What Cars Do Lottery Winners Drive?

One of the first things that many lottery winners purchase with their hard-won lotto cash is a brand new motor car. Many will even buy more than one. So, what cars are these lucky lotto winners buying for themselves?

The open road, a flashy new ride, a full tank of fuel and a mind racing faster than the new car! You’ve had your pick of any car in the world and you’ve chosen this one. How does it feel? Is it all that you thought it would be?

Hey, if you are disappointed you can always go and buy yourself another one! Finance? No problem, you are paying cash. An almost unlimited bank account can certainly help when it comes to showroom floor service…

Not many people know the feeling – a lottery winner is one of the exceptions!

Drivesteady.com recently posted some interesting stats regarding the car spending-habits of lottery winners. And the results are even more ostentatious than expected!

  • 13% of Jackpot Winners have purchased at least TEN cars since their win.
  • The average number of cars purchased per lottery winning household is FIVE.

The top ten car brands purchased by lottery winners are as follows (in order):

1.    Mercedes-Benz
2.    BMW
3.    Mini Cooper
4.    Vauxhall
5.    Land Rover
6.    Range Rover
7.    Ford
8.    Porsche
9.    Audi
10.  Jaguar

I am sure that every lottery player out there would have their own thoughts about the kinds of cars that they think should have made the lottery winners list, or the order that the above cars appeared in. So why not give us your thoughts on the subject?

What dream car would you purchase if you won the lottery? Leave your comments and we will select one lucky player to receive 5 free Euromillions lottery tickets.


Lottery Winners Car


For some more inspiration and for a slightly different take on the best cars out there, Whatcar.com chose the following cars based on various criteria:

  • Top car for Performance: Audi R8 $114,000
  • Top car for the Family: Land Rover Discovery $77,773
  • Top car for Posing: BMW Z4 $59,255
  • Top car for Business: Jaguar XF $62,500
  • Top car for Trips to the South of France: Jaguar XK $97,000
  • Top car for Sheer Fun: Lotus Evora $92,775

For motor loving car aficionados out there the above list is surely enough to make your mouth water (And certainly enough to get your mind racing at the catalogue of cars a win on the lottery could bring you).

Remember to leave us your thoughts on lottery winners and their cars to stand a chance of winning 5 free Euromillions lottery tickets (and why not play the lottery while you decide on your own personal car list)?


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Good luck for the €44,600,000 Euromillions draw tonight!

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Posted by Ygr+z (28/10/2011)

It would be very hard not to buy a fleet of cars but some definite must haves will be a nissan gtr, toyota fj with a couple of accessories and 1 ferrari, any 1! or maybe all the ferraris.

Posted by Volodymyr (28/10/2011)

still even when you win you should have the list of this dream-cars. you must know exactly what model, engine, interior, exterior.

Posted by Ildefonso (28/10/2011)

2012 Bentley Continental GT Coupe (White) 2012 Range Rover Vogue Supercharged (White),nice combo,don't want people to ask to many questions.

Posted by A.k.a. (28/10/2011)

If I win jackpot then I will definitely purchase my INDIAN brand only. Or I will purchase Land Rover or Jaguar of Tata's of my nation.

Posted by Gergely (28/10/2011)

"Top car for Performance: Audi R8 $114,000" - hm interesting, I think a Bugatti Veyron should stay better for this type of a car, but if I win I will buy an Ariel Atom for trackdays and a Range Rover for deliver it :)

Posted by Vladislav (28/10/2011)

I would buy: Ferrari 458 Italia Range Rover Jaguar XKR convertable Mercedes SLS Rolls-Royce Phantom Aston Martin Virage Volante Lamborghini Aventador Mercedes-McLaren SLR Koenigsegg Agera Bugatti Veyron SS I couldn't pick just one :D

Posted by Lim (28/10/2011)

im love this article, its same like what im thing it first thing to do, buy car, especially the super car, but in my country where im live the tag price will double and or triple then mention it in this article, but even expensive then in the overseas, but the rich will always desire to have it,even the road in our country so bad, but their less do drive, just only collected for collection, my favorite its bmw x5, the supercar i love its ferrari and lamborghini,

Posted by Sunday (28/10/2011)

Its only natural one will want to buy a new car if he or she wins the lottery but i think its important to streamline between luxury and neccessity. For me i like the Bentley Mulsanne alot and i think it should have made the list though the cars on the list are great and any one will cherish them...

Posted by Lai (28/10/2011)

if you drive van suzuki for send my kids to school every day, already 6 years old car, amazing if suddenly im drive my favorite lexus/toyota harrier ( in my country this cost its US$100.000-150.000,- i believe every eyes will always looking at you, will very jealous, but i will make them happy with said , since now, all my kids classmate will no more pay school fee

Posted by Yuli (28/10/2011)

i love supercars, im very like hummers, its cost US$350.000,- in my country, but if suddenly i can make it comes true, its still to much for me, im not dream it to high, just second or third tier jackpot already enough for me buy car, better then public services transportation right

Posted by Oleksandr (28/10/2011)

I like Toyota Tundra. Most dependable large pickup.

Posted by Vladimir (28/10/2011)

So I would choose from this list, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz but prefer the Maserati. And I would like to win 5 free entries into the EuroMillions.

Posted by Vladimir (28/10/2011)

My other favorite brands are Lamborghini, Nissan, Ferrari, Bugatti Veyron.

Posted by Adam (29/10/2011)

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Posted by Sreenivas (29/10/2011)

If i win Jackpot I will buy Audi R8 One,BMW Z4 One, & Jaguar XF One, because we are three members in our family, & i will keep another Car for my other family members, that is Land Rover Discovery, & then i will go for things, such as Big House etc.,

Posted by Sreenivas (29/10/2011)

If i win Jackpot I will buy Audi R8 One,BMW Z4 One, & Jaguar XF One, because we are three members in our family, & i will keep another Car for my other family members, that is Land Rover Discovery, & then i will go for things, such as Big House etc.,If i win Jackpot I will buy Audi R8 One,BMW Z4 One, & Jaguar XF One, because we are three members in our family, & i will keep another Car for my other family members, that is Land Rover Discovery, & then i will go for things, such as Big House etc.,

Posted by Marek (29/10/2011)

Well, when I was young (right now I am 27 :) ) I realy wanted an BMW M5 and now the new M5 is out and I love it. However I would also consider the R8. BUT, since times have changed and so has my thinking I would definitely go for the TESLA MODEL S!!! The car is the best there is!! It is unique (only 6500 models planned for next year), great dizajn, newest technology, in 4,6 seconds from 0 - 100 Km/h and most of all it is an pure ELECTRIC car, which means no emisions!! There is no transmission, no oil, nothing its simply great. And the question why would I buy it after winning the lottery, well, it costs 50,000 Dollars + 20,000 dollars for the battery that lasts 500 km and of course accessories. I would preffere such a car over anyother NOW!!

Posted by OUznR9 (29/10/2011)

What about a car for every day of the week? Monday - Audi R8 Tuesday - Porsche 911 Turbo Wednesday - GT40 Thursday - Bugatti Friday - Ferrari Saturday - Merc Sunday - Lamborghini :-)

Posted by 8S9M (29/10/2011)

I have no doubt - it would just have to be an Aston Martin Virage! Then the wife would need a car..... and the two daughters..... Mmmm! Could be fun!

Posted by 3Xnvhk (29/10/2011)

My dream car has to be a Mercedes-Benz CLS Saloon 500 BlueEffeiciency Sport 4 drive. It is undoubtedly one of the best Mercedes-Benz models in the current portfolio

Posted by ZBudC (29/10/2011)

Why not buy a Nissan GTR just to be different + make a proper statement!! Mercedes Benz do own 5% if Nissan shares. That shows that you are in the top league.

Posted by Subrat (29/10/2011)

Hai, If I win jackpot then I will definitely purchase Mercedes-Benz only. Regards, Subrat Mohanty India

Posted by Jean P (29/10/2011)

If I ever win a big jackpot, I will buy an Aston Martin for sure. That's my dream, even though I am driving a Jaguar XF 2010 at the moment. I am really enjoying my car.

Posted by László (29/10/2011)

The "Jaguar XF" the best buy. English and pretty.

Posted by Pushparaj (29/10/2011)

My first preference is AUDI R8(my son's dream car)and Porsche Cayenne 4x4.

Posted by Lyubka (29/10/2011)

I prefer BMW.My favourite car,my dream.I hope I,ll win the lottery soon.

Posted by Harry (29/10/2011)

Lamborghini Murcielago for cruisin' on a sunny day, AudiR8 V-10 for the trip to the market..but with all that cash another Lamborghini only as a Aventador. Should look after about 1M.

Posted by JumP1aUQEmpi0R (30/10/2011)

i would have to say that the Ferrari 599 really stands out as my favourite. Another classic for day-to-day efficiency would be a black range rover sports or a mercedes benz E63 AMG to take the boredom out of those lenghty cross-country trips. I suppose any wheels would be good at this stage and thats why im playinghugelottos.

Posted by Stoian (30/10/2011)

If I have ever luck to get the jackpot back, I will buy I will buy the mercedes - Ben as my Wife Audi for the head of a family namely, on me as well on all family members in one car for my sons Jaguar and Porsche.

Posted by Anton (30/10/2011)

I like all these delightful carloads of listed upstairs, I would buy ноаз A large family car Land Rover.

Posted by Kian Huat (30/10/2011)

If I ever won a lottery, I will buy a BMW X5 for my family of 4 and a 911 Porsche Turbo PDK that I can drive around with just my wife and cruise the city and highway in comfort and in style.

Posted by Otto (30/10/2011)

As a support for the globe and for the finnish workmaship, i would buy me a Fisker Karma electric sports car made in Uusikaupunki, Finland. My wife would get a BMW X 1 2,0 TDA automatic.

Posted by Alin (30/10/2011)

1. Lexus LS600h L for...roads. 2. Mercedes G 300 CDI Professional for..."topographic maps".

Posted by Carl (30/10/2011)

I would purchase a Mercedes-McLaren SLR for my wife as a christmas gift & a Range Rover sport for my self

Posted by George (30/10/2011)

I may love to buy any expensive car but according to the conditions facing my own citizenies I will not buy what we call expensive car. 1. I will build a nice school to educate the un educated once 2. I will build nice hospital to treat the sick 3. I will create job opportunities to my citizens to avoid idleness above all in the name of the almighty God I will not buy what is so called expensive I GEORGE insist.

Posted by O6Lic (30/10/2011)

Seeing that I belong to a 4X4 offroad club, and we often do 4x4 trips into Africa, my obvious choice would be the Mercedes Benz Gelandwagen. Currently the best offroad vehicle available.

Posted by Ronald (31/10/2011)


Posted by BGlEo (31/10/2011)

Well if we won, we Will definatly have a driver, so that there is no drinking and driving. Cars well Merc C63 AMG everday car, Land rover, Porsche 930 Turbo (I like the old cars); 1967 Aston Martin DB6 Volante,Aston Martin DB2/4MKIIIDHC 1958,

Posted by Marian (31/10/2011)

I will get: 1. Jaguar XKR-S for fun 2. BMW 5 series 3.0l diesel x-drive for daily driving 3. BMW X6 for outdoor, sports, skiing holidays

Posted by Guntis (31/10/2011)

I like BMW cars, for me, at first I will purchase newest BMW M5 and probably M6. For girlfriend - it will be Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe. And it's just for the beginning.

Posted by Debashish D (31/10/2011)

If I happen to win one of the major jackpots offered at your website, I would buy my dream car "Porsche Cayenne Hybrid". I think one car is enough for my small family. Rest of the money would be spent wisely on other necessary things in life, including charity. Rgds, Roy.

Posted by Sunday (31/10/2011)

I think my life is all about willing to give to the needy but though i like the Bentley Mulsanne and i will get one if i win the lottery. The situation in my country is bad enough so i will have to look into how i can help my people within my capacity.God Bless us...

Posted by Anton (31/10/2011)

I fancy new Evoque and also Nissan GT-R, but there are also some other (more or less conventional) cars I like such as Saab 9-5, Mini, Citroen DS4...and if I would like to make neighbors envious I would buy myself a car that can be used on daily basis and the price of it is not so small: the new Ferrari FF.

Posted by Felhix Olokani (31/10/2011)

Every Type of Car suits what type of environment, so it differs from country to country. Having said that my preference is MBW x6 4x4 I hope this would nicely suit Lotto winner in my country.

Posted by Ernestas (31/10/2011)

I would buy a cabriolet. Mitsubishi Eclipse also looks good to me. It depends on the amount of money won.

Posted by P (31/10/2011)

I would like to buy luxury off road truck with living room,shower and so on :)

Posted by Vladimir (31/10/2011)

I like luxury and sports cars but I just one or two and a sports field.

Posted by Chrisjan (31/10/2011)

1: The new Bently Continental GTC 2: Mercedes G500 3: Mercedes CLS500 4: Ferarri California

Posted by Sanjay (31/10/2011)

I would like to drive audi car and my dream car

Posted by Hermanus (31/10/2011)

When I win the lottery I definately will have to buy two vehicles: the audi R8, this one is my dream car for it's appearence, safety and the driving pleasure, no2 the Land Rovery Discovery, since I'm a family man, it's important to do things as a family, and what better way could there be than to go off-raod in style!!

Posted by Larisa (31/10/2011)

I would like to buy Volkswagen Touareg, cos we dont have good roads.)))

Posted by Antonio (31/10/2011)

I have never owned a brand-new car..always been second-hand! Incidentally, I had already picked 5-sets of numbers for the next draw but I was debating about the financing!..If I win the Lottery I'd buy a BRAND-NEW Hyundai i-35..I have dreams about this car..

Posted by AndzWx (31/10/2011)

Top of my list would be a 2001 Mazda RX-7 RZ, with a few mods to get the adrenaline pump going. Next on the list would be a brand new Land Rover Defender for off-roading and whatnot. My Sunday car would be either a '67 Ford Mustang Fastback or a '71 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. For daily driving I would probably buy a BMW M3. Would also buy a car for my mom, dad, brother and his wife.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (31/10/2011)

Yes My dream car/suv is Nissan Pathfinder.Hope dream comes true.

Posted by NUw (31/10/2011)

After winning a very large lottery I would be in no state to drive for a vvveeerrryyy llloooonnngggg time, so the car I choose would need to have extremly comfortable rear seats. I can't decide between the Rolls Royce Ghost, Rolls Royce Phantom, Phantom Coupe or Phantom Drop Head Coupe, so maybe I will buy one of each. Of course that only gives me cars for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so for the remaining three days of the week I could remain sober and buy a 1928 Bentley 4.5 litre Vanden Plas, a 1955 D type Jaguar and a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible just for fun

Posted by Rok (31/10/2011)

I would buy VW golf II - diesel.. a car for ever!

Posted by GoHQSV (31/10/2011)

I live in South Africa and like to go camping in the wild. My choice will be a Range Rover Voque.

Posted by Andrey (31/10/2011)

Конечно машины надо покупать так: 1.Mercedes-Benz S600. 2. Mazda Shinari. 3.Audi Q7. 4.Mercedes-Benz R350 5.Lexus GS450h 6.Audi A8 7.BMW X5 8.Infiniti FX50 9.Lamborgini Reventon 10.Infiniti QX. Вот что мне нравится!

Posted by QJ6S (31/10/2011)

As a car is the worst investment you can ever make, you have to buy soemthing with some sort of value, either estetic or fu. i would prefer a Rolls Royce, for investent value. It will be nice to use as well. In this day and age of carbon gasses, the best will be to invest in a hybrid vehicle like the Lexus CT 200h eficient and contributing to the environment

Posted by P_DPXl (31/10/2011)

I would love to buy a 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 Sl Gullwing that is a very rare and expensive car. I would also love to have a Rolls Royce Phantom; a Range Rover; a 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG; a Jaguar XJ supersport 5.0 375 kw; a Nissan GTR; a Lamborghini Aventador; a Audi R8 GT; a Maserati Gran Tourismo and a Porsche Carrera... :) :) :) I want them ALL!!!

Posted by Volodymyr (31/10/2011)

veyron - all you need is veyron

Posted by Ltqdy2 (31/10/2011)

When I win soon, I will drive the new R8 Red and carbon fiber side I have the purchase order ready ;-)

Posted by Vladimir (31/10/2011)

Even old cars are especially good value is rising steadily over the new good for sale.

Posted by Panagiotis (31/10/2011)

Vauxhall with closed eyes

Posted by Thanigaivasan (31/10/2011)

I would love to go for a Aston Martin DB9 as its one of my dream car....

Posted by Hakeem (31/10/2011)

I will go for a Mercedece Benze R350 Blutec ,a Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited and a Lexus RX450 Hybrid

Posted by Ankur (31/10/2011)

BMW Z4 any day.

Posted by 5jtamj (31/10/2011)

Yes, those ten car brands you list will suit me fine, but I think I will also need six white horses and a carriage for that occasional High Tea with the Queen (IF and when I win the Jackpot)

Posted by RUq+RO (31/10/2011)

My car list after a $245mil win: 1. BMW M5 - $144,000 2. BMW X6M - $82,400 3. Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce - $455,400 4. Lamborghini Aventador - $387,000 5. Nissan GT-R - $160,000 6. Aston Martin Virage - $210,000 7. Aston Martin V12 Vantage - $181,345 8. Ferrari 599 GTO - $460,000 9. Ferrari Sa Aperta - $520,000 10. Ferrari Millechili - $870,000 11. Audi R8 - $196,800 12. Shelby GT500 - $78,995 13. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - $2.6 million Total: $6,345,940 WOW!!! I will have to buy more than one of each to make a SMALL dent in the winnings!

Posted by Sophie (31/10/2011)

Clearly a Maserati Granturismo, because this is my dream car, but I would also accept a Ferrari italia 458 and so on but let the first one. :)

Posted by Hariprasad (1/11/2011)

Hai, If I win the jackpot then I will purchase Mercedes-Benz. and 5% of money donate to charity. Regards, Hariprasad Surampudi, India

Posted by GlFeXz (1/11/2011)

Toyota FJ Cruiser to explore Africa, Merc for wife and Audi A1 for eldest, Mini Cooper for youngest. Ramius

Posted by XSSOjKGyl (1/11/2011)

I would have to say, Mercedes. I would also have to get a Lambo and for going off road, a Range Rover.

Posted by Oh (1/11/2011)

Oops ! my first graceful thought but a little defame comment was failed ! I hope this second comment with no ready vehicles name and price list would not affected my wish of own an luxury sport trucks or consider picking more people luxury sport buses to be the safest road rage or maybe would also consider most economical,healthy and environmental sport bike.

Posted by Boris (1/11/2011)

«The best things arrive on time.» The Jaguar should be the best thing.

Posted by Dorothy (1/11/2011)

No doubt about this, an ML350 BlueTEC would be my first choice.

Posted by Felhix Olokani (1/11/2011)

My apologies to you all. I posted a comment yesterday but the prefered car should have been BMW x6 4x4 and not MBW x6 4x4. Thanks in advance. Felhix

Posted by Bob (1/11/2011)

I have never had a car under 10 years old all my life,(over 50 years driving). For the past years this car has been my fantasy, the Chrysler 300c SRT8 which has a very distinctive shape like a "pimpmobile". Black with limo tint windows.

Posted by Marko (1/11/2011)

I'd buy a Bugatti Veyron. I'm 66 years old and I've been playing lottery all my life. I've never win anything but hope dies last. I'd also help my family and friends if I hit the lottery. With God's help all things are possible. God bless you all! Greetings from Croatia..

Posted by Andrea (1/11/2011)

I'd buy a Ferrari 458 Italia.It's my dream car. :) <3

Posted by Vladimir (1/11/2011)

How many comments as to the final I won the money and bought a car and house and invest and do business.

Posted by Z4J6g5 (1/11/2011)

I would buy a Range Rover SuperCharged 2010 Model and Porche cayene GTS.

Posted by Bala (1/11/2011)

My first choice is AUDI R8. Its my dream car

Posted by Marija (1/11/2011)

Maserati Kubang would be my choice.

Posted by Jayesh (1/11/2011)

First I will buy a Land Rover Dicovery 4 for the family & pets. Then I would buy a BMW serie 6.

Posted by 2ktsjMH9Al (1/11/2011)

I have always been fascinated by Mercedes-benz ML63,Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, BMW X5 M Sport, Range Rover Supercharged & Jeep SRT8. Apart from all those, Bell 407 or MD530F helicopter will always be complementary.

Posted by Vladimir (1/11/2011)

Well, it would be well after the race won so much money so I tried it as orginalny Formula 1 racer and Grant Turimso and other big prizes including money would dials as sports in terms of racing.

Posted by YCEwn (2/11/2011)

I am likely to choose an Audi 4 by 4 In traffic a 4 by 4 makes driving safer due to the better vision of the traffic around one self. Frank

Posted by MnwKbu (2/11/2011)

South Africa = Get the Biggest 4 X 4 X Far...!!!

Posted by Nat9Jt (2/11/2011)

I hate driving to the City in peak hour traffic.....so the first thing I would do is find a good Chauffeur for my new Bentley. My trip to the city would be sheer bliss. I would have a TV, drinks bar and of course my computer to keep me entertained on my journey. I would also have a Hummer for those occasions when I feel the urge to practice my off road driving skills. The other car I would have is a Big Foot. Wow would I have fun going to do the shopping in one of those as everyone would get out of my way and parking would be a breeze (on top of anything parked there)!.

Posted by XDZP (2/11/2011)

Hmmmn,perhaps a 1962 Aston Martin DB5 in silver. Or maybe the Batmobile. Yes, the Batmobile, but I'd like it in white please?

Posted by Mukesh Kumar (3/11/2011)

I never show my feeling. but if I won a jackpot I will buy a AUDI & BMW CAR.

Posted by Krishnan (3/11/2011)

How can anyone forget the Rolls Royce, the most luxurious and comfortable car? I will personally visit the recently opened Rolls Royce Show Room in Abu Dhabi ( US Orlando, no longer the sought after Rolls Royce Show-room) and order for the best model- not bothering about the cost, say, The Phantom, crafted to my desire and needs. This would cost definitely half a million dollars. Then for the week end another luxury car the limited edition Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Next thing I would advertise for the best well-mannered chauffer offering him the best salary with perks and quarters close to my residence. While this would suffice for weekend travels, I will look for some really elegant and sleek cars for the week. Certainly not any sports car as I have to drive it on Indian streets mostly bumper to bumper and not on race tracks. For this I would buy one Audi, one Volkswagen, one BMW, one Benz and one very ordinary car of any Indian make ( preferably Suzuki) just to travel at least once in a week to keep me always reminded of what I was before winning the Jackpot which would help me not to get sidetracked into wrong ways resulting in disappearance of wealth in no time !

Posted by Dagmar (3/11/2011)

well, can one beat a Maserati ,Luxury and elegance combined as in the Quattroporte model. very stylish and delivering best performance...this car is a thrill...for my wife i'd but a classic Range Rover..so that people know you got class

Posted by Rajkumar (3/11/2011)

I would like to purchase the latest BMW SUV,One AUDI 4 which is susitable for Indian conditions.

Posted by Nilaveni Mary Prasanti (3/11/2011)

I would like to have an all teerain super vehicle, which wl take me to any place without any hassle. So most probably it should be an Army Hummer (Made Exclusively for U.S.Army).

Posted by Mantas (3/11/2011)

An Aston Martin DB9 Coupe.. Oh my God.. That's all I would need from a car.. It's beautiful My mom would get the Mini she always wanted and my dad a classy - a classy Land Rover Range Rover.. Hope these dreams will come true!

Posted by Manohar (3/11/2011)

I think any car is good so long it runs smoothly and gives all the comforts. I would like to invest the saved money on the people who are elderly and are not being looked after by their kin.I would open a old age home for them and would provide them all the comforts in the last leg of their life.

Posted by Uzr (3/11/2011)

I would love a Porche 911T and a Toyota Landcruiser. One for home and the other for touring Africa and trvel I will!

Posted by Vlastimil (3/11/2011)

Range Rover Ultimate Edition

Posted by Moses (3/11/2011)


Posted by L_A5G (3/11/2011)

A Volvo XC90- not too flashy, good safety and it can fit the whole family and the dog :-)

Posted by Ilya (3/11/2011)

Well, If I will win huge cash prize in one of your perfect lotteries then probably I will invest some of my funds in development of environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric cars. Anyway I will try my best and spend a lot of money to make possible for people to say 'Good Bye!' to all types of cars with internal combustion engines. But I would prefer to use already created eco friendly mobile cars for my current personal needs. I think that Tesla Roadster (Cost is $109,000) is the most beatiful one and the most convinient one among them nowadays.

Posted by Jakub (3/11/2011)

Electric Fisker Karma - beautiful and to some extent ecological car

Posted by Vladimir (3/11/2011)

I rode well in space kebyze winning car.

Posted by Vladimir (3/11/2011)

Pity that fell yesterday, waiting until the PowerBall jackpot will grow to Minimum of $ 300 million by December I hope that I had the car and other things and especially that I vyhhral the PowerBall and MegaMillions together $ 600 million minimum.

Posted by Samson (4/11/2011)


Posted by Manohar (4/11/2011)

Any car from a good manufacturer is good, it has to be smooth comfortable and stylish the amount spent on expensive car can be used for other purpose like making destitute children happy or bringing a smile on the face of old people etc.

Posted by S.ganesan (4/11/2011)

I prefer to buy AUDI which i my dream car in my life.

Posted by Gurmeet (4/11/2011)

Hello Everybody , I Will Drive Myself Crazy With Every Year New Version/Model Of BMW And Will Gift The Same To Each Of My Adult Family Member."Just That Feel Is Driving Me Crazy........."

Posted by ZkTbMH-Fn (4/11/2011)

Firstly will buy a car (automatic transmission) for my mother, then a HONDA FIREBLADE motorbike for myself, for I have already a trustworthy vechile.

Posted by -_V1M (4/11/2011)

A SLS Mercedes as my grand tourer, a Landrover as my 4*4, a classic Mini Cooper as my city car.

Posted by Gomathy (4/11/2011)

My favourite car is Aston Martin and Bentley Mulsanne

Posted by Maneet (4/11/2011)

Glamor is hard to be satisfied , if blessed with such an opportunity Audi is my favorite but I would definitely try other ones also depending under those circumstances which goes on liking.(Hereby I wish best of luck to all the commentators.)

Posted by Maria Mathilde (4/11/2011)

I would buy a Mercedes Benz and an Audi A8

Posted by Hariprasad (5/11/2011)

I would like to purchase the latest BMW SUV,One AUDI 4 which is susitable for Indian conditions.

Posted by Dan (7/11/2011)

Audi A8 for family Honda NSX for the hart Nissan GTR for the fun.

Posted by Vladimir (7/11/2011)

I like fast cars but also the old value of the car. As I see there is already so many comments. Even I bought also some ecological car that does not operate on gasoline or on oil but water or other alternative things.

Posted by Vladimir (7/11/2011)

I would do the driving license for fast cars, all kinds of tests for the Championship in Gran Turismo, F1, licenses, I would try Bloodhound SSC and the ride 1610 km / h or more if it can both break the world record and entered into the Guinness Book of Records

Posted by Raghu (21/11/2011)

audi beautiful and to some extent ecological car

Posted by Vanya (8/12/2011)


Posted by Andrej (8/12/2011)

I will buy BMW X6 for my wife, A5 for my son and Range Rover Sport for me.

Posted by Rajesh.r (14/02/2012)


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