014)

The P in my initials T P stands for Patrick. So to all of you folks, thank you for having celebrated a day dedicated to my name. All I am waiting for now is to be announced as the winner of the $400 million green bucks!

Posted by Sukanta (18/03/2014)

in my country though the St. Patrick’s Day is not celebrated so widely but i use my free megamillion voucher to win for the biggie.cross my finger to win big n long live playhugelottos for giving so touche environment.all the best to all my fellow players in St. Patrick’s Day.

Posted by Beni (17/06/2014)


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