A Super Yacht For Super Lotto Players

Some lotto players might say that the best car is a yacht. For others, the best house is also a yacht! For yacht fans it doesn’t get any better than Roman Abramovich’s ‘Eclipse’!

While a beachfront house would undoubtedly be on the top of the ‘to-buy’ list for any new lotto winner, there are those that prefer getting a little closer to the water.

Roman Abramovich’s Yacht the Eclipse certainly ‘eclipses’ all other privately owned sea going pleasure vessels. It would unfortunately also eclipse even the biggest lotto winner’s budget!


Roman Abromovitch

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting points about Mr. Abramovich’s incredible yacht:


  • The Eclipse is owned by Roman Abramovich, the 53rd richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of £8.4billion
  • It was built in Germany in 2010 with a price tag of £1billion (one would have to win the UK Lotto 250 times over to pay for it)
  • Measuring 557ft in length, it is the largest private yacht in the world
  • The yacht can accommodate 62 guests and 50 crew members
  • It has a top speed of 25 knots with a cruising speed of 22 knots
  • There are 2 helicopter landing pads
  • For maximum relaxation there are two swimming pools, several hot tubs, a steam room and a disco hall


For the paranoid billionaire the yacht is also fitted with a series of security features to ensure the safety (and privacy) of the hugely wealthy owner and his guests. These defence features include:


  • Bullet-proof windows
  • Its own missile defence system
  • The master suite is armour-plated
  • The yacht comes fitted with a mini submarine with internal boarding for quick escape
  • Anti-paparazzi shield with lasers to block camera lenses

Not being content with simply owning 1 mega-Yacht, the Russian oligarch owns another 3 other incredible yachts: the 377 foot long Pelorus, the Ecstasea (282ft) and the Sussurro (161ft).

For interest, Abramovich, who owns Chelsea Football Club, once lent one of his yachts, the Pelorus, to Chelsea footballers Frank Lampard and John Terry as a ‘bonus’ for playing well.

In total, the annual costs to run his fleet of yachts are approximately £16million which includes full tanks of petrol (about £70,000 per yacht).

It is crazy to think of the kind of money that billionaires like this spend on themselves. But then again, it is their own hard earned money and surely they can spend it on the things they choose? What do you think?

Tell us your thoughts on Roman Abramovich’s incredible yacht and billionaire spending. The top 5 comments will each win 5 FREE tickets into the UK Lotto.

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This post was written by
Anna Khlebnikova - who has written 371 articles

Posted by Shane (14/11/2011)

a lovely yacht & beyond any Mega Jackpot Lottery,sigh Real Beauty Yes , the last & Ultimate best any person could ask for. No 1 in the world !

Posted by Vladimir (14/11/2011)

So it has to be finally win the maximum jackpot lotteries in the world. MegaMillions, PowerBall, SuperEnaLotto, EuroMillions ...

Posted by Ildefonso (14/11/2011)

The yacht is a stunning piece of marine ingeniouty and is the envy of many other billionaires who have the same spending habits.As to his spending habits, I believe that you only live once and if you have the means, spoil yourself with the best material things life has to offer, however do not let your possesions posses you, great wealth comes with great responsibility and thus should be used to the betterment of human kind as a whole.

Posted by Ygr+z (14/11/2011)

What an incredible yacht! Its a little depressing though that the only way you could afford it is if you won a very large lottery and then invested the money to make a whole lot more money. Not that thats impossible though!

Posted by Sophie (14/11/2011)

Feel like a waste,but he has so much money,not being able to spend, he's not starving :) for this, not enough a lotto jackpot. With a jacht you can reach many beautiful places, although it is very expensive gasoline, but who buys a yacht, there is money to fill up, but also has its own oil company. although it's all fantastic, really a little bit paranoid guy, but never mind, it's the smallest problem...

Posted by Clint (14/11/2011)

it's not about having control about all things that happen, but about having control despite al thing that happen

Posted by Vladislav (14/11/2011)

Now that is what I call a yacht! The man definitely has a taste for nice stuff and he doesn't seem to care how much they cost. It's a really impressive thing. When I win the lottery fifty times I am getting one of those billion dollar yachts!

Posted by Karolis (14/11/2011)

Oligarch,yeaa!! one day i win big jackpot and then i buy it and i take all you guys and some hot babes in this yacht

Posted by Paweł (15/11/2011)

When you want a big yacht, you should be a bilioner. Roman Abramovich can afford that beacuse he is a bilioner. I have always dreamed about big yacht and private jet. I hope I win the lottery and invest that money, maybe then I will be a biilioner

Posted by Ernestas (15/11/2011)

I find it very cool to own such a yach, but I would stick with a smaller one and would keep the rest of the money.

Posted by Vladimir (15/11/2011)

I want a large luxury yachts. A lot of money and beautiful women. But it needs to win money ...

Posted by 75Ev (15/11/2011)

hmmmm...wow, now that is a work of art, pure craftmanship.. i am lost for words, i am sure Mr Abramovich is well off, he's right there on top with the big guys up there....Love the yacht **thumbs up**

Posted by Krishnan (15/11/2011)

I really wonder from where this Huge lotto collects such interesting facts. The Eclipse, as rightly named can easily eclipse any other yacht in the entire world. As I can see in the photo, it is actually a mini ship. Such a beauty and what an artistic luxury! Some billionaires display wealth with vulgarity. One cannot say the same thing about Roman Abromovich. Further he had the generosity to allow his Chelsea Football Club players to borrow for their personal use one of his yachts ,the Pelorus, . Obviously he may not lend his most precious “Eclipse” to any one. To own such a luxury even after winning big jackpots is just a distant dream. Perhaps if I ever win a good jackpot through HugeLottos, may be through their good offices I can borrow one of his yachts, as I could then afford its fuel cost and crew salaries for a week and live along with my family in the laps of artistic luxury. I never envy at others for anything but only admire God’s gifts to them.

Posted by Jf8RZ4 (15/11/2011)

What Abromovich has achieved is genius. Genius is perseverance in disguise.

Posted by Lim (15/11/2011)

well, im will be fair fot comment this from few side, personally im more like to donation, help build better education for people dont have thats access, but im also will enjoyed my wealth with spend and enjoyed some luxury thing but of course not thats so high like thats expensive yacht, nothing wrong with this tycoon habits, lets thing like this " like only one times and all we have cant bring it when die," so its not wrong if you"re able to live like thats, but also do social benefit it for the poor, so no one will complaint it about you're live style

Posted by Moses (15/11/2011)

roman abromvichs yacht is super heavy......he has the money so he owns a luxury yacht......it is truly magnificent and amazing.....its for people who love the finer things in life....i wanna be a billionaire and i`m sure someday i will......if you have the money and when money is not a problem owning material things is not a problem.....all you gotta do is wish for a product and you have it in as little time as possible coz you have the money to pay for it......but the fact is there are only about 2000 odd billionaires in the entire world!!!! so its truely an elite club.....to join there i need to win a massive jackpot from playhuge lottos n invest the money wisely and get to the list....so for all the billionaires in the world...i admaire you and am on the waiting list to join you ASAP

Posted by Milton (15/11/2011)


Posted by 5jtamj (15/11/2011)

Naah! This is too much. I only want enough money to be able to do whatever I want to; this guy has so much money that he doesn't know what he wants. So he simply wastes in order to keep up with.......? Himself?

Posted by Gergely (16/11/2011)

he doesn't have dinosaurs on the deck so it is a kinda boring little punt

Posted by P_DPXl (16/11/2011)

I think that it is an incredible yacht, perfect craftmanship!!!! The old saying: "If you've got it, flaunt it" has always resonated with me. I believe that if you have such incredible wealth and you are by means to live in such luxury on such an amazing yacht, then do it! It must be such an amazingly wonderful feeling to cruise the sea with the Eclipse, having every conceivable luxury at the tips of your fingers. I truly happy for Roman Abromovich and the he is living such a wonderful life. We should see this man as an example of what is possible. We all have the capacity to achieve such incredible things!!!!!!

Posted by -3_JIV (16/11/2011)

each and everyone born with their own stars if Roman got his wealth,one day Eugene (I) will get my own wealth,if that has to come through huge lotto,then be it.

Posted by Yuli (16/11/2011)

im like fishing in some weekend, wow if i can have boat, even not thats super yacht , thats will be enough for me , foe move fishing in the river to fishing in the sea

Posted by Vladimir (16/11/2011)

I swam across the world on a luxury yacht. :)

Posted by Oh (16/11/2011)

The life's of billionaires is now more even better than ancient most powerful EMPEROR life's, because there is no significant threaten of political opponents all over the countries and still giving pleasure times to spent over the interests they likes, spent without considered the benefits of the country and people that are contrary for a wise EMPEROR life's.

Posted by Oh (17/11/2011)

It's far more greatest than any ancient EMPERORs yachts in heir whole life's, but contrary EMPERORs spent their harded earned money even for self and also country and the people.

Posted by Zaxarias (17/11/2011)

some people will do anything and evetything to impress the others but from the other side "Mr Abramovich treat yourself in any accessible way,you can aford it so enjoy yor life"

Posted by Samson (17/11/2011)

Owning a yacht like the ECLIPSE would be a dream come true.It will be home on the sea for me and to sail all over the world calling in the beautiful ports , visiting all the countries in the worls accessible by sea. With a yacht like Eclipse how wonderful it will be in the night to watch the starry sky , an opportunity very few get. I can make nightlong parties inviting relatives and friends and be the cynosure of all. A millionare with an unique yacht is a wonderful position to own.

Posted by Boris (17/11/2011)

Yacht the Eclipse is more than a luxury.Queen of seas.Thanks to Abramovich for creating of such £1billion eclipse. One day... my name on the lotto winner list... water down own yacht... and a life is on!

Posted by Aju (17/11/2011)

the yatch is absolutely a beauty..it also shows that money can actually buy you beauty and happiness...it just inspires makes people and make them stride for greater success. i think the owner has every right to enjoy the privileges...i hope the owner is as interested in helping out with charity as he is flamboyant

Posted by Moses (17/11/2011)

This is incredible and unbelievable to those who believe only in hand earned wealth, but to those who always aim for the jackpot and nothing less it just a click away

Posted by P3IYGA (17/11/2011)

He certainly shares my life philosophy; enjoy what you have cause tomorrow you might be dead. However I would even more enjoy if he would share with me some of his cash!!!

Posted by Lakshminarayan (17/11/2011)

PlayHuge lottos until i get amount to buy these items!!!

Posted by Ilya (18/11/2011)

Oh, it's an Emazing Yacht at an Emazing Cost!!! But it is naively to think that Roman Abramovich just wastes his billions of dollars (or pounds) away for beatiful and incredibly expensive 'toys'. There is one proverb in Russia; translated into English literally it sounds like a - 'Don't Put (=keep) All Eggs Into The Same Basket'. I am sure that he knows this one and follows it. In other words, he, as man who has achieved such heights in the life and in the business and consequenly having great experience, understands that it's better to keep his wealth using most of available ways (bying vehicles, real estate, and even football clubs) and not in just bank account funds. At the same time some of these things can be very useful for him personally in any situation and they don't depend on the rates of different currencies. And also glory of him as a generous oligarch sharing his goods to other people will help if he will decide to return to the big policy. So go on, Roman!

Posted by ZkTbMH-Fn (18/11/2011)

PLAYHUGELottos.com - Please help me to own only a fraction of that YACHT !

Posted by Chanso (18/11/2011)

the ultimate luxury to indulge and to have the identity and class of its own.and..make's James Bond sissy with all his toys.....

Posted by Mukesh Kumar (18/11/2011)

If I win A Jackpot then I buy Yacht.

Posted by Sudha (18/11/2011)

Roman Abramovich’s ‘Eclipse’! cannot be eclipsed even by the Lunar Ecplise that is happening on December 10. Not all Billionaires have such refined taste. May God bestow upon him kije this continuously His Choicest Blessings. !

Posted by Biroja (18/11/2011)

Owning a yacht like the ECLIPSE would be a dream come true if God help me.It will be home on the sea for me and to sail all over the world calling in the beautiful ports , visiting all the countries in the worls accessible by sea. With a yacht like Eclipse how wonderful it will be in the night to watch the starry sky , an opportunity very few get. I can make nightlong parties inviting relatives and friends and be the cynosure of all. A millionare with an unique yacht is a wonderful position to own. Biroja

Posted by Liliia (18/11/2011)

Абрамович должен сказать огромное спасибо России и русскому народу, за все то что он имеет!

Posted by Stuart (18/11/2011)

Hi everybody! i think Roman Abramovich is a very lucky man indeed,he certainly seems to be the type of person who enjoys spending his money while he can and why not? we only live once and like the saying goes, you can't take it with you! As for the rest of us i strongly recommend that we keep playing the lottery,you never know when it's going to be your lucky day and it might be one of us out cruising on the high seas! Good fortune to all!...

Posted by Safiya (19/11/2011)

To Each His Own Eclipse $O

Posted by Raju (19/11/2011)

Owning a yacht like the Eclipse would be a dream come true for many. Nobody becomes a billionnair in a day. Even a regular lolttery player need to concentrate and wait for his turn. Nothing comes easy. yaa spending is thrilling till you have money. And spending billions let jackpot happen. He is spending his earning wisely. congrats.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (19/11/2011)

The Eclipse is the latest addition to Abramovich's private navy. He also owns the 163ft Sussurro and the 374ft Luna. Abramovich also owns the world's largest private jet, a Boeing 767 nicknamed the Bandit. Roman Abramovich is one splendidly rich man who knows how to live and travel with rich taste. He has also bought a £90million mansion which is believed to have more than 15 bedrooms and extensive gardens. An extraordinary subterranean playground is being built beneath the property which will house a tennis court, health centre and a private museum for his six vintage Ferraris.At least I could hear a news about a man who is really living the life of my wildest dreams.

Posted by Anton (20/11/2011)

I want that I become rich as wanting Roman Abramovich to buy yachts cars airplanes houses To go at the world I want to spend money for all-mine прищавки and to help to all hapless and dispossessed persons that to contact my care.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (20/11/2011)

If yacht is a status symbol, then owner of the most outrageous yacht eclipse Roman abramovich is top on it. The Eclipse is the latest addition to Abramovich's private navy. He also owns the 163ft Sussurro and the 374ft Luna. Abramovich also owns the world's largest private jet, a Boeing 767 nicknamed the Bandit. Roman’s new 30,000 square foot mega mansion is located in London and is worth around $230,000,000. There is no doubt that he has a taste of maharaja and a wealth of emir.Atlast I have found a man living in style which is beyond my wildest dreams.

Posted by Vladimir (25/11/2011)

Always good to have a large and luxurious yacht.

Posted by Vladimir (8/12/2011)

If I won so I buy a company that will produce luxury yachts and yacht prepaval would like the whole world. :)

Posted by Vladimir (9/12/2011)

I would like to own a yacht Roman Abramovich's own football clubs and like him even more things to own both in terms of money and enjoy the luxury. I spent billions on things that I have made billions of dials that I was richer

Posted by Rajesh.r (11/02/2012)

Your great yacht.god bless you.

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