Mega Millions Merely a Daydream Away

The bountiful Mega Millions lottery jackpot has a cash option of $224 million for Tuesday’s draw – that’s more than enough to support the dream lifestyle you fantasize about every time you play the Mega Millions lottery online. Some people may claim that daydreaming is simply a waste of thought processes and achieves nothing. However, recent studies have proved just the opposite.

If you find yourself sporadically zoning out during your day, you’re not alone. About 30% and 47% of waking life is spent daydreaming, according to recent research.  This seemingly unproductive activity has in fact been indulged by businessmen and creative types alike for its ability to increase productive capacity.

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A real-life example that showcases this phenomenon centres on the mathematician Titang Zhang. His attempts at solving a mathematical problem failed perpetually until one day Zhang was socialising with his friends in their back garden before a music festival and he cracked the answer to a numbers problem that had plagued him for years. The mind simply cannot be empty while daydreaming! And you could shave off years of lucky lotto number research for the Mega Millions jackpot winning lotto numbers with this daydream technique.

There are too many studies to list all of the positive effects daydreaming can have, but one in particular published in Psychological Science details the general findings of these psychological studies. Student volunteers were split into two groups in two separate rooms. Both groups were given 12 minutes of prep time before entering a room to perform a simple creative task of coming up with innovative ways to use household items such as pegs and toothpicks. Group A was given stimulus while waiting, whereas Group B was allowed to daydream for 12 minutes prior to the exercise. The study revealed that after 12 minutes of daydreaming, a 41% increase was seen in the performance levels of Group B during the creative task.

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When it comes to problem solving and creativity, there’s resounding support for daydreaming as an effective method to enhance each of these. "People assumed that when your mind wandered it was empty," Kalina Christoff, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of British Columbia. “Mind wandering is a much more active state than we ever imagined, much more active than during reasoning with a complex problem."

So the next time you are brainstorming ideas for your next winning set of lotto numbers, try the daydreaming method. You’ve probably already experienced it while selecting your lucky lotto numbers. Your winning set of lotto numbers could be buried in a moment or two of solitary silence, you never know!  Take advantage of this proven brainstorming method and you could be awarded the very handsome Mega Millions jackpot prize for your efforts.

Good luck to all you lotto dreamers out there!

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Posted by Edmore (17/03/2014)

Day dreaming to the winners podium...

Posted by Balasubramaniam (17/03/2014)

Winning jackpot in PLAYHUGELOTTO.COM!!

Posted by WCqEOR-CirHt (17/03/2014)

Half the fun of playing the Lotto is that you have a chance to win big and realise your dreams. It therefore goes withouth saying that unless you have a dream, why would you play the Lotto?. The reality is that we all believe that our dreams can come true,and so we daydream of things we hope will materialise. Above all though, its fun and adds to the excitement of the game....afterall we know for a fact that someone will win...and in our dreams its us!

Posted by Ying Kwong (17/03/2014)

For the purpose of winning the mega jackpot, everyone should daydream to the hilt :)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/03/2014)

it's good to daydream. it takes you away from the harshness of reality to 'rejuvenate and recharge' to face life again. daydreaming is a form of therapy and should be exercised by all.

Posted by O6I_ (18/03/2014)

I daydream regularly, its half the fun to play and then dream about how I'm going to spend my winnings. The word wouldn't be what it is today if people didn't dream up ideas. I just finished day dreaming that I won the 400Mill and I was on my super cool boat sipping Champaign while someone feeds me grapes.

Posted by Sudha (18/03/2014)

Daydreaming of winning a Jackpot does inspire a person perennially

Posted by ZqTd (18/03/2014)

Day dreaming is what I constantly do for it keeps me motivated for the what ifs! The following is a a mix of words that I have on my PC as a background picture that says: Always hope, Be patient, Be positive, Have faith, Never give up Miracles happen ... every time I look at it I start day dreaming :-)

Posted by Sukanta (19/03/2014)

dream is purchased by someone

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/03/2014)

i guess we can stop dreaming of megamillions and shift our dream to the superenamax. they are promoting a BIG draw...196million. let the first person win in that part of the world first for us to believe in it!

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