New Beast On The Block!

The new limited edition Ferrari LaFerrari has a monster 6.3 litre V12 789bhp engine with a massive torque of 516lb ft. It is coupled with a 120kW electric motor that adds further 161bhp and 199lb ft, which equates to combined power of 950bhp and 664lb ft. That’s getting close to the Bugatti Veyron’s amazing 1000bhp output!

Just like the excellent McLaren P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari is a hybrid car, the company’s first ever. This car is not about zero emissions as the electric motor in LaFerrari is designed purely to increase its power and performance. They got that priority right then, huge speed is what this beautiful car is all about.

This hybrid system incorporates two motors, one to drive all the ancillaries and a bigger one to drive the actual wheels. The battery pack only weighs 60kgs and is attached onto the floor of the carbon fibre chassis. The batteries are charged via energy collected while braking, or on the overrun or during cornering where the energy is collected from the V12 engine when not all of its torque output is required to move the vehicle.

The electric power plant is hooked up to a double clutch gearbox that drives the rear wheels. It can accelerate from zero to 62mph in under 3 seconds, can reach a speed of 124mph in under 7 seconds and get to 186mph in 15 seconds. That makes its 5 seconds faster than the Enzo. It has a top speed of over 217mph and it has become Ferrari’s fastest car to date.

They built this beast in the same department as Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars. The chassis is constructed from four different types of carbon fibre with the battery compartment built in as part of the structure to help make it more rigid and keep the centre of gravity low. The seating position is static as the steering wheel and pedal box move instead and are what is used to adjust to the correct driving position.

To slow this fantastic car down from these breathtaking speeds, you need incredible brakes. This engineering marvel has Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes (made by the same people who supply Formula 1 teams) and fat Pirelli P-Zero high speed tyres to keep you glued to the ground.

Now you’ve met the beast, we’d like your opinion on which car you’d prefer if you won the massive USA Powerball $194,000,000 jackpot. Would it be the McLaren P1 or the LaFerrari?


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Posted by Edmore (31/01/2014)

LaFerrari - Daft name, truly definitive car.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (1/02/2014)

if i did win the jackpot, i may consider buying BOTH!!!!!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (3/02/2014)

Ferrari LaFerrari

Posted by Sreenivas (18/02/2014)


Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

looks amazing but I also like the Renovo Coupe, the electric muscle car

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