Wealthiest Footballers in the World 2011 part 2

Last week we looked at the first half of our ‘wealthiest footballers in the world 2011’ list. Get ready for the second half kick-off.

As it’s clear to see, Footballers are fast emerging as some of the most famous and wealthiest celebrities in the world. This is the kind of wealth that most people would never be exposed to in their life, unless of course they were to take home a very large lotto win.

Not everyone can be a global sporting icon, but anyone can play the lotto!

The Final Countdown

Check out the current top 5 wealthiest footballers in the world below:

No. 5 Ronaldinho

Total worth: $90 million
Earnings for the year: $24 million
Football Club: Flamengo
Country: Brazil
Sponsors include: Lenovo Computers

Wealthiest footballers

No. 4 Ricardo Kaka

Total worth: $100 million
Earnings for year: $25 million
Football Club: Real Madrid
Country: Brazil
Sponsors include:  Electronic Arts

Rich soccer players

No. 3 Lionel Messi

Total worth: $110 million
Earnings for year: $32 million
Football Club: Barcelona
Country: Argentina
Sponsors include: Adidas, Pepsi, Konami & AirEuropa

Wealthy footballers

No. 2 Cristiano Ronaldo

Total worth: $160 million
Earnings for year: $38 million
Football Club: Real Madrid
Country: Portugal
Sponsors include: Nike, Armani, Castrol & Coca-Cola

richest footballers in the world

No. 1 David Beckham

Total worth: $219 million
Earnings for year: $40 million
Football Club: Los Angeles Galaxy
Country: England
Sponsors include: Adidas & Samsung

Richest Footballer

Can You Compete With A Footballers Salary

For all the hype and the glory that comes with being a wealthy footballer - any member of the public can come along and instantly equal their wealth overnight simply by taking a chance to play the lotto.

The most recent example of this overnight success is Colin and Chris Weir who took home the massive €185,000,000 Euromillions lottery jackpot.  This win instantly put them on the same financial playing field as David Beckham and many other wealthy footballers. Of course, there is something extra magical about sporting heroes! And we value these players on much more than simply their bank balances!

What are your thoughts on our Wealthiest Footballers in the world 2011 list? What do you think about the salaries they earn and the value of their contracts? Who is your favourite player on the list?

Leave us a comment and the top 5 comments will each win 5 FREE Euromillions vouchers.

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Thank you for everyone who commented on the article. Our lucky winners are:

Guntis G.

Вадим Л.

Mara A.

urszula S.

Sixto A.

You have each had 5 Euromillions vouchers added to your account. Good luck for the €25,600,000 Euromillions draw on Friday night!

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Anna Khlebnikova - who has written 371 articles

Posted by Ygr+z (30/11/2011)

I believe that every footballer on this list deserves the money they make and to be on that list. They have worked exceptionally hard to get where they are today and I think many people forget about the hundreds of hours of training they have put in to get where they are today. It only makes sense for their sponsors to pay them the huge amounts of money they do because they get so much exposure and sales it makes it all worth it! Although it is probably unfair to choose a favourite as they are all extremely talented my favourite must be Cristiano Ronaldo and it also helps that he is sponsored by some awesome brands!

Posted by Vladimir (30/11/2011)

Best result is footballer David Beckham. Pity that I have won € 185 million but Colin and Chris Weir so great pity what can be done. I hope ever to win more than they and others in the world's lotteries.

Posted by XDZP (30/11/2011)

During the global financial crisis, quite rightly, a lot of people got very angry about the amount of money earned by bankers. There was a moral outcry. People were up in arms. The government threatened to step in. But it seems that football lives in a kind of alternative world, cut off from the realities of society, cuts in public services, banking meltdown and belt-tightening.

Posted by Ildefonso (30/11/2011)

These are all gifted individuals and I do not blame them for getting paid millions of euros/pound/dollars for exhibiting they talent.For me Messi is the greatest footballer of his generation, better than Christiano Ronaldo, the fact that he makes so much money, yet remains so humble, is why I admire him. Well about Beckham, enough said,this guy is a marketing machine and a well recognized brand.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (30/11/2011)

Ronaldinho Ronaldinho was the youngest of three children born to Joao de Assis Moreira, a shipyard worker and Miguelina, a salesperson who used to sell cosmetics. Ronaldinho's greatest assets have been his ball control, agility and trickery. He can dribble and pass like few people can. In April 2008, Ronaldinho tore a muscle in his right leg and missed the rest of Barcelona's season, Rumors flew thick and fast about his future, and Manchester City, Inter Milan and A.C.Milan were among the clubs interested. He was eventually sold to AC Milan for 21 million euros Apart from his individual abilities, his mere presence on the field instills a new level of confidence in his teammates. He is part of Pele's list of ''125 greatest living footballers''. Ricardo Kaka He got his nickname "Kaká" because his little brother Rodrigo could not pronounce the word Ricardo when they were young. His greatest goal is considered to be the one he scored against Fenerbahçe SK in AC Milan's first game in the 2005/2006 Champions League; won 3-1 by the Rossoneri .. In 2003 he joined A.C. Milan for a fee of €8.5 million. While at Milan, Kaká won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards in 2007. In addition to his contributions on the pitch, Kaka is known for his humanitarian work. In 2004, by the time of his appointment, he became the youngest ambassador of the United Nations‘ World Food Programme. Lionel Messi Nicknamed the 'flea', Messi stands only at 5'7", but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in sheer talent on the football pitch. The 2006-2007 season was when Messi cemented his place in the first team, one of his most memorable matches was his incredible hat-trick against arch rivals Real Madrid. His achievements at club level have been unprecedented as he is part of a Barcelona team that has been dubbed by many as the best team of all time. Messi won the gold medal for Argentina at the 2008 Olympics and was the tournament's stand-out player. NY times say “Messi is an agile, darting virtuoso tethered to a soccer ball with an almost preternatural sense of the field”. Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo first steps in football/soccer were made in his amateur hometown club called Andorinha, when he was still 8 years old. he moment Cristiano Ronaldo definitely convinced a top club to sign him, was after a 2003 pre-season friendly match, between Sporting and Manchester United, in the inauguration of the "Estádio José de Alvalade" in Lisbon. Manchester United players were said to be stunned by Cristiano Ronaldo's technique skills as well as his natural talent. In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo broke another record by becoming the World's most expensive football player, after transferring from Manchester United to Real Madrid in July 2009, in a £80 million pounds transfer. In the 2010-2011 season, scored a total of 54 goals and once again, won the Golden Boot award, beating Lionel Messi in the way, who finished the season with 53 goals. David Beckham David Beckham is inarguably one of the most celebrated and successful athletes of his era. He has spent his entire career in professional football with only two teams firstly the Manchester United team, a team he has supported since birth and which will always have a special place in his affections and Real Madrid, the world-famous home of Los Galacticos in Madrid, Spain. During his first game in the 1996-97 season, Beckham made a stunning shot that brought him overnight fame and a place in the annals of football: he scored a goal from inside his own half of the field in a game against Wimbledon, a shot of nearly 60 yards. He became the first Englishman to score a goal in three world cups with a beautiful curling free-kick against Ecuador which took England through to the quarter-finals against Portugal in 2006 World Cup in Germany. A game which sadly they lost on penalties. My vote goes in favor of “Bend It like Beckham” for his Leadership. Calm. Maturity. Responsibility.As written by Simon Barnes in the Times of London. "You can tell a great sportsman not merely by his skill, but by the way he deals with an occasion.

Posted by Lim (30/11/2011)

well , im like football, but not fanatic, the person im like its david beckham, he's more like celebrity than a sport stars, but im only wanna share about theory probablity, in this one like other thing only few can reach the top, the best for sport, becomes president etc, and thats need hard work and long times career and spend large cash too for study, courses etc, but one thing can avoid and skip thats all for got the better living and life class its if you win the lottery and this also with small amount for playing but the result its very huge

Posted by Vladislav (30/11/2011)

They are not that wealthy. I don't like any of them.

Posted by Samson (1/12/2011)

Football is the GAME of the world and all players have sacrificed their lives to become celebrities and earn huge amounts. Players like Messi, Ronaldinho, Beckham all have individual talents which has come out in full in the international arenas.What they earn now is the outcome of their continous practise for perfection. Countires like Brazil, England, Holland, Germany, Spain,Poland, France had their share of good players. The yesteryear legends like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Platini, Muller the list goes long would have earned much more if they were playing today. Football- if you remove the foot , it ends in Ball and all ball games brings wealth with it. Lotto is also a type of ball game where the numbered balls brings out your luck and make you wealthy. I would rather play lotto than football.

Posted by Asescenao Manuel (1/12/2011)

Whether a footballer, celebrity or the wealthiest personal all in one way or other must have worked hard in achieving the wealth and fame. In this perceptive I would look at Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Buffet and all others. Leave aside the crooks and easy money makers. It takes good thinking, strong belief and determination to play lottos at all times.

Posted by Vladimir (1/12/2011)

If I were such as footballer David Beckham and even to win the World Lottery to the maximum.

Posted by Anton (1/12/2011)

I vote for Messi! Messi is my favorite football player in the world, he plays for the best football club Barcelona and he deserve his big money! The other players also are very good!

Posted by Yuli (3/12/2011)

im like ronaldo and beckham, im like football expecially england league, im place a bet for my favorite team manchester united almost every times their playing, you need hard works for becomes super soccer and or superstar, but one thing sure its you will never win anything if you not place a bet like place bet in lottery

Posted by Amanda (5/12/2011)

Behind every successful man there is a lot of unsuccessful years. Behind every successful footballer is a lot of sweat and blood. Behind every successful lotto player is Playhugelottos.

Posted by Dora (5/12/2011)

There is only one success-to be able to live life to its fullest. These footballers are doing just that living their life while living their dreams.the money and fame is just a small part of it.

Posted by Anaida (5/12/2011)

Beckham is indeed the wealthiest footballer in the world. he has the wealthof a loving family.

Posted by Suny (5/12/2011)

1. Perseverance is the key to success. God wants to give them & they persevering as a football player & earning a lot of money. gift --> trying --> fate coming --> catching = earning money 2. I think about the salaries they earn is there honorarium. So it is unnecessary to say about their salary or contracts. 3. Lionel Messi is my favourite player. He is the best player of all who are in the list or not in the list. His playing technique is so good but in free kick Cristiano Ronaldo is the best of all.

Posted by Guntis (5/12/2011)

They are doing what they love - playing football!!! And what could be better if they can earn a millions with that. They have worked hard to get so far, to get their dreams come true. I love to play Euromillions, like they love to play football. And I know, that some day my dreams will come true, too. Cause I'm trying, and trying, and trying again, like they are training all the time. So maybe playing Euromillions is like playing football? If football player not trying to do his best (for exmpl. attacker - scoring a goals), it will be hard for him to get UP and earn a millions. If lottery player will not traying hard to play a lottery, he could miss his chance to get UP and live his dreamed life.

Posted by 75Ev (6/12/2011)

Lionel Messi..

Posted by Vladimir (6/12/2011)

Winning the jackpot will go to look at or buy soccer stadium right. :)

Posted by Adam (6/12/2011)

Football players are entertainers. They don't differ from any movie stars or pop stars. If through their work and talent they become popular and their fans come to see them play and buy gadgets they sell then by all means they deserve them. They've earned it. David Beckham is my favorite - he's got class and definitely has good business sense.

Posted by -3_JIV (6/12/2011)

If i win the any of the biggest jackpot offered by hugelottos,then i will create my own rebel soccer club with the stadium and my manager/player will be david beckham and i have other best players who got hidden talents.

Posted by Todor (6/12/2011)

I think that everyone deserves to be the Wealthiest football player ever ! Great skills , great style they do this world so happy and colourfull Thank you guys ...Football is the greatest

Posted by Krishnan (6/12/2011)

The odds of making it to top of any sport, especially Football are almost neglibile just as in the case of winning a Jackpot. Perhaps the odds are even better in winning a Jackpot and there is an element of luck to help. The renowned sports researcher John Lather says the elite performance of a sports person is directly proportional to time spent in quality training. For example weekly spending of 20 hours on quality training for about 8 successive years (approximately 10,000 cumulative hours) will make a sports person a world renowned figure just as we see here in the list provided by Hugelottos. I personally have the greatest admiration for David Beckam. Besides his fantabulous performances on the field ,I am really thrilled about the perfume named after him “Instinct for him” and “Intimate for her”. These perfumes, I heard are, as much superb as Beckam himself. Not only wealth, but added fame and distinctive world recognition like this is very rare for anyone to get. However one should remember what Dr. Samuel Johnson had said. To his biographer ,Dr. James Boswell’s query as to why people should run after materials and wealth if there was no happiness, Johnson replied that all those are struggles to attain happiness which however was never attained. We have ample examples in the sports celebrities ( for that matter all celebrities) to prove this point. I will pray that the Almighty should give not only wealth and health but peace and marital harmony to every celebrity!

Posted by Ilya (7/12/2011)

Well, all these guys are just great and very lucky soccer players and they have limited responsibility about how huge salaries they get. I think no one of them become professional footballer purposefully just to be rich. Best footballers receive such great income because big money is circulating in this kind of sport. It comes to football due its highest popularity. And it's hard for me to choose the best player from this list because everyone is unique there. So I can only try to estimate what each of them does in outside of sport. And then surely it's clear that David Beckham isn't only wealthiest footballer in the world but also he is the most social active and demonstrates the incredible versatility of his person. So only him... And I think it's not quite correct to compare lotto games to any other sport; most people know names of the best and regular soccer (tennis, hockey, etc.) players but who has ever heard about such ones in lotto games? Probably the answer is nobody, there's a usual situation 'no luck - no good results', and very little depends on your skills unlike in other kinds of sport.

Posted by Rakesh (7/12/2011)

all these are good players and therefore they win

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