Lottery Winning: What-Not-To-Do, Part 1

To make your lottery windfall the best experience of your life, you’ll need to take note of some of these tips. Some may seem obvious or redundant but you’ll be glad to have a game-plan for when you win – it’s an essential part of keeping and growing your lottery fortune.

Here is the list of What Not To Do When You Win Lotto:

Sign your ticket!

1.    Forget to report your win to the state or sign your ticket.

After researching into the topic, we found that this is the simplest way to lose out on a lottery jackpot win – by not signing your ticket and not reporting your win to the state, your winnings are exposed to just about anyone who can get their hands on it!

Don't tell everyone!

2.    Tell everyone you won the lotto.

There’s no need for every Tom, Dick and Harry to know you’re a newly-minted millionaire, so try remain anonymous for as long as is possible. Some lotteries allow winners to remain completely out of the media so try stick to playing those ones, so you have the option. Telling everyone you’ve won the lottery won’t only get you positive attention!

3.    Rush the lump-sum/annuity option decision.

Be a part of the 30% of lottery winners that do in fact keep and grow their fortunes and really think about which payment option you’d prefer. Talking the lump-sum option may seem like the best choice but there is also merit to the annuity payment option. Make sure you’ve spoken to a tax pro and an investment advisor before you decide which option will work for you.

4.    Skip on debt payments.

Just because you think you have all the money in the world doesn’t mean you’re excused from paying your debts. And further, it would be silly to have debts when you’re a newly-minted millionaire – you should never have debts again after a lottery windfall!

Plan your budget

5.    Reject a budget.

Though you have more money than you could ever imagine spending, it’s still a finite amount that can and will run out if you’re not careful. Enough said.

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Posted by -3_JIV (13/01/2014)

I have already planned with big winning.settle the debt, buy a new house,invest in my business, education and a car and the balance i will invest in higher earning interest investments and arrange with the investors to give me a monthly allowance according to my expenses from the interest earning that the capital and the balance of the interest can grow so that my next generation can enjoy and not to worry about the future economy.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (14/01/2014)

i must say these are helpful hints to a potential winner. but, in most cases the winner is really in a spin about doing things and i think it's almost impossible to 'calm'. only after a while does his sanity return.

Posted by Clint (14/01/2014)

I think I have idea what to do when the I won the lottery but I will take note of it.

Posted by BXkQK (14/01/2014)

When i win and i will win soon. I have my own set of rules. :-D

Posted by Maciej (14/01/2014)

I have gór a secret.... I won !!!;)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (15/01/2014)

"craziness and arrogance" are synonymous with the super rich. so jackpot winners doing 'as they please' is not exactly out of the ordinary. i guess us losers can book seat and enjoy their show of splash!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (17/01/2014)

like they... 'a fool and his money are soon parted' so the wise thing to do is listen to professionals on how to REMAIN rich!

Posted by Karima (20/01/2014)

winning this prize won't never be a secret because i'll immediately tell the people who i love and i wish to win this prize to help them first before i help myself because they are my life

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