Double Take On Celebrities (comments competition)

They say everyone has a doppelganger out there, and the stars are no exception!  Take a look at these famous faces and prepare to do a double take.

It's always an awkward situation when you're told that you look like someone famous. Your celebrity doppelganger is either super-smokin', which is totally flattering! Or you're compared to someone who you think is unattractive. We've all been there!

You may think your favourite celebrity is one of a kind, but there are some celebrities that look like...

Looking at the celebrities above, it stands to reason that there are a few of you out there that might look like one of the biggest lottery winners such as the Weirs who won £161 on the Euromillions jackpot back in 2011. Taking the doppelganger matter even further, Colin Weir could easily be mistaken for business magnate and media personality Lord Alan Sugar, who can boast with an estimated fortune of £770m (US$1.14 billion).
If you have ever wondered who you look like but like me can't remember much on a good day, never mind the name of every single actor/actress in the history of film, then the following doppelganger generator is just for you.  Find My Doppelganger uses innovative software profiling the world’s famous faces and yours alike, matching you to the ‘gliteratti’.
Have you ever mistook someone for someone you know?  Tell us your story and the 5 best comments will each win 1 FREE USA Powerball voucher!  Comments close this Friday the 24th January 2014.


Thank you for the entertaining comments. The winners are:  Pradeep, Samson, Sundarasrinivasan, Sharat and Kabo who have won a FREE USA Powerball voucher! Well done guys and here's looking forward to one of you taking home this week's gigantic $171 million Dollars.  Good Luck!



Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/01/2014)

Once I was in an elevator with a few people and thought I recognised my bosses wife there also. I greeted her and began to glorify her husband. After a few minutes she said that my "sucking up" won't help me. She said I was barking up the wrong tree, and didn't know the person I was referring to. The others in the lift laughed at me and her remarks. That was very embarrassing.

Posted by Samson (23/01/2014)

I was just finishing 2 rounds of hard liquor in a bar when I saw one of my friend come in with a sexy looking girl. I was amazed and just said hello to him.My friend did not respond so I just walked to his table and forced him to shake hands with me. How are you Johnson . he was surprised and said I am not Johnson you are mistaken.I was embarassed and just looked at the girl and said sorry.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (23/01/2014)

I'm not sure if this comes under the category of coincidences and synchronicity but it's something that has worked to my advantage. Sometimes I get mistaken for someone else, usually with the same surname. A couple of examples. My wife and I were on a holiday / vacation in Bangalore and I thought we deserved a meal in a good restaurant. I phoned to make a reservation and whoever I spoke to was extremely polite, almost over the top and I booked a table for 8.30pm. We got to the restaurant at about 8.15pm, we walked in, I said I was Mr.Balakrishnan and had a reservation. "Ah Mr. Bala" was the reply or words to that effect, "Lovely to see you again. How was Delhi?" I was a little unsure what to say but, to my wife's embarrassment, I just went along with it. Who was I to argue? "Fine thanks." Needless to say I hadn't been to Delhi. The meal was superb, we had one of the best tables and the service was first class. We almost felt like royalty. The second instance was again when we were on holiday / vacation. This time in the Pune. We were travelling through Jet Air and had booked an hotel for two nights in advance. I walked over to reception and the person behind the desk said, "Mr. Bala, how nice to see you again. We have given you the same room." I had never been to Pune previously (I live in Madurai,Tamilnadu) What does this mean? To be honest I don't really know, but there have been quite a few similar instances. All I can say is that mostly when it happens it's to my advantage, as I get well looked after.

Posted by Sharat (24/01/2014)

I like the eddie van helen's and the alter ego - the cartoon (crazy cat lady)....he was one of my favorites in my teenage years.

Posted by Kabo (24/01/2014)

There was this guy that I went to primary school with. Some time ago as I was walking in a mall with my girlfriend I saw him coming towards us. With a huge smile on my face I said hi to him. The guy went past me as if I didn't exist. Imagine my embarassment. Some weeks later I see the same guy and right next to him was another guy who looked just like him. This time the 'other' guy had huge grin on his face. Now this was the guy I went to school with. All this time I didn't know he had a twin brother.

Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

Clay Aiken and Ckucky is the best pair :))) Cucky still rullz man...

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