Lucky Number 11

This Friday will be the 11th Day of the 11th Month of the year 2011 – 11/11/11. Could this be the perfect date to chance your luck on the Euromillions lottery?

As fans of the lottery and Euromillions in particular, we have to ask ourselves, “Are certain dates luckier than others” – especially certain date configurations? It would be hard to argue that the convergence of day, date and year could not serve as a sign of something special about to happen.

This could be a powerful day for all players of luck based games, not just lottery players. In fact, it might be worthwhile to consider all areas where you could include the number 11 into your life on this day. Are you having a dinner party on Friday night? Why not invite 11 people?

Lucky Number 11

What is so special about the number 11?

The number 11 occurs repeatedly in life in relation to special events and has a unique significance for a number of reasons, including:

  • It is the first number that cannot be counted on a human’s two hands additively.
  • Most team sports have 11 players, including Soccer, Cricket, American Football and Hockey.
  • World War 1 ended on November 11th (Many people around the world observe a moments silence at 11am local time on November 11 each year in honour of soldiers who fought for their country).
  • Apollo 11 was the name of the spacecraft that carried the first astronauts to the Moon.
  • It is the first palindrome prime number e.g. 111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321


How can lottery players take advantage of this date?

As lottery players we are observers of luck and fate in life. We need to be aware of strange dates and number occurrences in life.

  • If you are trying your luck on Euromillions or Megamillions this Friday, then the number 11 might be worthwhile including in your entries.
  • If you are playing the Megamillions you can choose the number 11 in your main set of numbers AND for your Mega ball number.
  • If you are playing the Euromillions you can choose the number 11 in your main set of numbers and you can include the number 1 as one of your Star numbers. Or alternatively you can select the numbers 5 and 6 for your Star numbers (because they add up to 11).
  • Why not place 11 entries into your favourite lottery on Friday night?
  • Start a lottery pool containing 11 players and enter the Friday Euromillions draw.


Don’t wait for the 11th hour

The 11th Hour means leaving something for the last possible moment and it can often imply a situation of urgency or even an emergency. Make sure you don’t leave it to the 11th hour before playing your lottery numbers on Friday!

Who knows, checking the lotto results on the morning of the 12th November may just turn out to be one of your most memorable moments in life.

Do you have any unusual superstitions? What are your thoughts on luck and fate? Leave us your comments and the top 11 comments will each receive 11 Pounds play credit (or equivalent currency). Comments close at 11 am, Friday 11th November 2011.

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Michael K.

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Dorota F.

Krishnan V.

Peter T.

Tyrone O.

Paweł P.

You have each had 11 Pounds (or equivalent currency) Play Credit added to your account.

Good luck for the €66,500,000 Euromillions draw tonight!

This post was written by
Amanda Green - who has written 92 articles

Posted by Lim (8/11/2011)

well, im some one to believe, even something you try hard but without god permittion ( for people so believe in religion ) or fate and luck for most people ( un religion ) its will can complete our plan, soulmate, win lottery etc, but one thing im very sure, we must always keep our faith and try our best, less other will wait god permittion/luck/fate

Posted by Lai (8/11/2011)

in chinese have famoues poetry in english translate will be like this " if not belong to you, you cant got it even thats infront of you " where so thousands years already past but thats poetry still hear in china, thats mean so clear thats fate and luck its very take control our live

Posted by Yuli (8/11/2011)

im a simple guys, im have good jobs, not big pay but im enjoyed, nice neighborhood, nice boss, for got this what im feel now its absolutely beause of fate and luck

Posted by P_DPXl (8/11/2011)

I have a very unusual superstition when it comes to sweeping the floor. I believe that the floor should be swept in the morning and NEVER EVER at night. I have had so many bad experiences after sweeping the floor at night time that I have been forced to conclude that my bad experiences have to be related to the sweeping of the floor at night time. On the other hand, I do not believe that there is something like luck or fate... I believe in the law of attraction and that we attract all circumstances and events into our life experience by the thoughts we think and the beliefs that we hold on any given subject. Therefore, my superstition might just be a belief that I hold and in doing so I attract circumstances where what I believe has to manifest into my life experience. I will therefore now start to believe that I have won the Euromillions jacpot and then the universe will line up the circumstances and events to substantiate my beliefs!!!

Posted by Ildefonso (8/11/2011)

If it was meant for you to win,it WILL happen no matter the odds. Believe it's possible,as faith laughs at impossibilities.Good luck everyone.

Posted by Carl (9/11/2011)

We are all dreamers some of us are lucky and some are not. But if we think it, really want it, dream it, then it's real. You are what you feel.Can you feel it? Winning the Euromillions this week 11.11.11 is ABSOLUTELY real.

Posted by Usha (9/11/2011)

I am a dreamer, of course one thing i am very sure, we must always keep our try & faith on god our best,& then dream will become true, so Winning the Euromillions this week 11.11.11 is real in reality.

Posted by Sreenivas (9/11/2011)

Start to believe that I have won the Euromillions jackpot, that is only on faith of God & good luck, & it will happen no matter this week, that is 11.11.11, & dreams comes true.

Posted by Manasa (9/11/2011)

I always believe God & our good luck, & of course our sincere effort will make success in our life, & that day is 11.11.11 & GOOD LUCK

Posted by Sophie (9/11/2011)

I believe in fate, and I hope that one day I will be very lucky.

Posted by Ygr+z (9/11/2011)

I believe that if you dont believe 100% in your heart that you are going to win the lottery then you wont. You have to want it, pray for it and then believe that you have it! Most importantly you actually have to buy a ticket! And what better day for some extra inspiration than 11/11/11?

Posted by Gv02 (9/11/2011)

I come from a very superstitious country. My fiance always jokes with me about it. I believe that one should not verbalize negative forecasts as our words have an immense power. Also if you do not want something to happen, make sure you touch the wood three times and spit over your left shoulder three times. You do not have to literally spit, jus do the like motion of it.

Posted by Zaxarias (9/11/2011)

I have read a book"The Secret" loads of times and always iam coming back to one conclusion - you create your own future thanks to the power of your thoughts

Posted by Marek (9/11/2011)

There are a few things, which I consider when guessing my numbers. One is the birthday of myself, my wife and my son. then I have a few numbers which I simply like, those are 4,13,19,24,32,47 they do not always apply to every lottery, but they come in handy. However I never actually won anything significant with them :) However the second thing I consider when guessing numbers is the "neatness" it has to look good, the shape the numbers create, when I look at the numbers it has to look "pretty" that is when I get a good feeling from the bet. I just hope that one day these numbers will bring me luck.

Posted by Oh (9/11/2011)

My only unusual superstition is do we really need our luck & fate to be control by god and let whose have motives to take advantage of !

Posted by Krishnan (10/11/2011)

This is a lovely article. Kudos to whosoever wrote it ! Numbers do have prominence and predominance in every body’s everyday life though many may not notice it. Will just give you sample of this number 11 of which rightfully Hugelottos glorify. On the 1st of November I just felt that the two stars in Euromillion will be 1 and 11 and so in both the tickets I mentioned only 1 and 11 as stars. And lo ! while this came correct, I failed in the other five numbers tallying with only one in one of the two tickets. However in Numerology number 11 is treated as 2 ( 1 + 1). All two digit numbers are thus reduced to single digit. And hence in India 13 is never considered an unlucky number because it is actually 4 ( 1+3). I will not go into full details of Numerology here. In the olden days in Egypt they used only “2” for purposes of multiplication and division involving any number however big they might be. This was because they knew only the table of “2”. If I narrate the procedure it will occupy a huge space here. Hence I leave it to readers’ imagination! If we all carefully notice, on some unique day a particular number/s will be appearing in many lotteries though different machines are used. How does this happen? No logical explanation! And now on Superstitions: Eat a spoon of curd when you leave home on some important work, 99.99 percent, that work will be accomplished. Sneezing odd number of times, by you or anyone else in your home, or a cat crossing your path while you prepare to leave your home is considered very inauspicious. However you return, take a glass of water, rest for a couple of minutes and then leave. Then there is no need to worry. It is considered a very bad omen if someone, while seated for eating, is called by some one to do something else. I even today remember. On September 30, 1980, while my sister’s son was seated for eating, a friend of his called him to help him bring down his kite. He left eating and went to the terrace on the fourth floor and as he maneuvered bringing down the kite, he placed his foot on a rubble and slipped and fell from the terrace backwards on the ground floor. The death was instantaneous. I as well as many in India (especially the Brahmins) follow strictly the “Rahu Kaal” (Timings considered bad due to influence of Rahu, astrologically the node. During these “Rahu Kaals” nothing like inauguration of something, joining a new office, house warming etc. etc. are never done. These are one and a half hour durations daily starting from 7.30 A.M. till 6.00 P.M. It is like this. On Monday from 7.30 to 9.00A.M., Saturday from 9.00 to 10.30 A.M. Friday: from 10.30 to 12.00 Noon, Wednesday from 12.00 to 1.30 P.M. Thursday from 1.30 to 3.00 P.M., Tuesday from 3.00 to 4.30 P.M. and lastly Sunday from 4.30 to 6.00 P.M. How to remember these different timings for different days? There is a formula. Remember this sentence: Mother Saw Father Wearing The Turban Sunday. “M” in “Mother” for Monday, “S” in “Saw” for Saturday, “F” in “Father” for Friday, “W” in “Wearing” for Wednesday “Th” in “The” for Thursday, “Tu” in “Turban” for Tuesday and lastly “Sunday” in “Sunday”. I always get premonitions about certain future happenings and generally heed to my premonitions. I also get warnings and I have suffered if I failed to heed to such warnings. The list of superstitions is endless. You can write a big compendium on it ! Let Almighty’s blessings be with everyone for all time!!

Posted by Md (10/11/2011)

interesting concept

Posted by Dorothy (10/11/2011)

I believe God alligned us for things to come but He gave us choices and depending on the choices you make you can allign yourself to the bad things or the good things, so we keep praying.

Posted by DOO8 (10/11/2011)

11 is one of my numbers and I believe that soon my numbers will come in. I was born in the 11 month.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (10/11/2011)

11-11-2011 is right around the corner; it is a very important date, time frame. Why? Because of the uniqueness of the numerical combination of 11-11-2011. There is tremendous amount of secrets behind numbers. It is unfathomable: you cannot even know how many secrets and how deep they are, behind numbers. Pythagoras speculated on the secret behind numbers.So 11-11-2011 has a secret and We are just going tolook into about one particular secret of this number. It’s a number for a new beginning. Why? Because it is 11-11. After ten (10), you have a new set of energy, a second beginning if you will. Instead of going back to one, we have 11.That’s why in the tradition of the Vaishnavites, those people who are worshipers of Vishnu, Vishnu is the god of wealth and of this world. They have put a lot of emphasis on the 11th Moon, Ekadashi. Ekadashi, in Sanskrit, means the 11th moon. In the 11th moon, there is rejuvenation, regeneration, a possibility for a new life, and especially when it is the month, the year, and the day; all are 11-11-11! There is a tremendous amount of energy of the 11 energy for rejuvenation and for regeneration.Best of luck for all.

Posted by P. Bala (10/11/2011)

Be a honest, we will get everything from God

Posted by ZkTbMH-Fn (10/11/2011)

No such things like LUCK and FATE, only FAITH in GOD !

Posted by I96g2 (10/11/2011)

11 is just a number

Posted by Julian (10/11/2011)


Posted by Josephine (10/11/2011)

My uncle always told us not to give water and turmeric after the lamp is lit in the evening to anyone.And one day when uncle was away my cousin gave water to the neighbor. My aunt met with an accident the next day. JOSEPHINE BRODIE

Posted by Ranjan (10/11/2011)

Nothing is impossible. We can change our direction for that we must have belive ,paitents, dedication and faith at least this may be 111111 or 31312.good luck

Posted by Ranjan (10/11/2011)

Nothing is impossible. We can change our direction for that we must have belive ,paitents, dedication and faith at least this may be 111111 or 31312.good luck

Posted by ZBudC (10/11/2011)

Jonu Lomo (Rugby Player) was also in love with number 11 !!!

Posted by Stuart (10/11/2011)

Hi everybody! It will be 100 years before this (special?) date comes around again, unfortunately i doubt if any one of us will be around to witness it! So we should make the most of this one, in spain the daily lottery (La Once) is having a one off special draw with a top prize of 11 million euros and 11 runner up prizes of 1 million euros. Anyway if you are one of millions who believe in fateful dates play the lottery tomorrow! Who knows? 11 might be your lucky number!!

Posted by WDxcNw (11/11/2011)

eleven from heaven for the leaven on earth

Posted by Ilya (11/11/2011)

Actually I don't have any unusual superstitions but I believe in science of astrology and consequently I believe in luck and fate as its parts. I think that lucky numbers and unlucky numbers really exist for everybody but everyone who knows his personal lucky ones and unlucky ones can perceive these numbers as a pre known signs only of either success or failure relatively of those upcoming events and things in his (her) life to which ones these numbers have direct relative and this works only when their choosing isn't his (her) purposely step to attract some luck. So for example, if an id of lottery ticket that I have purchased consists mostly of my lucky numbers or it ends on such one I can hope on high-success of this my entry. Although probably knowledge of 'bad' numbers can help to avoid some problems it's quite plain that success finds lucky one not due his or her 'magical spell'.

Posted by Kanu (11/11/2011)

I believe that if you dont believe 100% in your heart that you are going to win the lottery then you wont. You have to want it, pray for it and then believe that you have it! Most importantly you actually have to buy a ticket! And what better day for some extra inspiration than 11/11/11? = KANU SINGHA

Posted by Mukesh Kumar (11/11/2011)


Posted by Sudha (11/11/2011)

I strongly believe in Luck and numbers. Eventhough my birth date is 25, as ruled, I am not at all having that luck which is usually associated with number 7 Even today ( after completing 62 years) I have to go for work in a Publishing House. Unable to leave it due to requirement of money for family. My only consolation is a good caring husband, daughter and son. I have won somall token amount in this Hugelottos which you can attribute as luck. As people say luck is overrulled by fate. So I believe in daily prayers weekly visits to Temple. Every week I take a black cloth and in it pack some small quanity of gingilly seeds and soak the bundle in gingilly oil and burn it in front of Lord Sani's Idol. It is believed He is the one who gives and destroys. Many in the whole of India do this. In fact of most of the countries have some sort of belief like irrespective the religion they belong to. Non-believers may call it supersitition.

Posted by -3_JIV (11/11/2011)

my superstitions are as follows: my palm itches then money comes, my left eye beats then money comes, if ears are itches good or bad news are coming, where you deal money in your house or office do not sweep the dirt then you are chasing the luck away. my path no:3 i take i move my appointments everything goes around with no:3. the last one if you think about money or numbers or winning and if anyone sneezes and belive that it will happen.

Posted by Stoian (11/11/2011)

It is the number in 11, always I include it in recordings If I had more opportunities, I would run recordings on all your 11 lotteries of 11 recordings and today at 11. 11. 2011 possibly the destiny would be favorable for me.

Posted by Anton (11/11/2011)

In status of the numerology the two units are quantity in strong combination at 11. The pair of the units constitutes balance of the dominican-material as well in time. According to нумеролози 11. 11. 11 will bring many good things in our life: wealth, prosperity, a good fortune, even, the change of the destiny. The reason is not only in the combining on time units. This 11 year from November, when there is the full phase of the moon, the influence of the moon on the life, health of the person. The digital curio will be marked by a myriad of marriages with security around the world. For 11 date November there is its historic конотации as well. The armistice was signed out at 11 o'clock in 11 November 1918 years in first world war.

Posted by Marián (11/11/2011)

Magic datum 11.11.11 : Expect extremes! And to win the lottery is really great extrem , therefore play and win. Best of luck for all.

Posted by 2ktsjMH9Al (11/11/2011)

11 is the highest of three numbers which can be seen as binary, yielding their decimal values resembling their positions from the smallest. This means that 11 as biranry will yield 3 as decimal number and position, when 1=1 and 10=2. Electrical Engineers/Technologists and students in the same field of study will understand, for these are the basics of Digital Systems in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Perhaps one may hit the jackpot, by generating winning numbers from such a method, on this day, 11/11/2011.

Posted by 2ktsjMH9Al (11/11/2011)

2010 SA Soccer World Cup first match was on the 11th of June.

Posted by Vladimir (11/11/2011)

I could finally win a maximum of 11 based on the number MegaMillions, PowerBall, SuperEnalotto, Euromillions lottery and another world and everything to the max jacpokt.

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