A $25 Million Megamillions And Powerball Mistake

A store cashier’s mistake has resulted in one lucky American woman taking home $25 million Dollars on the American Powerball lottery!

With some of the biggest lotto results and winnings in history, the USA Powerball is no stranger to big jackpots and media attention.

In the news once again, the USA Powerball has made one lucky American woman very happy after she selected the lotto winning numbers. This is a story with a twist though, because technically her winning Powerball ticket is the result of a mistake.

44 year old Kathy Scruggs from Atlanta, Georgia matched all 6 of the American Powerball numbers drawn on the 14th September to win herself a very hefty $25 million jackpot. Kathy must be thanking both her lucky stars AND the store clerk who sold her the winning Powerball ticket.

Kathy originally entered the store to purchase a Megamillions lottery ticket only but the cashier gave her a Megamillions AND a Powerball ticket by mistake. Believing it was fate, Kathy accepted the Powerball ticket that she had been given as well. The Powerball ticket that she had been mistakenly issued went on to win Kathy a $25 million Dollar jackpot!

Wow, talk about a lucky mistake? What would you have done if you had been given a lottery ticket that you didn’t intend on purchasing? Would you have kept it?

This highlights some interesting points:

•    No one ever knows when or how luck will strike in their life.
•    Not all mistakes are bad.
•    There is value in playing more than one lottery at a time.

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Lucky American Powerball winner, Kathy Scruggs, was un-employed at the time of winning the jackpot so her win couldn’t have come at a better time for her. Kathy says that she is going to be purchasing a new car, travelling and helping her friends and family. It is not clear if she will be giving any of the money to the store clerk who accidently issued her the Powerball ticket.


For all those wondering how a USA Powerball jackpot winner would react, why not read about this other lucky Powerball winners experience. And start asking yourself how you would react?



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Posted by CyJy2w (7/10/2011)

Wow - What Luck! Lets hope she uses the money wisely! And i completely agree PlayHugeLottos.com - Not all mistakes are bad!! Congrats to her!

Posted by Sukhdev (8/10/2011)

congrts dear

Posted by Vladimir (8/10/2011)

In both I should win a maximum of $ 395 million Mega Millions and Powerball $ 365 million in the rest of their world lotteries. Have I to succeed and must not allow anyone to win.

Posted by LXbeo (8/10/2011)

I sincerely hope she gave the cashier 10%

Posted by Krishnan (10/10/2011)

When fortune descends on someone it breaks through the ceiling, it is said. Sincere good wishes to Kathy. But again it is not correct to say that it was a mistake of the stores clerk. It was because Kathy was destined to win the Powerball that day, she got the ticket even without her asking. Divinely blessed as she was and due to Fate she did not reject the unasked for ticket. Of course it would not have come to her free. I am reminded of a Hindu Mythological lore. Once as Lord Shiva and his Consort Parvathi were strolling along their Heavenly path, Parvathi noticed on Earth, a beggar walking along a cow path to a nearby village to beg for his living. He was all the while chanting the name of Shiva. Parvathi was moved by the poverty of that man and asked Shiva “ why He should not help that beggar?”. Lord Shiva smiled and immediately threw a bag full of gold coins on the path, the beggar was walking. Before the beggar reached the spot where the treasure was lying, a strange idea struck his mind. He thought. “Daily I have been going through the same path keeping my eyes open. Why not I try to cross this path today with my eyes closed.?” And lo! He put his thought into action and crossed the treasure without noticing it !! Lord Shiva then gave a meaningful look and smile to Parvathi and said. “Destiny is more powerful than anything else”. This story is not for those who do not believe in Destiny. No one knows his or her Destiny and hence the lottery trade thrives and thrives!

Posted by William (10/10/2011)

congrats great!

Posted by Bhavesh (11/10/2011)

Enjoy Kathy. Some Are lucky so they got by innocent way.

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