The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret delivered yet another star-and-diamond-studded runway event on November 9th 2011 in New York City.

Every year Victoria’s Secret celebrates the holiday season with a fashion show like no other! 20 - 40 of the world's top fashion models are selected to perform in the show in front of an exclusive crowd of celebrities and other wealthy elite members of society.

Underwear is big business

Victoria’s secret is one of the most popular and recognised retailers of women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products. With annual sales of over US $5 billion and an operating income of $1 billion we can confidently say that Victoria’s Secret means business – BIG business!

Victoria’s Secret is well known for their top fashion models, their famous catalogue and their annual fashion show – showcasing the latest in lingerie and sleep wear. The amount of preparation that goes into the production of their annual show is amazing, and they pull it off every year.

Runway angels modelling millions

The show is a lavish event with elaborate costumed lingerie, a variety of music by leading entertainers and intricate set design according to the different themes running within the show. As always, the show attracts hundreds of celebrities and entertainers, with special performers and acts every year. Singers Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Maroon 5 performed at the New York City event while Beyonce was spotted watching from the front row.

But it is not just the audience and entertainers making up the celebrity quota for the evening. The Victoria's Secret Fashion show features some of the world’s leading fashion models such as the current Victoria’s Secret Angels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr.

The world’s most expensive bra

At each amazing Victoria’s Secret fashion show, they show off the fabulous star attraction that has everyone’s head turning, the Fantasy Bra. This year Miranda Kerr wore the exquisite masterpiece valued at US $2.5 million.  The bra is embellished with nearly 3,400 precious gems and over 142 total carats of diamonds alone.


Miranda Kerr most expensive bra

Miranda Kerr models the $2.5 million Fantasy Bra

The most expensive bra ever made was worn by Gisele Bündchen back in the year 2000 and was worth a jaw dropping $15 million! It won a place in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive bra ever created. Now that’s what we call support!!!

Matching the lotto winning numbers on the Euromillions or any of our other awesome lottery jackpots will easily cover the cost when you fancy treating your adoring wife or girlfriend to some new underwear. Or, if you are female, treating yourself!

For convenience we have included a list below of some of the world’s most expensive bras, as modeled by the Victoria’s Secret Angels. With a little help from the Euromillions lottery, the choice is yours!


  • Diamond Dream Bra - $3,000,000
  • Dream Angel Fantasy Bra    - $5,000,000
  • Millennium Bra - $10,000,000
  • Red Hot Fantasy Bra - $15,000,000
  • Heavenly Star Bra - $12,500,000
  • Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra - $10,000,000
  • Very Sexy Fantasy Bra - $11,000,000
  • Heavenly "70" Fantasy Bra - $10,000,000
  • Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra - $12,500,000
  • Hearts On Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra - $6,500,000
  • Holiday Fantasy Bra - $4,500,000
  • Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra - $5,000,000


Tell us if you have ever spoilt your “lady love” and how? If you are female, has your man ever spoilt you? The top 5 comments will each win 5 FREE tickets into the Euromillions.

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Sizo M.

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Agnieszka K.

You have each had 5 Euromillions vouchers added to your account. Good luck for the €25,600,000.00 Euromillions draw tonight!

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Anna Khlebnikova - who has written 371 articles

Posted by Lim (6/12/2011) wife its dont like to wear the sexy things, im buy her some night dress, she always complain it , dont to much spend money, maybe because money still important to us, but im sure and very sure, if wear this type of underwear...she will absolutely no complaint about spending money anymore and will very sure she happy to wear this prize

Posted by Vladimir (6/12/2011)

hmmm ... Take the sexy underwear models that would be something for me and lends a thick package penny. As for the women I know so many beautiful women. Miranda Kerr and the most beautiful you have for the woman. :*:) I like that I can comment and win.

Posted by Volodymyr (6/12/2011)

"marry me" - i said and give her a diamond ring, and she answered "yes"

Posted by Rajesh (6/12/2011)

Its an art to please women by offering this type lingerie,i always remeber size of my fantasy so while i go for date i definately buy for her.Its an amazing exps with touchy feelings.

Posted by Vladislav (6/12/2011)

When I win the lottery I'm gonna buy my lady of the bras listed above :D. $105 million spent ot bras :D. Is any woman worth it?

Posted by Ygr+z (7/12/2011)

For our 2 year anniversary, I took the love of my life shopping and bought her a new dress, shoes and some jewellery. I also paid for her to have her hair done. I then took her to the restaurant where we had our first proper date for a nice romantic dinner. I arranged with the restaurant to have a private table on the balcony and a nice bottle of champagne waiting with a dozen red saint joseph's lilies, her favourite flower. It was most certainly a night to remember.

Posted by Zaxarias (7/12/2011)

Every women,no matter of size or height,no matter of skin color and hair color:every each of them look great in diamonds,pearls,emeralds and even in small shinning zirconias.So guys treat your woman today;)

Posted by Adam (7/12/2011)

Well, I'm relentlessly playing the lotteries so one lucky day when I hit the jackpot I can get my woman Victoria's Secret lingerie, which is really hot and other goodies ladies love so much. :)

Posted by Johniffer (7/12/2011)

I think the ladies need to wear only the bras less any shirts in order not to cover it to expose the jewels, hehehe.

Posted by Lai (7/12/2011)

if im win, i can buy for myself, no need waiting for some one giving to me, im think even rich , this is not a wise spending money

Posted by Boris (7/12/2011)

I knew nothing about the way bras were made but Fantasy Bra could be closer to my lady heart and there for support...

Posted by Amanda (8/12/2011)

The only man in my life who ever 'spoilt' me was my father.till fifth grade, he would help me put on my socks and shoes for school, get up early to make me a delicious breakfast, stuff me with chocolates of every sort. Actually, the ways in which he spoilt me are endless.Perhaps I can never be the Queen of some King, but I was and shall always be a princess to my dad. love u dad!

Posted by Samson (8/12/2011)

The four seasons spring , summer, autumn and winter brings new fashion to the fashion crazy elites . I would like to present the costly underwears to my dearest for every season but so far I could manage only the not costly ones in the market. I hope to be able to buy for my dearest one of the costly ladies underwears when I win euromillion lottery.

Posted by Mohit (8/12/2011)

I will buy her a new Villa near a sea and buy a island for her a new diamond necklace,where ever she wants to g,i will take her..I will take her to a world tour and to Switzerland,Paris and many other beautiful locations where she can enjoy..I will do everything to keep her happy and never let her smile go out from her face...

Posted by 75Ev (8/12/2011)

I have spoilt my woman i took her out to the spa for a full body massage, the she had a manicure and pedicure..we went out for a huge buffet where we ate and drank wine, and ended the day off between the sheets..yeah she's my sunflower, theres nothing i would'nt do for her and i'll never stop spoiling her for as long as i'm still alive she's gonna get spoiled rotten...

Posted by Sandeep (8/12/2011)

if i will win ...i will give all money to my wife... and said to her.. go world is yours... buy what ever you want... but the thing is in our limit

Posted by ZkTbMH-Fn (8/12/2011)

On her birthday this year, I did all the cooking, cleaning the dishes etc .....................

Posted by Manohar (8/12/2011)

It is better to buy something else which can give her more comforts as compared to bra, spending so much on bra seems useless when the entire world is passing through bad phase economically.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (8/12/2011)

I was looking for an idea to spoilt my wife and sweep her off her feet, but not expensive and unaffordable as million dollor bra and under wear and same time it should be tailored to my budget with out compromising on the romance factor. Finaly I found and I took her to a get away for a weekend, then booked a cozy bed and breakfast lodge and enjoyed the time snuggled up by the fireplace (the restraunt in which we first met) and presented a pearl ring. Women always remember the little things, and knowing that you remembered your first meet will mean a lot to her and make her grateful to have you And it worked.

Posted by Ameya (8/12/2011)

I am not sure what will I do with BRA worth so much ..... is the price includes the MODEL in the BRA?

Posted by Natalja (8/12/2011)

I am telling you being a Lady. I prefer to stay without a bra:)I think Men have the same opinion.

Posted by Mahommad Adil (8/12/2011)

Well spoiling does not always mean to buy the expensive gifts and so on, but its the presentation & care & appreciation that count. I have taken my wife a surprise dinner, when she was really feeling down. She did not know where we were going, on prior arrangement, i organized a special song to play for her during our dinner and gave her a gold chain (not very expensive one) then we went for long drive. when we got home, i gave her nice body massage.That was fantastic and she remember that even till this day.

Posted by Volodymyr (8/12/2011)

feel like in paradise when you watch the show, but without Seal's music it's terrible. together it's wonderfull. so all you need is to listen and watch this show.

Posted by Moses (8/12/2011)

i have a behive of girlfriends , so i have gifted a lot to all my lady love.....looking at the price of the fantasy bra makes me go weak on my knees.....when i win a big jackpot of say $150,000,000 then i can think of gifting a bra like the fantasy bra to my girlfriends.....the most expensive gift i`ve given a girl is about $3000,that was a diamond platinum ring......if i`m rich enough i wont mind spending on these the way if i do have this kinda money i may even date ONE OF THE VICTORIA SECRETS ANGELS!!!!!! ITS EASY N SIMPLE......TO BE SEEN WITH BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IS MY PLEASURE SO I`LL BE EXCITED AND HAPPY......YEAH SO I SURE WILL SPOIL MY LADY LOVE WITH AN EXPENSIVE GIFT IF I DO HAVE THE MONEY ,AFTER ALL HAVE MONEY HAVE ANY HONEY!!!!! ALL THE LOVELY LADIES I LOVE YOU...KISSES

Posted by Ilya (9/12/2011)

Yes, such things as cosmetic, jewelry, beautiful lingerie, etc. make women more pretty. But their natural beauty is the more important for me than makeup, I appreciate it the most of all. I'm not married yet and think that even $2.5 million (it's a cost of the 'cheapest' bra among mentioned above) could make founding a woman, that I'll really like due these my preferences, much more easier for me, lol. She else should has the same opinion on beauty as I have ;) And then this amount of money would be enough else either to sploit her with any gift as for example a buying of private island, or to fulfil almost any her whim.

Posted by Uegnr (9/12/2011)

my wife was delighted when i bought her a sexy 'training' bra. She was surprised she liked it, man, it is hot with tiny lace trimming which shows a tiny bit with the rught tops she wears. HOT! hehe

Posted by Sanjay (9/12/2011)

It must be pleasant for any lady wearing such a expensive and comfortable and nice looking bra.

Posted by Tarun (9/12/2011)

thts quite interesting things 4 the all indians so keep it buddy

Posted by Raju (9/12/2011)

Diamond is the stone of Venus. And venus all about women.Victoria's secret productions are related women in very dignified form. They are celebrating the women. It is definitrly very impressive that womens body adores the the most precious stone in the form of bra. This is respect to womenhood in a noblest form. World over all the women must be respected as they are the most precious thing in the world and victoria's secret know this truth.

Posted by Todor (15/12/2011)

She's the one ..for SHo i must win the Jack keep her love))

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