Go High Tech With Powerball

If you were wondering what new gadgets you could purchase after winning tonight’s gigantic $400 million Dollar USA Powerball then the following high tech gadgets will be just the thing to make you feel as though you are living in the world of luxury.

Incredibly high tech gadgets are becoming a part of our everyday life. There are those that think it’s simply an over-kill and that they aren’t necessary at all but think back to the years before we had mobile phones. Most of us were so used to not walking around with a phone that the concept of have a phone on you, seemed rather strange. But can you imagine not have a mobile phone now?

As technology advances, so do these gadgets that we are so fond of. Young and ambitious people are constantly improving and coming up with new ideas. These innovations appear from necessity of solving problems in older products, with new and improved functions and ultimately a beautiful new design. 

Transparent TV

This is one of my favourites. A transparent television. This fantastic, clean cut piece of technology combines conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology which allows for non-transparent/solid moving pictures with rich colour reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.
Floor Plan Light switch

Have you ever gone to switch a light off only to forget which switch, is for which light? This especially happens when we are travelling and not sure of our new surroundings. Taewon Hwang came up with the ingenious idea of creating a master light switch with a elegant yet simple design that shows you the floor plan and thereby also which light you would like to switch on or off.
Document Extractor – Combi Monitor

Saving space on a desk has been an ongoing problem. The space and the fact that we often end up walking to the shared printer in the office and wait your turn makes this nifty innovation a winner. Combining the monitor and the printer seems completely logical.
Which is your favourite? Tell us and you will receive a few extra LottoPoints giving you the chance to increase your chance of purchasing more entries into tonight’s outstanding $400,000,000 USA Powerball jackpot.


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Posted by Sharat (19/02/2014)

Transparent TV is a quite a news to me. I would prefer something which is really ingenious innovation of day to day necessity.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (20/02/2014)

My favourite is Floor Plan Light switch & TransparentTV !!!

Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (20/02/2014)

I would go for a hitech mobile like Vertu for myself and my wife

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/02/2014)

the transparent TV looks supercool. looks really expensive too. i think that will be a real hit with jackpot winners.

Posted by Sreenivas (20/02/2014)

Transparent TV is awesome!!

Posted by Johnny (21/02/2014)

Wow...Tranparent TV..its very nice to have...

Posted by Rajesh.r (25/02/2014)

Wow ,wow

Posted by Debashish D (26/02/2014)

will keep a note of the things which money can buy, and will but those once i get the jackpot.

Posted by RrVpP0U (27/02/2014)

wow wonders shall never end hey

Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

I'm a sucker for gadgets... I would like to have the latest gadgets all the time...

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