The World Needs More Ethical Businesses

$400 million is the hefty price tag attached to the USA Powerball jackpot available tomorrow night. This is the 6th largest lottery jackpot we’ve ever seen, and if you manage to crack those elusive winning numbers, you’ll be the first person this year to win the Powerball jackpot – so many reasons to play Powerball!

Ambitious lottery winners in the past have been known to use their winnings to start or back businesses they believe in. Cynthia Stafford won the Mega Millions jackpot worth $112 million and launched her business Queen Nefertari Productions LLC, through which three to four films a year are produced. There are plenty of ethical businesses out there, and according to the Forbes World’s Most Ethical Companies 2013, most are found in the U.S. With a $400 million net worth in jackpot winnings your business could follow in the footsteps of these revolutionary companies.


NuStar Energy

This company may be an oil corporation, which doesn’t fare well in the “green” categories; however it has repeat appearances on ethical company lists for its excellent employee policy. The company covers 100% of its employee’s health insurance, matching also up to 6% of 401 (k) contributions. There are no layoffs, according to the company policy, and the company jet is dished out to employees in times of critical need.

SAS Institute

Renowned also for its employee policy, this software company donates to educationally philanthropic ventures such as programs that promote technology, engineering, science and mathematics to children. SAS employees receive child care, unlimited sick leave and full access to health care, gratis through the company. This company allows their employees to feel secure and part of a greater community. There’s never been a layoff at NuStar, and the employee morale remains high, year after year.


What's your idea of an ethically-run company? Tell us - your comments earn lotto points!


This outdoor clothing company has advocated environmental causes since its establishment, launching in 1985 the 1% for the Planet pledge. The company thus donates 1% of profits to environmental sustainability causes, requesting other businesses join the pledge. Their dedication to the environment is so strong that they produce marketing campaigns to ask consumers to refrain from buying their products unnecessarily.


No surprises here, seeing as this global company was established by one of the world’s great philanthropists, Bill Gates. Donating over $1 billion annually to charities and NPO’s, Microsoft has also begun to tackle the IT professional scarcity with their TEALS programme. It encourages children at school to take an interest in technology by providing computer science instruction headed by Microsoft employees. If that doesn’t encourage student participation in technological industries then we don’t know what would!

Ethical world


Their motto is “Don’t be evil” and this powerhouse company certainly does keep to their word, having established the Google Green Program through which they donate $1 billion to renewable energy resources yearly. Reducing their own energy usage also propels this company to the top of ethical company lists, since Google utilizes buildings that are energy efficient. Employee policies also boost Google’s ethical status – employees are some of the better cared for workers in the world. Their benefits range from free health care to legal advice, and their snack pantry is always stocked.

Play Powerball today for your chance at the record jackpot and an opportunity to start an ethical business of your own!

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Posted by Sreenivas (19/02/2014)

Thanks for sharing this information!!

Posted by Sharat (19/02/2014)

My idea of ethical policy for employees is treatment of all employees as fellow human, rather than as mere resources for exploiting gain or profit. Kuddos to NuStar and Sas Institute!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (19/02/2014)

an ethical company should not make a profit of 300% on their products. the company should treat their employees with total integrity, and as humans. they should also, always, give back to the community, because that is the reason they are in business.

Posted by Johnny (19/02/2014)

USA POWERBALL Lotto Winner is the best to Donate some..donate before you win..its GoodLuck

Posted by Krishnan (19/02/2014)

Even though the Dictionary treats both "Ethical" and" Moral" as akin to each other there is a clear demarcation between the two. For example, USA's war built economy is ethical because it enables the US government to provide all benefits to the US citizens. But at the same time it is immoral because it is the cause for mass destruction and loss of lives elsewhere.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/02/2014)

although we may present ideas of being ethical, when we are in the driving seat of a company, it is extremely difficult to "do the right thing". this is so because there is so much pressure on being successful, or surviving so to speak, that a little distraction based on sentiment could be catastrophic financially.

Posted by Debashish D (26/02/2014)

business ethics is always required for a business organization to survive successfully.

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