$100 Million Is The Magic Number

The American powerhouse Mega Millions lotto and USA Powerball have both been on a roll for some time. It’s anyone’s guess regarding the Mega Millions and Powerball results if any players will crack the winning numbers to become newly-minted multimillionaires in tonight’s Mega Millions or tomorrow’s Powerball lotteries. One thing is for certain though – you can’t win if you don’t play!

And if you do buy Powerball tickets online and win the USA Powerball jackpot tomorrow then your lump sum pay out would be $124.1 million – which happens to be$24.1 million above the magic number for being able to do what you wish, according to David Rose, an infamous venture capitalist and the CEO of Gust. “Being a millionaire ain’t what it used to be,” Rose stated, adding, “Even if you had, say, $5 million, and were willing to take a fair bit of risk and put it all in the stock market where it might (with real luck) generate 4% annually, you’d still be making only $200,000 a year. Take out taxes (being generous, let’s use the 20% rate at which Obama paid) and you’re at $160,000.”

Would you be happy with winning under $100 million or do you only play the lotto when the jackpots reach higher than $100 million? Tell us - your comments earn lotto points!

Happy lotto winner

Arguably, this is a generous number that anyone would be happy with because it’s enough to take an annual vacation, send the kids to private schools and rent a lovely apartment or pay the mortgage on a $1 million house. But if you’re after the lifestyle of the truly minted, you’re going to want to buy Powerball tickets online and win the jackpot. Rose says you’d need about $100 million to kick start your path to billionaire status. With the right kind of investments and the Powerball jackpot under your belt, it’s certainly within your grasp!

And that’s when you will be able to afford a Gulfstream, a penthouse in Manhattan, a yacht docked in the Mediterranean and a trophy-spouse! You can also become involved in philanthropic ventures, following in the footsteps of some of our favourite film stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood’s own environmental activist!

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Posted by Sharat (4/02/2014)

I've done with the booking for mega million and powerball for tonight and tomorr respectively...double adrenaline run wild when both the lottos run overboard 100 Million mark....hahaha! Happy playing!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (4/02/2014)

I would be happy to play the both lotto when the jackpots reach higher than $100 million

Posted by Edmore (4/02/2014)

This Year,This Month Something has gotta give

Posted by Oh (5/02/2014)

I would be happy capable giving any winning, because this should be said money not your own, this is capable giving chance for loans,not from real personal capabllities.

Posted by XW48Qp6uW (13/02/2014)

I would be very happy to play both lottery

Posted by Sreenivas (18/02/2014)

happy for both

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