What would Warren Buffet do with a Euromillions jackpot win?

What would one of the richest men in the world do with a Euromillions jackpot win? Probable answer: Invest the money and give the profits to charity...

For those involved in the world of business and investment the name Warren Buffett will be very familiar to you. Considered by many to the greatest investor of all time, at one point Warren Buffett was listed by Forbes magazine as the wealthiest man in the world (with an estimated net worth of $62 billion).

Through his company Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett has created one of the largest fortunes in the world. Not many can claim the kind of wealth that Warren Buffet has managed to create in his lifetime, but still fewer would consider living the simple life that he has chosen to live given his immense wealth.

In fact, Warren Buffett has given away more money than most of us could ever dream of having in the first place (even if we won the Euromillions lottery a number of times).

  • In 2006 he donated $30 billion to charity – the largest donation in USA history.

  • In 2010, Warren Buffett (along with Bill Gates and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg) signed a promise in which he agreed to donate to charity at least half of his wealth over time, and invited others among the wealthy to donate 50% or more of their wealth to charity.

  • When he dies he plans on giving between 85% - 99% of his fortune to charity.

He may live a simple and frugal life but he is certainly incredibly generous with his wealth. Here are some other interesting facts about Warren Buffett – the current third richest man in the world:

Warren Buffett
  • He purchased his first share when he was just 11 years old.

  • His first job was as a newspaper delivery boy and when he was in High School he ran a pinball machine business.

  • He purchased a small farm at the age of 14 with his savings.

  • He has purchased shares in many well known companies including: American Express, Disney, ABC Studios and Coca-Cola.

  • He lives in the same modest 3-bedroom house he purchased in 1958. It does not have a garden wall and cost $31,500.

  • He does not carry a cell phone or have a computer on his desk.

  • His children will not inherit the majority of his wealth.  Buffett once commented, "I want to give my kids just enough so that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they would feel like doing nothing".


How would untold wealth affect you? What are your plans on leaving a legacy for your descendants? If you won a fortune on Euromillions would you choose to live simply, would you be charitable or would you spend your wealth in other areas? If you gave to charity which ones would you support?

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Posted by -3_JIV (20/10/2011)


Posted by Leslie (20/10/2011)

Even if I was lucky enough to win the Euro Millions I would not come close to the money WB has! However, it would help me think a little like him! I would give to about six charities I like a lot - Dogs for the Blind, SOS children's homes for example. I would also make sure a number of others, friends and family benefited. A lot would be invested to bring in interest so I could help with other charity projects and still have the capital. Would also make a detailed will so when I pass away many more people and charities would be better off. Need to ensure I take care of the death duties!! I would keep some for myself and my wife to live a good but valuable life and enjoy the world in which we live. Even on HD TV places around the world do not look the same as seeing them 'face to face. So, we would spend some money on travel. An finally - if I had the time - I would try and meet WB to ask him if ' I did good'! Regards Leslie

Posted by KgfS (20/10/2011)

Wow I think many people could learn a thing or two from him - most people just squander there money.

Posted by Łukasz (20/10/2011)

Money won't buy you happiness !! !! !! But lack of them either !! !! !! !!

Posted by László (20/10/2011)

I would keep my simple life. First I would donate 10 % of the money to charity: church, caritas, fight against cancer. With the remaining I would by a house at the beach, renovate my apartman and play poker :) My children would inherit the wealth. They deserve it :)

Posted by Roger (20/10/2011)

First thing I would do is to pay off all my loans I have. Then I would buy a nice little house with enough room in it for a family of 5 so me and the GF can settle down and start a family. Some of the remaining money would be invested, some would go to my parents, my sister and my girlfriends family. I would also donate some to charity. I would not give up my job over the winnings, maybe cut down a bit on the hours I work a week to spend more time at home when coming children gets on the way.

Posted by Martin (20/10/2011)

If I win euromillions witch is what Im playing constantly my idea is to give money to all my family parents and brothers/sisters ans nice also to my ex wife that I have a very good relation and to my very close friends that I know all my life

Posted by Percivell (20/10/2011)

I would give 50% of my winnings to charity. 10% to my church, balance I will treat all my family with money & help.

Posted by Vladimir (20/10/2011)

Being the richest, lucky, health and love and marsupial life.

Posted by David M (20/10/2011)

Want to know the truth? One euro is equivalent to about 57 of our local money. So even i million euros would be a very huge sum when converted to our local currency. Therefore, the Euromillion lottery which has a jackpot of at least 15 million euros would be a huge fortune for me if I am lucky enough to have the winning numbers. I would be happy with just 20 percent of the jackpot. the remaining 80 per cent would go towards a charitable foundation I will set up devoted to several causes such as educational funds for the poor, medical help for the less fortunate, provision of capital for those venturing into micro/small businesses that would give them sustainable livelihoods and last, but not least, helping the disabled live a better life.

Posted by 7MG03 (20/10/2011)

Warren Buffet realised that you only need what you need, everything else is avarice. He is an example to those who have made massive fortunes. He has never tried to impress others with his wealth. The world needs more people like him and Bill Gates.

Posted by Adam (21/10/2011)

When I think of WB it reminds me of Benjamin Franklin. Same philosophy, same wisdom. In my life I try to follow this philosophy and such wisdom. Being rich is great of course, but being able to share your wealth with those in need and managing it wisely to the benefit of others not just you is quite a challenge that only few are able to achieve.

Posted by RUq+RO (21/10/2011)

I would definitely invest most of the money in property and businesses to generate a monthly stream of income. I would donate a portion of that income to charity, but most of all I will spend the money on creating business to help others get back on there feet, create jobs and give others a chance at a brighter future so they can leave a legacy for there children

Posted by Vladimir (21/10/2011)

It is well to be rich and immortal but investing is not easy to be who is successful in it.

Posted by Samson (21/10/2011)

The world is safe with better citizens and for better citizens we need better homes. If I win euromillions I will invest the money and the money I earn I will build houses for the homeless and donate money to orphanages and old people sanctuary. Let all readers of this comment pray for me to win the euromillions

Posted by A.k.a. (21/10/2011)

I will give definitely to poor people and for their improvement of health and wealth.God gives us money and other ting to provide some thing to poor and under poverty people. I will also use for self to improve my economy then only I will be giving ever and ever.

Posted by Aiken (21/10/2011)

i'll honest to myself, if i knew how to make fortune like him may be and definitely I'll spend my money to charity, or even build a hospital that free of charge for poor people, shelter for abandon kid, and many other.. but since i still couldn't figure how it yet. i'll push my fortune to play lottery on playukinternet. so if win i could do, at least do some little like WB did.

Posted by -VMfrL8rFNaR8 (21/10/2011)

I'm so inspired by Mr WB phylosophy, he is indeed logically very talented, I have learned a lot. Regards Andy B

Posted by Gergely (21/10/2011)

He is one of my idol! He reached things in things in his life what i'm dreaming about!

Posted by László (21/10/2011)

"-He does not carry a cell phone or have a computer on his desk."??? I think the laptop and cell phone by his secretarin! :) If I win with lottery, I will donate the half money e charity-fund.

Posted by Moses (22/10/2011)


Posted by Antti (22/10/2011)

I would travel around the world and of course bring all my friends with me!

Posted by Lim (22/10/2011)

like the old adage says "an elephant is left to die a beautiful ivory, tiger skins are left to die beautiful, man dies leaving a good name" that is what should be done by us as a good man, and that is what is applied by people like warren buffet , as well as written in the Bible that we should give 10% of which have been given a god, must return to the gods, but humans are greedy always want more and does not care, but the nature of people like warren buffet that gives more than it already in the set God, then God will always give to more and more, we live in a world of unequal and unfair, especially if you live in a country that is still a lot of government officials to act stupid, so people do not have much choice in their destiny, but I'm so grateful now in the Internet age, I might have a chance to win lottery someday, although I how far away from the official lottery are, at this time even though only a worker, but I try to help as many people troubled persons who need help, lots of dreams me to be able to build schools cheaper for poor people but international quality in the lessons or if necessary a free school, orphanage and nursing also, hopefully good intentions must always be a way out, may god bless us all

Posted by Lai (22/10/2011)

"A man dies leaving a good name" that is what should be done by us as a good man, and that is what is applied by people like warren buffet, warren buffet likes people who give more than that already in the set of god, then god will always be give to more and more, we live in a world of unequal and unfair, I'm so grateful now in the Internet age, the world has no limits, I might have a chance to win lottery someday, although I how far away from the lottery's official are, if I win lottery, I can build for cheaper schools for the poor, orphanages and nursing also, hopefully good intentions must always be a way out, it's all very possible because the Internet is easier life without boundaries

Posted by Yuli (22/10/2011)

if I win, many can be helped, especially friends who get unemployment due to economic crisis, could be to build the language and skills training because many people cant find it jobs and difficult to find work because of a lack of skills, this will be so helpfull

Posted by Krishnan (22/10/2011)

A win of huge amount in Euro millions or US Powerball is not going to change in any way my austere living. As of today, even though I own a car, I travel in it only when the entire family ( myself and my wife) have to go out, otherwise I travel by Metro or other public transport. With limited means I am already supporting poor children for their education and health care incognito. I would like to institute some Trust/Foundations to mainly address the following: 1. A home for the old neglected people and as and when their souls depart, ensuring the funeral rites are performed in reverence and with dignity 2. Provide financial assistance and all support to Good Samaritans who help the needy on the street be it victims of accident or any other calamity so that they do not become “passers by” as I see presently. I will never give a single pie to any politician, however much I may be threatened

Posted by Eguono Sarah (22/10/2011)

It is said in the book of proverbs that the wealth of a fool kills him. The best thing to do after a win is keep your mouth shut and do all the good you can, as simply and as gradually as you feasibly can. Makes it easier to keep your sanity and continue living a normal life with peace of mind, which money cannot buy.

Posted by Inacio (22/10/2011)

An austere way of life is the way forward for a more sustainable Future. Confort does not mean luxuries or unnecessary expenditure. How can one feel realized when your neighbour is in misery? Pepe Hatewa

Posted by Bala (24/10/2011)


Posted by Milen (24/10/2011)

rich also cry...

Posted by Sandeep (24/10/2011)

Mr Warren Buffet is a true example of " A man with simple living, but with a very high Net worth". From the above article,regarding the life of Mr Warren Buffet we also come to know that a "Filled vessel will never make noise". Mr Warren Buffet is a great visionary, and a great human being. of course if he wins Euro millions he would definitely "Invest the money and give the profits to charity" Rgds, Sandeep Nakhawa.

Posted by Vladimir (24/10/2011)

How many posts everyone wants to win perhaps it succeeds only to me.

Posted by Guntis (24/10/2011)

I finally start to live a better life and would share it with people close to me. And ofcourse I would donate some part of winning to charity.

Posted by Юрий (24/10/2011)

Я думаю,все зависит от возроста,характера и социального положения на момент выигрыша.Конкретно в моем случае с начало будет шок и осмысление всего происходящего,а потом желание изменить ,что-то в этом мире по средством выигранных денег.Без условно помощь ближнему своему это благородный поступок,но помощь бывает разной и парой одними деньгами помочь не возможно.Я скорей всего просто оставил детям самое не обходимое дал образование и воспитание .А на остальные деньги открыл какое либо дело которое приносило-бы пользу людям или открыл-бы фонд в поддержку одиноких матерей,детей сирот,да много чего можно сделать Людей нуждающихся в помощи очень и очень много.Тут главное конечный результат,а не методы его достижения.С Уважением Юрий

Posted by I96g2 (24/10/2011)

Privilege comes with responsibility.

Posted by Prabhu Mohan (24/10/2011)

it is definitely good to have more money easier way and by and by much easier to donate more for the benefit of mankind, of which you are one of the smallest parts but important one to be recognized by many

Posted by David (24/10/2011)

Giving part of your wealth to charities is a good idea because you do not have trouble of millions of people over the world flocking to you. The best however is to give a chance to individuals to talk to you personally on their needs. As some needs no matter how important they might be might not be addressed by these charities as they are not in line with charities goals. There are lots of girls children in poor countries who want further education and training. But most charities with a girl child education as their goal would not fund girl child education, but rather fight or sensitize key stakeholders about their rights. I come from a poor family and a poor country. If I won Euromillions Jackpot today I would share it with my family members. I will fund forest restoration and conversation programmes and pro poor programmes. There is no electricity in my village. I will able to provide free electricity by constructing a min hydro power station. I would build a decent house for every one in my village and provide a tarmac road to the main road. I would pay school fees for people in my village and elsewhere provided I have been approached. I would encourage herbalists to do research on HIV/AIDS with a view to find a cure as developed countries seem to have failed. I would spare 10% of it for my wife and another 15% for my children with those who will have decent education receiving bigger shares. I would invest 5% in my business which lacks meaningful capital as of now. The idea of this business is to make money for myself, but create employment for others. My church will too get its share. The Jackpot would not change my lifestyle much. I like moderate life. A decent accomodation and one or two good cars would be enough.

Posted by Reneta (24/10/2011)

Nothing is greater than life, but life is health. With millions of money and health can not be bought. Let us all be healthy, because it is most important! Good luck to all!

Posted by Andreas Josef (24/10/2011)

He really do not deserve to win,it is unfair for him to play lottery,please leave it for the needy ones.

Posted by ETpHUZlqcYV (24/10/2011)

Warren Buffet is the 'Mother Theresa'of the business world.His generousity benefits millions of people in need.If i won a Euromillion jackpot,i will also live a simple and humble life,as Mr Buffet does.Being a victim of apartheid,i will contribute to organisations that work towards bringing all races together.

Posted by Henri (24/10/2011)

Lucky man!Lucky me?

Posted by Silvia (24/10/2011)

The old saying money goes to money, he would probably win it, invest it, and when the capital amount has increased to a sufficient level, give it away, because he can afford it, and it makes him happy.

Posted by Stuart (25/10/2011)

Wow! Warren Buffet sounds like an incredible man who has lived an incredible life! He certainly has not let all his money affect his way of life or his principals. His generousity seems to know no bounds and reading your story about him has renewed my faith in humanity, theres still hope for us yet!. Well done!

Posted by Carl (25/10/2011)

Only normal people say that success knocks your door once, but achievers say knock the door of failure to meet success.

Posted by Fo7ieo (25/10/2011)

Posted by Gerard From my knowledge of Warren Buffet, i guess he would donate most of it if not all to charity. If i won, i would give 10% back to the church and also do my part in helping the homeless with food and shelter. I pray who ever does win the euro millions has the heart to do the same.

Posted by Rw7G3- (25/10/2011)

I would finally be able to travel which I have managed to do quite a lot of but it would allow me to be more relaxed. I would love to help disadvantaged people in other countries. I love animals and would definitely help animals that have had the misfortune to be placed in the hands of a cruel owners. I would buy a home abroad which will help me to be closer to my only child at the moment we live on different contents and we very close but I need to be financially secure in order to do this.I had to start all over again in 2007 having got divorced and was left with know security. I have learnt from this and have been blessed in selling property having not worked for 13 years. I need to make good investments now to sustain me through my retirement as I have know retirement investments and I dont own a home at this late stage in my life so that would be my first investment is a home.

Posted by Oh (25/10/2011)

1.Do more business or investing more on markets. 2.Generate more tax income for goverment. 3.To live a better life with all good balancing quality enjoyment. 4.Taking responsiblity to the local labours and the world community.

Posted by Boris (25/10/2011)

«True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense»

Posted by ZkTbMH-Fn (25/10/2011)

Will be living a better life, yet still simple, but will definitely donate a great deal of the winnings to charity – especially to organizations whose main goal is to effectively decrease crime & corruption in South Africa.

Posted by RUq+RO (25/10/2011)

1, 2, I know what to do, 3, 4, I’ll tell you once more, 5, 6, I’ll use quick pick, 7, 8, I’ll pick them straight, 9, 10, I’ll win a couple hundred million and invest in business and job creation to get others on the path to prosperity.

Posted by Eduard Florian (25/10/2011)

I think he will sponsor occupy movement and create a new movement in the interest of the 99 percent to balance somehow the difference between poor and rich or to mitigate that difference in terms of human approach not money!!!

Posted by Vladimir (25/10/2011)

My life should be improved to better health even happiness, love and immortality.

Posted by Ion (25/10/2011)

Warren Buffett should focus on investment (economic growth, reducing unemployment, etc..), and of course, as we are Christians, to gain some charitable donations reserves, preferably, through the church.

Posted by Sandeep (25/10/2011)

if i win i will stsrt a school poor people children because in india studies are costly for poor people.... than i will give employment to poor childern's father & mother... that they can earn some rupees for their children

Posted by 4cUP32 (25/10/2011)

Charity begins at home. He should give his children the oppertunity to continue his legacy.. and build on it in this way the charity continues after his death and not only at death...Come on Warren grow up

Posted by Sunday (25/10/2011)

I think Warren Buffet has seen it all and realises that both the rich and poor will die someday so, leaving such fortune to just his family will amount to laziness and trouble amongst them. For me i intend to die a poor man on my last day on earth since i did not come from the womb with any money and i enjoy being generous cos i'm always happy each time i give. Life is simple so you can live it that way or make it difficult for yourself...

Posted by -_V1M (25/10/2011)

Only people that are not wealthy say money cannot buy happiness. Money cannot buy thru love, but winning the euromillions will take financial worries out of the equation. You must just invest smartly, give 10% to charity and live wisely and you will be happy!!!

Posted by BKNRF (25/10/2011)

Along with wealth comes responsibility, social and to yourself and your loved ones. If you do not have the knowledge and training to manage wealth, it will probably be squandered. Your first step should be to consult and undergo training to achieve the best possible application of your wealth. Put any weird and wonderful ideas aside and make sure you make responsible decisions. Of course, treat yourself to a modest extravagance, like a party for your loved ones and friends. No two persons will take the same decisions on what to do with wealth, but certainly human decency comes into play, and therefore most people will probably opt to give the bulk of their wealth away.

Posted by PTsKfKK (25/10/2011)

It is all so good and wonderful to have ideas on what you would spend a large winnings on, but there is difference between reality and fantasy. Yes the fantasy is to start donating to charitys, the relatives, extended friends that you will aquire on winning. This is all feel good stuff that we want to make our selves believe we will do. The reality is that when you aquire such a large amount of money by the some numbers you chose, all good intentions fly out the window. We never had it and now it is there with little or no hard work. It is in our nature to want to aquire more stuff when the piggy bank is full. It is common knowledge that the majority of jackpot lotto winners are broke within 5 years of winning. Money does the strangest things to people. Our personalitys change as much we try to believe that they don't. As for Warren Buffet - he has worked his whole life so aquiring the wealth has been a combination of hardwork and shrewd investements. Good for him he has worked hard for what he has. He gives and recieves in abundance. As for me. I would go shopping!

Posted by Vladislav (25/10/2011)

The man has vission. He accomplished all that he accomplished for the sheer joy of it, not to become super rich. And I think that is what it's all about. It isn't about the getting of the money/riches. It's the joy in the journey that it's important. And Warren Buffet has really discovered the truly rich life. And the lesson he wants to teach his children is the most important one. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Posted by 1YXgk (25/10/2011)

Clearly he has been born with the Abundant Conciousness! " To him that hath more is given...!" Crazy but it seems to be true!

Posted by -_V1M (25/10/2011)

To give to the poor will bring even more pleasure than to spend the money. Invest wisely, settle all you debt, help family members, start your own business...life happily ever after!!

Posted by Vladimir (25/10/2011)

So many comments I have them up so I could win Tich 5 shows the Euromillions

Posted by Vladimir (25/10/2011)

Warren Buffett has more than $ 62 billion according to The Wall Street Jurnal about $ 150 billion.

Posted by László (25/10/2011)

Mr. Buffet! You earned enough money with 3 years childwork, that was able to buy the farm! I want to buy this farm measured 3 years annual salary!

Posted by Victor (25/10/2011)

I believe in destiny

Posted by 1YXgk (26/10/2011)

I agree with Stuart! There are SO many amazing wealthy people who are pouring into humanity.May we all be like them.

Posted by Felhix Olokani (26/10/2011)

Winning a Euromillions Jackpot is something to be personal to me if at all it happens. definately I would use according to my plans. Mind you you don't go into war without an objective which you would like to fulfill. Winning such fortunes one would not not just sit and invest it within but you may do a noble job to visit the world learn and appreciate and have all courage to do meaningful investments. I would share it with charities as a last job even Warren did not just do it overnight but what he plougs is what is shared to the charities.

Posted by Ygr+z (26/10/2011)

What makes Warren Buffet such an inspiration to me is that although he is so rich he is not selfish and donates money to people who need it most. He will be blessed. If I was to win I would want to follow in his foot steps.

Posted by Vladimir (26/10/2011)

When we are finally rich, happy and healthy ...

Posted by MlAroVS (26/10/2011)

Had the opportunity to meet Warren Buffet a number of years back. What an unassuming man. If I ever got into that position - WEALTHY - there are so many people I would help - but even more so will be animal welfare organisations that desperately need help. I do not like flashy cars or even a big house, so would just buy a modest home. I would however TRAVEL as there are so many places I want to see and cultures I would like to experience.

Posted by MpPVtu (27/10/2011)

I feel that there are to many lottery winners that wind up worse off a few years after they win than before. If I would win a life changing furtune I would settle all debt and invest the better part of the balance. I would invest 10% in an income generating fund the proceeds would be used to pay for higher education for top students that otherwise would not afford varcity.

Posted by 5jtamj (27/10/2011)

Warren Buffet is shrewd! He would convert all of his winnings to Playhugelottos vouchers, and donate the subsequent winnings to charity.

Posted by 5jtamj (27/10/2011)

Warren Buffet is shrewd! He would convert all of his winnings to Playhugelottos vouchers and donate all of his subsequent winnings to charity. However, not being even half a Warren Buffet, I would convert only half of the winnings to vouchers and the balance of the winnings would give me just enough "so that I would be able to do anything", to quote Buffet.

Posted by Hendrik Petrus (27/10/2011)

I would retire, put some in savings for myself and the family, splash on a luxury house on Dubai's islands and support cancer foundations.

Posted by Maria Mathilde (27/10/2011)

I would donate 10% to the church and donate a large amount to charities operating in countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Namibia, South Africa and Asia. My family will also be looked after financially.

Posted by Susan (27/10/2011)

I think Warren Buffet is lately just taking part in lottery games for fun. Maybe he was born to be lucky!

Posted by Milan (27/10/2011)

Let us all be healthy, because it is most important! Good luck to all!

Posted by Osku (27/10/2011)

Invest the money to the stockmarket or buy some ice-cream : )

Posted by Hendrik (27/10/2011)

Same as Warren I will create jobs for people in my country. I will build schools and hostles for kids in need and help them to build on their future as Warren said: Good is the enemy of Great!

Posted by Stanimir (27/10/2011)

Warren Buffet is an example of how rich people should life to be at peace with himself. When I win from EUROMILLIONS I would help to peoples around me.

Posted by Maria Mathilde (27/10/2011)

He would probably donate the bulk of his winning to charity.

Posted by Alexandr (27/10/2011)

He would have sacrificed them to the U.S. economic recovery in the fund or lovers burger with double cheese, onion and pickles

Posted by LXbeo (27/10/2011)

i think he would give half to Sarah Palin and the other half to David Cameron and ask them not to run for office again.

Posted by Kabo (28/10/2011)

He would probably give to Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation.

Posted by YMCmOrBAA (28/10/2011)

I would build a retirment village for my mom and her friends (cancer patients) have an onsite nurse and full medical facilities to make their last days better. I would ensure that my children have enough so that they can pursue their dreams, and not have to scrape like I did all my life

Posted by LXbeo (28/10/2011)

what he would not play as he has enough

Posted by Vladimir (28/10/2011)

It would be interesting to win the lottery, the largest amount, and then beat the market and get the maximum out of more than Warren Buffett.

Posted by Ernestas (28/10/2011)

I would invest it into the business. Would buy a house and would ensure I have everything I need (not everything I want). Would also help for the people who really need that help.

Posted by Nona (31/10/2011)

I just want to fixing my economy life, all is depends on destiny

Posted by Vladimir (31/10/2011)

Business is also good but the stock market can sometimes earn more.

Posted by Vladimir (2/11/2011)

Even if I won MegaMillions, Powerball, Euromillions, SuperEnalotto and other world lottery jackpot for maximum I would continue to report and tried again and again to win the maximum.

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