Help Your Next Entry With These Lucky Numbers and Charms

California has just joined in the fun of the US Powerball and it certainly did work out well for the Golden State – that’s where the latest jackpot winner bought their $400 million entry! The US Powerball has been making headlines for weeks with its growing jackpot that reached a staggering $400 million last night. We were sure the jackpot would rollover to a record-breaker, in true Powerball tradition! But as always, Powerball keeps us on the edge of our seats!

The Powerball jackpot winner is the first Powerball jackpot winner of 2014. How lucky they chose such unique numbers that there was no sharing of the jackpot! Their numbers must not have included birthdays or anniversary dates as these are the most popular lucky lotto numbers in the lottery gaming community.

Lottery analysts have assessed the luckiest Powerball numbers – both white main numbers and the red Powerball – and here are the magical, frequently-drawn numbers:

For the main white balls, the number 42 tops the list, followed closely by 16, 35, 26 and 19.
In the red Powerball frequently drawn numbers, 20 tops the list with 37, 2, 31 and 35 close behind.

The Powerball draw last night also awarded plenty of secondary prizes – one ticket from South Carolina won the $1 million secondary prize for matching five main winning numbers, along with 17 others spread across the country. There were a further 144 winning tickets that claimed the $10,000 prize. All in all it was a stellar draw!

So if you’re wondering what edge these winners have over you, it could be a range of luck-attracting rituals or trinkets that summoned Lady Luck to their side. Take a look at these lucky symbols to see if you can bring yourself some more luck in the next Powerball draw – it has a very generous starting jackpot of $40 million, well worth a few entries for Saturday’s draw!

What do you think? Do lucky charms work for you? Tell us - your comments will earn lotto points!

Lucky penny


There’s nothing like attracting a Powerball lottery jackpot with a lucky penny – this luck symbol is a known worldwide for its Lady Luck-charming capabilities and lottery players often carry a lucky penny in their pocket when playing their lottery entries or choosing their lucky lotto numbers. There’s even an old adage with our lucky penny starring, “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.”

Lucky number 7

The Number 7

If you don’t play the number seven regularly as a winning lotto number, it may be wise to have a number 7 symbol to carry with you when you enter into your next lotto draw. This is a universally-recognised lucky number – from Western to Eastern cultures there is significance in it. In Japanese culture for instance, there are Seven Gods of Fortune, and is especially prevalent in religious cultures such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

Four leafed clover

Four Leafed Clover

Now, this is going to be a task to find and you have to have a certain sense of luck before you even begin searching for this elusive luck symbol. But when you do find it, praise St. Patrick because you’re sure to attract some good luck in your next lottery entry!

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Posted by Sreenivas (20/02/2014)

I shall try this. Thank you!!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (21/02/2014)

I choosing lucky numbers by my ownway!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/02/2014)

good luck charms may just co-incide with your win.the charm may have been present just by chance.i bet there were innumerable cases where one's good luck charm was present and there was no do we account for that???

Posted by Johnny (21/02/2014)

For Me...Lucky Number for me when I Play Lotteries anywhere is...Only Lucky Picks...the machine will choose for me...Many times I Win with this methods..No Headache to think any numbers..Good Luck will come for us as long as we'll

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/02/2014)

in any culture or tradition, 7 has always been the common lucky number. so i guess a combination of numbers with 7 in its structure will do the magic. either multiply by 7 or add 7....just have something to do with 7. then you are sorted!

Posted by Bachana (22/02/2014)

i have my own lucky numbers

Posted by Edmore (23/02/2014)

At the end of the day,its all about Gods Timing

Posted by Rajesh.r (25/02/2014)


Posted by Debashish D (26/02/2014)

i personally believe lucky numbers and charms play a very important role in one's life.though they are not the ultimate deciding factor, however they have a significant role.

Posted by RrVpP0U (27/02/2014)

i always go with quick pick,but i think this one might come in handy one day.

Posted by FWNcTgZf (27/02/2014)

:(( i have loads of 'lucky" totems... and use them... and i am still to win. Did not know the story about finding a penny...and you have luck all me it signaled angels giving me a message...anyway...i hope i win sooonnnn

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