Protecting Your Jackpot Windfall

The US Powerball jackpot has been on an extended roll that’s inflated it to an astonishing $192 million. It’s anyone’s guess whether someone manages to crack the winning lotto numbers tomorrow for this life-changing windfall, but remember you won’t be a winner if you’re not participating!

The Powerball has some catching up to do with regards to record-breaking jackpots – its rival, Mega Millions, still holds the record for biggest jackpot ever dished out in the United States! The $656 million jackpot prize was shared between three ticket holders, who each took home $218.6 million. Well, Powerball has almost reached $200 million, so we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow!

Tonight’s Mega Millions draw is offering a tidy jackpot of $84 million, which would certainly make your weekend if you won it! Tuesday’s results left both the first and second prizes untouched, but 25 Mega Millions players did manage to match four main numbers plus the Mega ball to win $5,000 each, at least! There’s always a lucky winner with the Mega Millions, even when no one wins the jackpot.

If you win one of these delicious jackpots this weekend, do you know what you’d do with it? Tell us – your comments earn lotto points to boost your entries into the Mega Millions or Powerball lotteries.

Recipe to riches!

There’s a lot of advice for newly-minted lotto winners – due to the nature of the windfall, it can be a challenge to manage it all, but if you take note of these tips your minted lifestyle will last a lifetime!

1.    Pause

It’s an emotional experience winning a multimillion jackpot prize, so you need to give yourself time to process it before promising your money to anyone or splurging it on a ridiculous private island mansion somewhere in the Pacific. Regardless of one’s background, sudden wealth can strike the recipient with indecision and financial recklessness. So, take a break, let it all sink in, it’s not like you have to be anywhere, is it?

2.    Prioritize

This is the time when you can indulge in all those seemingly meaningless hobbies on your wish list. We advise you focus on the top three to five items on your list, because trying everything is how you lose your windfall in under a year. Try dividing up your wish list into “now”, “soon” and “later” to help prioritize things.

3.    Protect

A multimillion dollar fortune– especially a lottery fortune – requires a team to manage it. You’ll need a lawyer for legal risks, an accountant to work out your tax situation and a financial planner to keep you up to date regarding your wealth and how much of it you can spend without going bankrupt. Your team will assist in protecting your wealth and growing it to an even greater fortune!

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Posted by _QaUaY7gFtAk (31/01/2014)

A mansion definitely will do for me.

Posted by Johnny (1/02/2014)

I Really Like this kind of Guidances..its Help us to prepared our Good Future when our great Fortune is coming..nobody knows..Thanks for being kind to us...pls keep it up..35955883

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/02/2014)

i will spend some of the wins on a luxury holiday....a few destinations around the world....then retire at a seaside town that has long periods of "good weather".

Posted by Sharat (2/02/2014)

I would love to buy a range rover with this kind of win...

Posted by Balasubramaniam (3/02/2014)


Posted by Sreenivas (18/02/2014)

I will have my own Farm house in 20 acres.

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